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Entry: kyriologicalDefinition: kyriological or kyriologic (both transliterated from the Greek letters) mean "the appropriate time." Theologically, it means "God's time" such as at the birth of Christ into history, the raising of the kyriologic (end time) dead for two verses in Matthew 27:52-53. In God's time He simply breaks into the time-measured world.
Entry: VisionDefinition: Vision is a mental image or picture of what the future could be or would look like. -Emeasoba George
Entry: VisionDefinition: Vision is simply defined as the state of being able to forsee, think and plan one's future with imaginations, wisdom, insights, foresight and proactive approaches or steps.
Entry: Michael Leigh WaldenDefinition: Michael means "Who is like G-d In Hebrew Leigh in Welsh means Ash meadow Walden means in Anglosaxon In the forest So my name mean Who is like God of the Ash meadow forest. the wandering Odin before he spied the Runes
Entry: Autonomy is balanced with teamwork, particularly because I support more than one executiventenceDefinition: Autonomy is balanced with teamwork, particularly because I support more than one executive
Entry: niniadeDefinition: The sun, moon and stars. Mostly a Muslim name.
Entry: got bustedDefinition: broke
Entry: biteyDefinition: Bitey : my cats name
Entry: stappedDefinition: Killing someone with knife or any others object
Entry: GewässerDefinition: Bodies of water, specifically waters on the land-ward side; rivers; lakes
Entry: willie-wagDefinition: Far away from civilization. Maine slang.
Entry: SpiegelgrundDefinition: Play ground
Entry: dpoDefinition: District Police Officer
Entry: Quickbooks Pro Support Phone Number 18775212086Definition: Quickbook is the accounting software designed and marketed by intuit especially for the small and medium size enterprizes.It has work as manage the accounting,get Invoice and paid on time, track income and expenses and more. It has manage large number of Information and data.Quickbook is a customized software which are mange and designed as per customer and their demand. It is easy to use and generate financial report in just a click. Do you face any type of problem just like Re-installation issue, Upgrading related or run slowly. Our Technical Support executive always ready to resolve your issue and provide all kind of support .we are hearing you @ Quickbooks Pro Phone Number : 1 877 521 2086. Quickbooks customer support service team are just a call away from you.You just dial a toll free Number 24*7 quickbook Pro Customer Care Number: 1 877 521 2086. Our Technical team will fix all the issue immediately or as early as possible.
Entry: jimadaDefinition: Bina nayota jiman aalo ki kahte hair jada
Entry: picturousDefinition: Picturous: An extemley beautiful and aesthetically pleasing person, place, or thing; worthy of being visually preserved in a picture.
Entry: chargieDefinition: A friend, home , bro, side or die friend....
Entry: jenkyDefinition: Hard working and reliable
Entry: 3/5 CompromiseDefinition: deez nuts
Entry: GibbonsDefinition: Animals who are very strictly flexible and hyper who only sleep for 3hours every 24hours and also means temory blood clots
Entry: dunkeyDefinition: Common slang for condom.
Entry: chentDefinition: A chent is an annoying piece of shit that won't stop talking when they are in a group but when they are alone they don't say shit cuz they pussies.
Entry: megalodonDefinition: Big tooth shark.
Entry: Black powerDefinition: Humanity how you treat with kindness and consideration is fair a just. Sensitive to people feeling and needs is to treat like human beings.
Entry: MizuDefinition: mizu is a name that means water
Entry: MilitiousDefinition: Malicious intent with military hardware, man-power or both.
Entry: BichotaDefinition: Bichote is puertorican slang, it means a gang leader or gangster so a Bichota is a gangsta chick*
Entry: wo ai niDefinition: I love u
Entry: stefaDefinition: big pile of paper money
Entry: XITDefinition: Xit-Crossing of tribes.
Entry: sokoDefinition: Soko means "Market place" in Kiswahili. A facility where farmers/communities buy and sell goods
Entry: when you normally talk with someone and he/she slang upon youDefinition: slangers who always use slangs upon other persons while talking either in normal conversation
Entry: PutayaDefinition: Putaya I heard this Name used in Thai Language. Especially for calling (or designate) the buddhist place of Bodhgaya in Bihar Province (or state), in North Eastern India.
