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Generati was a term that I coined in the 80s that speaks to a notion of literati or digerati whose moniker is described by the term. Generati are those—through their daily living—create generative conditions for those around them; enabling their surround with the use of helping functions embedded in their behaviors. Helping functions of the Generati relate directly to cues, scaffolding, support, lift, contributions, protection, guidance and reaching out; all reflecting the core of Living Inquiry, a multidimensional set of behaviors that empower generative conditions.

added by generati
7 hours ago

biblical context

added by edmutanho
9 hours ago
powder banger

someone who shoots up powder or crystal narcotics.

added by sackofnuttts69
14 hours ago

The awesome real teacher of Sicarii biblical scriptures.

added by Tony.lucas28
16 hours ago


added by recciamck
16 hours ago
Hard Surface

Definition: Any material that is reasonably hard to the touch that is used to restrict the natural flow of water or liquid to the area directly beneath it.

added by putouts.recon.0v
1 day ago

American Celebrity DiNZeL

added by jonathanupshur
1 day ago

DiNZeL (logo)

added by jonathanupshur
1 day ago

DiNZeL by Jonathan Upshur, American Celebrity, All-Star, Actor, Author, Musician, Magician, Veteran

added by jonathanupshur
1 day ago

American Celebrity Jonathan Upshur

added by jonathanupshur
1 day ago
Knowledge Agriculture

"Knowledge Agriculture" is scientific and technological services and research and design relating to use of technology and tools such as Greenhouse, Cloud Computing, IOT (Internet of Things), Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and specialized software for weather modelling, smart zone, seeding, fertilizer modelling etc.

2 days ago

The Israelite wardog, as the slayer towards false religions and fake culture.

added by Tony.lucas28
2 days ago

A person who does not know the way to his or her destination or goal in the endeavours of life. A clueless or visionless person who beats about the bush. James Makpo PhD

added by jamesmakpo4truth
2 days ago
Mahan Naeijzadeh

The name is one of the cities of Kerman province in Iran.

added by mahan_naeijzadeh
2 days ago

BoogieMann ::: a man that will take care of the things the rest will not, yet has to be taken care of ...Thought of as a monster only because of the mess left behind. " This monster " while doing the deeds of the week the privileged does SO underage cover of night. He moves in complete darkness walking only IN THE shadows ..usely child molesters and rapest ALL the vile people of the world or even animals are the target of this monster the man they the BoogieMann ..no reason to bord or feed them.... Boogie will make a mess of them. .The mess soo all knows it was taken care of & the BoogieMann fofiled yet another task the the privileged .....could not

added by Mickscollision
2 days ago

If Terminator ends lives"; There's a metal band called Termina.; Probably "Termina" means something connected with the end; idk;

added by karol.bakiewicz789
2 days ago
skL syndrome

skL syndrome (also known as superknightL syndrome) is a rare condition in which a person loses their brain cells and ability to speak, only being able to say "deez nuts" or "ur mom".

added by tkmfth10
3 days ago

CD Chad do paid k doc GMC elk fox Monaco’s routing big dam Mc panelists at risk Tory ID office

added by Huntfiish75
3 days ago

Gray Haired or Wise One

added by floydcrosby68
3 days ago

A song sung in stanza by one singer with the audience participating at the end of each line na na na.

added by miri.rubin
3 days ago
OneSpine Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Center

Onespine.my is a prominent chiropractic clinic in KL, PJ. We have experienced chiropractors that treat a wide variety of chronic conditions, acute and subacute injuries, pains, and discomforts. To learn more, visit our site.

added by onespine
3 days ago

Dersim is derived from Der which in Armenian is referred to a priest and Simon which is the name of an Armenian priest who lived in the Dersim province/mountains and was later buried there. In short it comes from the combination of Der and Simon.

added by rharout
3 days ago

Something, that's able to be cried at.

added by Willidrax
3 days ago
heat-seeking missile

A flamboyant character who continuously attracts attention to themselves and hence trouble finds very easily.

added by restlessheart1
3 days ago

merlin's castle

added by bottlcap24
4 days ago

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  • Vaidehi Krishnan
    The word 'Synergistic' is used to explain the effect of 'synergy' created within groups, teams, associations like family units and so on, where the group's focus is a 'collective' one, with a collective vision rather than pursuing individual vested interests! Hence the group's output is "more than" the the output derived by summing up each of the 'individual' units of the group! The creation of 'synergies' or the so-called 'synergistic' functioning denotes how each member of the group or constituent of a single unit reaches out to the others within it, contributing to such enhanced output! This is apparent within groups working for an organization towards 'organizational' goals, with none planning to take personal credit when it comes to success, yet each one ready to reflect on his/her individual failure when it comes to analyzing the final outcome - success or failure, as the case may be; for, it is the 'organizational' goals that matter most! Also, an example that can be portrayed is that of a typical 'Indian' wedding where, the familiy unit's ultimate goal is to get the 'daughter' of the house wedded and "seen off on her trip" to her new marital home! Here, without egos or heirarchies or any personal goals in focus, the family strives to achieve the final outcome, yes, synergistically! Hope that explains! Best! Vaidehi Krishnan, Women's Synergy, Delhi, India. 
    LikeReplyReport 135 years ago

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making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
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