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Book House is a semi-cult which wants to expand through manipulation, lies, and ultimately fear-inducing control.

added by DozenRoses
14 mins ago

The Tawala language of Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea usage of the word 'galeya', means 'to see, or view'.

added by ena.galeya
4 hours ago

Act of condensation.

added by Robertavila
5 hours ago

All (Alle) God (Geist) English (German)

added by Saracheriallgeier
6 hours ago

ThaOldShit AKA Raven is the American HipHop Lable, Band, Crew... Based on SevenYoungOld and AK J. ThaOldShit name was made by the meanings like Tha Oldschool. This HipHop. They protected HardCore style, HorrorCore, BoomBap, GFunk, Gangsta Rap and... But most of all dark.

added by Sevenyoungold
15 hours ago

Genocide; A previously undiscovered form of genocide unique only to the human race, possibly, the single root cause of the planets systematic destruction and species extinction; an unyielding desire to see one's own genes or kindred as exceptional or superior, thus entitling a lone, or self-pronounced, individual or individuals, to a privileged or solitary existence.

added by mradmason
18 hours ago

'Godchild' means 'Children of God'. There are traces in history where "Godchild" mainly refer to "Seraphim". It is even used as a family name.

added by jackabraham777
20 hours ago

In Hebrew Luh means Yes or to accept or to receive; and Ya means God Luhya means Yes God, to accept God or to receive God

added by naleka1960
1 day ago

River (water) in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis and in the Acts of the Apostles. Harran, a well-known town on "the river Bilik," in Mesopotamia, beyond the Euphrates. Where Abraham, the father of many religions, was called.

added by andybilik
1 day ago

Pitting: As one that is pitted against the other, dug in as in trench warfare. The two armies were pitted against each other

added by Hnaths7
1 day ago
Progenitor cells

Proginitor cells are similar to stem cells.they ability to differentiate into specific type of cells.

added by ravir.44560
1 day ago
Little st James

Orgy Island

added by Jauronimo
2 days ago


added by o.i.dennis
2 days ago

Slang for male erection

added by bergin.j
2 days ago

Internal diameter of a cylinder.

added by stephana_s
2 days ago

Actually I have created the new meaning of this word because it's before i was not idea what does it meant. I took two words 'New means (neo) Generation means (gen) . I added two etymological derivation. Something like this, i have created the literal meaning of Neogen , ' The generation of new era '.

added by rahulkumar98403
2 days ago

Nerd, geek, someone fascinated with a particular topic.

added by georgiavanc
2 days ago

The giant human being found in Namibia. Vambu settled in the nothern part of that country. The correct name is Omuwambo. They are hardworking and they hold most strategic position in that country. Are experts and have knowhow more than any other black. From software coding to rocket science, they are exelling.

added by pdoneever
3 days ago

Keller (Motor Corp.) is an American manufacturer of automobiles from 1947-1949 located in Huntsville, Alabama

added by srusek
3 days ago


added by talmsoi
3 days ago

Strong, courageous, faithful, independent, fearless

added by Jobenpour
3 days ago

Chuaali means girl in Assamese language Thank you

added by gunajittalukdargggg
3 days ago

Chuaali means girl in Assamese language Thank you

added by gunajittalukdargggg
3 days ago

Lora means boy in Assamese language Thank you very much my name gunajit talukdar

added by gunajittalukdargggg
3 days ago

Kamina means. Music with sad situation is a very pain full situation My name gunajit talukdar

added by gunajittalukdargggg
3 days ago

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  • Vaidehi Krishnan
    The word 'Synergistic' is used to explain the effect of 'synergy' created within groups, teams, associations like family units and so on, where the group's focus is a 'collective' one, with a collective vision rather than pursuing individual vested interests! Hence the group's output is "more than" the the output derived by summing up each of the 'individual' units of the group! The creation of 'synergies' or the so-called 'synergistic' functioning denotes how each member of the group or constituent of a single unit reaches out to the others within it, contributing to such enhanced output! This is apparent within groups working for an organization towards 'organizational' goals, with none planning to take personal credit when it comes to success, yet each one ready to reflect on his/her individual failure when it comes to analyzing the final outcome - success or failure, as the case may be; for, it is the 'organizational' goals that matter most! Also, an example that can be portrayed is that of a typical 'Indian' wedding where, the familiy unit's ultimate goal is to get the 'daughter' of the house wedded and "seen off on her trip" to her new marital home! Here, without egos or heirarchies or any personal goals in focus, the family strives to achieve the final outcome, yes, synergistically! Hope that explains! Best! Vaidehi Krishnan, Women's Synergy, Delhi, India. 
    LikeReplyReport 94 years ago

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