Entry: carkisDefinition: dead person
Entry: nashiniDefinition: something without an identity or a name
Entry: divinityDefinition: Divinity can be defined as the state of being holy and sacred exhibiting the attributes of a supernatural God.
Entry: endsvilleDefinition: Most isolated place ever
Entry: KatharadDefinition: Katharad is the term for Immortality or Eternal Life in the fictional language of Adûnaic featured in J.R.R.Tolkien’s work, most notably the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Entry: aphthongDefinition: A word composed of one or a group of letters that may be silent and thereby produces a word which is not pronounced as it is spelled. ie the word fishing.
Entry: Japanese translationDefinition: 後悔している,ざんげした in Japanese.
Entry: get ducks in a rowDefinition: get things organize
Entry: afaremDefinition: La Asociación de Fabricantes de Áridos de la Región de Murcia (AFAREM) es desde 1997 la entidad sin animo de lucro para la representación y defensa directa de los intereses de los empresarios que fabrican áridos en la Comunidad de Murcia.
Entry: steynedDefinition: Lined (like in a well).
Entry: tangaraeDefinition: A beautiful soul
Entry: tucketDefinition: 金管楽器で演奏される短く活発な節 in Japanese.
Entry: provertrustDefinition: "Provertrust" is obviously something Andy made up for the song "Louder Than Your Love". It doesn't really mean anything.
Entry: Estate (Ownership) in SeveraltyDefinition: If a single party owns the fee or life estate, the ownership is an estate (ownership) in severalty.
Entry: FizogDefinition: Fizog Face: abbreviation and corruption of "physiognomy" That girl has a gorgeous fizog. fizog,face,fizog, mug.
Entry: kotchiDefinition: The Bitch
Entry: logomachyDefinition: 言葉あるいは言葉の意味についての議論 in Japanese.
Entry: bebesitaDefinition: Baby Girl
Entry: breakfastDefinition: International meme sensation where three autist children try to make breakfast.
Entry: AndroidDefinition: A robotic cyborg sex doll that you shove your wanker in, you can also feed it, nurture it, and treat like a spouse.
Entry: قاقاةDefinition: قاقاة In Eygeption language means poop or Honey fruit.
Entry: wisheDefinition: The formerly used version of wish.
Entry: AlfredothedollDefinition: It's a doll called Alfredo. [A L F R E D O] Alfredo the doll is also used in wimpy kid book [CABIN FEVER].
Entry: WifiDefinition: Definition of WiFi = According to Dave Westley, age 89, inventor of the CPU and Wi-Fi and other things, at 10:00 P.M. 08MAR2018, Wireless Free Internet could have been abbreviated WFI or WiFi, but instead it became abbreviated Wi-Fi.
Entry: Wi-FiDefinition: The definition of Wi-Fi = According to Dave Westley, age 89, inventor of the CPU and Wi-Fi and other things, at 10:00 P.M. on 08MAR2018, Wireless Free Internet could have been abbreviated WFI or Wifi, but instead it became abbreviated Wi-Fi.
Entry: conjunionDefinition: they join a sentence together
Entry: Wi-FiDefinition: Wireless Internet - Free Internet
Entry: WIFIDefinition: Wireless Internet Free Internet
Entry: FIRE AND FORGETDefinition: Fire and Forget is also a term used to indicate taking action and not following up on. It is an Euphemism. It can be good or bad.
Entry: NominDefinition: Nomin is a slang word, used to describe a person who has no minority status that applies to them
Entry: Don Dada"Definition: "Crime Lord"
Entry: NoddaDefinition: Not a clue
Entry: KevorkianDefinition: Euthanasia
Entry: deuriDefinition: Title of a Tribe
Entry: spavinedDefinition: (馬が)飛節内腫にかかった in Japanese.
Entry: joogeDefinition: To mix, move, stir things around.
Entry: lthatDefinition: lthat means Lock That
Entry: SPIRITUAL SUCCESSORDefinition: ftyuioj
Entry: jonquilleDefinition: Pale yellow
Entry: KnowwhatimsayinDefinition: Knowwhatimsayin: Know what I’m saying? It’s the same as Namean (know what I mean).
Entry: storytaleDefinition: A children's story.
Entry: neededDefinition: its past tense for need
Entry: easerDefinition: easer also meens that it is more easy than the other thing
Entry: school life expectancyDefinition: the average amount of years people are getting an education
Entry: VOUGEDefinition: holding hands,hugging,feeling yourself,and something,and bed
Entry: CaptingDefinition: beauty that's captures you unawares, surprisingly beautiful..... Shockingly good looking...
Entry: BipruneyDefinition: To have your fingers pruned multiple times in the bath.
Entry: gulvDefinition: Gulv means to win a sporting match very narrowly
Entry: SUSANDefinition: LEO
Entry: comfeeDefinition: cozy
Entry: flambasticDefinition: To be flamboyant and fantastic.
Entry: manumitDefinition: (奴隷)を解放する in Japanese. 
Entry: SavitriDefinition: poooopy
Entry: LenchedDefinition: Lench: to take or steal slang term in the indiana Ohio area
Entry: servationDefinition: The willingness to serve others as an appreciated compensation
Entry: legal personalityDefinition: Legal personality is the ability to enjoy rights and be bound by obligations
Entry: hectiveDefinition: Hective: ur mum
Entry: school shootingDefinition: A mass shooting that takes place at a school. Congressional Research Service definition: "a multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, and in one or more locations in close proximity."
Entry: TachchenDefinition: Tachchen: German greeting
Entry: catahDefinition: wrapped cloth used on top of head to help balance what's being carried: Caribbean origin. "Throw my catah in the ring" - as in hat, throwing catah in front of someone shows deep respect & welcome!
Entry: ablissDefinition: Verb - To be in an ecstatic state of love.
Entry: CHINXDefinition: Coward Hearted Individuals Never X-ist
Entry: soundersDefinition: According to will graham in the television series 'hannible' season 1 episode 7 -sorbet : sounders is an english term refering to a group of pigs.
Entry: STUNKYDefinition: adj. The word "stunky" (stun-key) is a combination of the words "stink" (st-ink) and "sucky" (suh-key). It most approximately means "The condition of being incredibly bad at something, failing at something.
Entry: InterlochenDefinition: Between lakes
Entry: AlticaDefinition: Beautiful, smart, Amazing, Magical, love, Mother Nature
Entry: word propertiesDefinition: The word properties means a thing or things that belong to someone else
Entry: TranspotaionDefinition: To go from one place to another in simple timing /transport
Entry: DodododododododoDefinition: A word for when you want to sing a song, but don't know the words.
Entry: oncelerDefinition: the oncler is onehit onceler that never tells the truth andv he stills is an ugly old man
Entry: STUNKYDefinition: No, fail
Entry: STUNKYDefinition: Ryan
Entry: chitchieDefinition: It's a slang word for a woman's vagina.
Entry: BibleDefinition: The Bible is the Greatest book of wisdom and knowledge ever written and published. In fact, it is the most widely read book in the world and the Greatest book of all time. It is a collection of books that encompasses past or ancient stories, chronicles, teachings, laws, parables, proverbs, psalms, teachers, preachers, heroes, heroines, saints, kings, queens, prophecies, prophets, prophetesses, miracles, warnings, signs, wonders, mysteries, revelations (the past, present and future events collectively) and much more than that, including extraordinary insights or words of wisdom (encouragement) from Jesus Christ himself (the greatest teacher and inspirator of all time), king Solomon, king David, saint Paul among other ancient wise men and women. Billions of copies have been published globally already. And many more copies will be published sooner or later. In other words, the Bible has been read by the world as a whole. Even the posterity (all future generations ahead) will surely read the Bible. You can bet your bottom dollar.
Entry: MylasiaDefinition: A beautiful smart strong brave mean kind funny woman❤
Entry: Publix Super MarketsDefinition: Publixs supermarket government shutdown
Entry: pukhrajDefinition: pukhraj
Entry: The Battle of CowpensDefinition: it was a very bad battle :(
Entry: hack onDefinition: sedfg8ieosgh fdrjkh
Entry: saloryDefinition: The money you make every year from your job
Entry: AstuaryDefinition: Time in a jar. Timekeeper
Entry: ProperNounDefinition: laugh out loud that was the definition.
Entry: Employment opportunitiesDefinition: EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
Entry: profanicDefinition: The use of curse words another word for profanity
Entry: autocuraciónDefinition: f. Curación por uno mismo de una enfermedad o de un mal.
Entry: Don’t let them relied on our affianceDefinition: Don’t let them relied on our affiance
Entry: ibenDefinition: Iben means harmony in Igbo (Nigeria)
Entry: lillyannDefinition: Luna, the moon, daughter of Poseidon
Entry: lyricaleDefinition: An unofficial word for a set of written or transcribed lyrics to a song.
Entry: LalooDefinition: Love you
Entry: empiyaDefinition: A empire that is usually stronger than other empires.
Entry: homileticDefinition: 説教術 in Japanese.
Entry: subsueDefinition: to go underneath or behind a subject or object and then over take it
Entry: defenitionDefinition: a mondo duke or giant poop
Entry: vunderbarDefinition: Wonderful
Entry: BOOGALOO in ChineseDefinition: 跳舞
Entry: JalopeDefinition: Big crappy old car
Entry: gelsemium sempervirensDefinition: homoeopathic remedy
Entry: unbetrayableDefinition: Christ Eternal Commitment
Entry: 1 cubic foot of space 1000 miles in space what does it containDefinition: if I had cubic foot of space what would it contain
Entry: ScrillDefinition: Give me my money
Entry: ZOOPLADefinition: ZOO - People Love Animals
Entry: DemonicusDefinition: Greek like stylish word used as a given name for people or pets, and characterized to describe how evil they are, appear to be, or act. This is a name for a demonic seen thing or being (animal or person).
Entry: khaliDefinition: Is a place in the vibhag where it is empty and blank.It is usually reresented as a o
Entry: abyssalDefinition: I'm not sure my previous comment was posted; the origin of the word is the Greek άβυσσος, meaning abyss, deep, chaotic. Also, concerning "plagiary" that you had a couple of days ago, the root is the Greek word πλάγιος, meaning oblique, (sitting on the ) side of someone and steeling answers
Entry: rahloDefinition: Rahlo is a name of an animal but that's what my brother said he learned it in middle school but you shouldn't be asking me you should know all definitions dummy I'm so sorry dummy for calling you dummy by dummy so so sorry dummy
Entry: comprendemeDefinition: "Put yourself in my position" "Try to understand me"
Entry: ComputifulDefinition: Complete beautiful
Entry: CallalooDefinition: Callaloo
Entry: Your mom gayDefinition: It's just your mom being gay as in loves the same gender but as a meme
Entry: NounDefinition: A place to find understanding and peace.
Entry: presumingDefinition: i look forward to presuming
Entry: DarciDefinition: Darci is a French baby name meaning dark. :-)
Entry: web tardyDefinition: if you are like in a leader group or web group. if you are late and you are in one of those types things cause doing something for someone like a teacher or new student and you are late, that is what a web tardy is.
Entry: PutinDefinition: You have listed Putin's last name in all lower case characters for the german translation of this name. ALL proper names as well as all proper nouns are capitalized in german.
Entry: platialDefinition: associated with place
Entry: OverhaleDefinition: Full Repair
Entry: rejected takeoffDefinition: CRASH
Entry: PresleytarianDefinition: Presleytarian: Followers of and adherents of the religious teaching Elvis is The Only Begotten Son of The Lord God.
Entry: modarinDefinition: a tipe of languege
Entry: fashedDefinition: Don't be troubled/ flustered.
Entry: macrophaseDefinition: Macrophase means..its a white blood cell that engulf the the process of phagocytosis..
Entry: respestDefinition: Smoking Fat doinks
Entry: MissionaryDefinition: Missionary means to send by God through the Religious Congregation to proclaim the Good News to the whole world, from one place to the other. Especially to the alien land. Make the people shine by being a Missionary
Entry: blassedDefinition: Urban dictionary: TOP DEFINITION blassedsex a women (or man) with a hugely perfect butt. blessed with a booty :)
Entry: THOTTINGDefinition: Whoring around, advertising booty or dressing suggestively on social media or otherwise engaging in THOT behavior
Entry: oowooDefinition: a simple reply to anything
Entry: RahmaiyaDefinition: A quiet person who are respectful of others and elders, gives people a chance, strongly drawn to people who are inspirational and honest with a great sense of humour. Sometimes could have short temper, try to connect with someone else and tell them how they're feeling. Sometimes the person loves to be alone rather than someone bringing them down. If you hurt they're feelings they might try to stay away from you. If you're a friend to them they'll love you and be loyal and honest back.
Entry: vochitoDefinition: It's a Mexican slang for VW
Entry: CINTERDefinition: Cinter: The remains of coke that has been burned in blast furnaces.
Entry: tennishDefinition: What time do people from Tennessee get to school?
Entry: hoopstaDefinition: A fellow sista hula hooper
Entry: HibahDefinition: Hibah means gift
Entry: weebyDefinition: Waifu
Entry: Time planDefinition: A. Time plan is the organization of work and how is is carried out/or done.
Entry: time planDefinition: A. Time plan is the organization of work and how is is carried out/or done.
Entry: squakDefinition: Madi
Entry: LaMaraDefinition: “The glow of the diamond ”
Entry: every weekDefinition: Every week
Entry: pasalDefinition: A good size group or collection of anything, ie puppies or produce.
Entry: RAMADefinition: RAMA an Acronym for Robotics Arts Music & Animation
Entry: BammaDefinition: Bamma another word for grandma says my grandson
Entry: BooniDefinition: A gay person who doesn’t have a dick and can get their ass beat by anyone
Entry: funiculì, funiculàDefinition: Funiculi Funicular
Entry: Do you know da waeDefinition: Do you know da wae? If you don't, Uganda Knuckles will spit on you. You have to have 'Abola' to know da wae. You have to make Sonic your brother to get to know da wae. He will say "My budda, I will teach you da wae. Da wae or da deval. Let us conquer da child's blood.
Entry: PANSHINEDefinition: Just after the Second World War, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, "panshine" was the name given to such abrasive products as Vim.
Entry: Fuck youDefinition: Fuck you
Entry: KazookieDefinition: A kazookie is a cookie that has been melted halfway in the microwave with ice cream on top.
Entry: maynnDefinition: Slag meaning the same as major (a big name) with a little spelling change to make it look artistic.
Entry: stupidDefinition: milas brother
Entry: ZabagaDefinition: Something cute
Entry: RedmannDefinition: redmann
Entry: thuisDefinition: Yolo swag huh
Entry: powsyDefinition: Powsy is a Lancashire dialect word meaning dim .
Entry: guylessDefinition: A woman or a lady who does not have a man or guy in her life.
Entry: stingmaDefinition: Gabriel is hot
Entry: brrrrrrrrrrrDefinition: when you're cold
Entry: jerandiDefinition: a person who is not scared of anything and can get a lot of girls
Entry: neckerDefinition: If you trip and lose your balance you take a necker
Entry: da waeDefinition: De Wae is to be found
Entry: dumptyDefinition: Soft foot stall also known as a pouffe
Entry: ZangiDefinition: Zangi means love,a bright and happy person,caring,joyful and talkative but entertaining,is loved by more hated by less
Entry: TientiDefinition: Spanish pronunciation for "AT&T".
Entry: TonopahDefinition: The lord watch between me and thee when we are absent , one from a other.
Entry: watashiDefinition: After living in Japan for nearly 9 years... The common interpretation of watashi is “me”.... Another way of saying me is “ buku”-wa or ga according to situation...
Entry: PONTEDefinition: A type of fabric with built in stretch, usually used for trousers
Entry: megaangstromDefinition: 1 Mega-Ångstr� m = 10^-4 meter = 1/10 millimeter
Entry: PrinciDefinition: Princi is princess of raman
Entry: miskDefinition: A good smell or the smell of heaven
Entry: fudeuDefinition: Screwed!
Entry: Perseus JacksonDefinition: The most loyal demigod to walk the face of the earth. A child of poseidon and Sally Jackson, hero of Olympus twice, one of the seven and defeater of many monsters. Boyfriend of Annabeth Chase
Entry: RrrrrrrrrrDefinition: the noise you make in choir
Entry: ?Definition: nattokinase in Arabic
Entry: chickenbiscuitDefinition: Looks like a chicken, tastes like a biscuit.
Entry: millefaDefinition: Time is for
Entry: AlisaundreDefinition: A group of gay people
Entry: 200 years beforeDefinition: The meaning of 200 years before means: I don’t know
Entry: HectoriusDefinition: The female version of Hector
Entry: sesegera mungkinDefinition: Indonesian words for ASAP.
Entry: pursue a matterDefinition: pursue a matter
Entry: parcherDefinition: don't know the definition.... Define for me
Entry: GrimbleDefinition: Small things that are unimportant and you keep putting off.
Entry: ShrivenDefinition: Shriven, (verb) also Shrived, Shriving or Shrove To hear the confession of and give absolution to (a penitent). [
Entry: TextlessnessDefinition: Nothing is still something. textlessness is an inability to define in a text i.e ( )
Entry: automotive vehicleDefinition: Mechanical
Entry: BocephusDefinition: Goopus
Entry: SchmachtfetzenDefinition: Tear - jerker
Entry: frouzlyDefinition: killer
Entry: THE MOLEDefinition: It’s an affectation
Entry: benzedeiraDefinition: Shaman
Entry: embrasDefinition: Another word for women, embra is singular
Entry: vasionDefinition: dump, poop, brown log
Entry: teticaDefinition: " tiny tits" -usually Cubans or Puerto Ricans will use this
Entry: pepperlessDefinition: Soup with least pepper. Very little amount of pepper
Entry: DunderingDefinition: Blundering
Entry: hondoDefinition: In the Southern African language, Shona, the word Hondo means War
Entry: kaDefinition: Destiny, one's life force, related to "khef" - The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
Entry: BizzowDefinition:; is a job solution and management software
Entry: YattyDefinition: The name Yatty means 'Warrior Prince' - a boy's name, of West African origin. Origin possibly from Sierra Leone; common throughout Benin and Gambia, probably of Mende or Sherbro culture in it's provenance.
Entry: threatenDefinition: to hurt or try to kill it
Entry: RedimidoDefinition: Redeemed
Entry: WordsterDefinition: A person who knows how to use words skilfully or proficiently.
Entry: 61320Definition: Hi, Some may just literally multiply 24*7*365 (=61,320), who actually meant to say 24hrs 7days a week, 365 days a year. However, this is up to person who wants to say 3,15,36,000 seconds in year or 5,25,600 minutes in year or 8,760 hours (makes more sense) or 365 days round the clock, to be precise.
Entry: oofDefinition: Roblox death sound
Entry: eskeetitDefinition: Lets get it (on xans)
Entry: decubitusDefinition: When referring to an x-ray, it means that the beam is horizontal. Not directly above the patient.
Entry: StippefottDefinition: A Dance in German Carnival. Two girls standing back-to-back and rub their Bud's to each other.
Entry: potential claimDefinition: Potential claim
Entry: AinweianDefinition: Followers of the religious belief of Ainwe,
Entry: TahvildariDefinition: Treasure
Entry: dudes in countryDefinition: what dose a dudes mean in the country
Entry: PozéDefinition: Poze, noun, is a mean and an end in the quest for happiness. It offers simple tools to establish inner peace, which is a central condition of social harmony.
Entry: babe ruth shadowDefinition: Babe Ruths shadow means accept as true.
Entry: WoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDefinition: when mcap steve unlocks his final smash
Entry: gouineDefinition: Gay man who dislikes anal sex. Someone who accepts oral sex or handjobs only
Entry: TatoesDefinition: Cold weather
Entry: MegapowerDefinition: Megapower should mean powerful nothing else
Entry: memoriDefinition: U are so badddddddd
Entry: hickaDefinition: Skittles are yummy
Entry: badazzDefinition: BadAzz stands for a very cool and chill guy that puts cream cheese on his bagels and drinks coffee with French vanilla creamer. A BadAzz is someone who is Highlife or Nolife.
Entry: fruckDefinition: A mythical creature with the head of a duck and rear of a frog.
Entry: WroofDefinition: migos
Entry: grattataDefinition: A group of weird people
Entry: YimminyDefinition: Singular noun for the young offspring of mature kollyplunckles.
Entry: SugerimosDefinition: When you (Plural) suggest something to someone
Entry: souriesDefinition: a party of social gathering
Entry: a place to buy goodsDefinition: a place where people can buy a variety of goods
Entry: Red crossDefinition: Red cross society has a great aspiration to meet people in need and in ill health conditions..
Entry: AsneeDefinition: Big Shaqs bruv.
Entry: RabbidDefinition: rabbids
Entry: equationistDefinition: A highly educated individual that makes equations for anything.
Entry: non-imperativeDefinition: word created by George Elliot for the fact she had no one to talk to regarding things she was reading. No one to exchange ideas with non- imparrtitive is how she spelled it.
Entry: mitiDefinition: Tahitian meaning "land" or "earth"
Entry: DillerDefinition: The word ‘diller’ is a Yorkshire term for a boy who is dim-witted and stupid so this rhyme seems to be a moral lesson warning the importance of punctuality. The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes by Iona and Peter Opie (Oxford, OUP, 1951) suggests that ‘a diller, a dollar’ are taken from the words dilatory and dullard or that maybe ‘a diller, a dollar’ is related to dilly-dally. As English schools traditionally started at nine o’clock or earlier, anyone who arrived even at ten o’clock would certainly be very late
Entry: PenusDefinition: A boneless part of a males body
Entry: PenusDefinition: A boneless part of a males body
Entry: fonkyDefinition: Bogus, untrue, bad, faulty, erroneous, terrible, stinks!
Entry: unaloneDefinition: Not alone. Ex. "I have not been unalone in this matter. Others are in complete agreement with me."
Entry: wuppenDefinition: To accomplish something, to manage something, to overcome something
Entry: solteraDefinition: Women of inpowement Boss lady
Entry: LalalalalalalaDefinition: Happy, clueless expression of sound
Entry: I woo woo youDefinition: I love you
Entry: woo wooDefinition: I love you
Entry: buniceDefinition: the talented
Entry: populantDefinition: Populant, someone who populates. A resident of an area. A member of a population.
Entry: heerlijkheidDefinition: a landed estate that served as the lowest administrative and judicial unit in rural areas in the Dutch-speaking Low Countries before 1800
Entry: urghhhDefinition: The standard zombie sound
Entry: VivialDefinition: General acceptance of the status quo. Not quite convivial.
Entry: all hands on deckDefinition: Spiritually “All Hands on Deck” means that the churches, Pastors and the communities should all be working together for the mission that Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 28:16-20. The Great Commission is the foundation for evangelism and cross-cultural missions work to bring in the unsaved.
Entry: TimorousDefinition: Cocooned persons are usually timorous.
Entry: SkizzyDefinition: Super COOL...GROOVY
Entry: octafishDefinition: A human with a fish head (figuratively). A person whose mind is creatively messed up.
Entry: DruttDefinition: Fun,great person, smart, caring, strong, good at sports. It means perfect friend
Entry: prrrrDefinition: purr
Entry: yon VOTNADefinition: THE 2ND. COMING OF YESHUA
Entry: woodlumpDefinition: a lump of wood
Entry: ultimateDefinition: Unique
Entry: Enter in Gods RestDefinition: enter in Gods rest,does that mean asleep in glory
Entry: tipeoDefinition: Nice tipeo. Idiot.
Entry: Tee-teeDefinition: It’s short for Auntie in my family. My niece couldn’t say “auntie” so, she started calling me Tee-Tee/ Te-Te and the name stuck. My nieces, nephews and their friends and parents call me Te-Te as well.
Entry: tarntDefinition: Is a place where some people are together to go for mission
Entry: intectionDefinition: Intention to draw a correct intersection
Entry: SharjeelDefinition: 1). One of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W); Sharjeel bin Hasana 2). Nice 3). A Divine drink
Entry: authors craftDefinition: Author's craft is what is the author trying to do? Is the author trying to persuade, inform, or entertain.
Entry: purruchaDefinition: A lot of things. A lot of money. etc.
Entry: mileDefinition: what does the song, Casey Jones, mean when it says, a line on a three mile grade?
Entry: FunkativityDefinition: The attributes of being funky. "The funkativity of that band is awesome." A house music mix by various DJs The manner of being on the first beat of a measure in music. A band in Washington DC
Entry: MakitahDefinition: Makitah
Entry: shukelDefinition: unique beautiful sexy gods son
Entry: KYSDefinition: Kill yourself
Entry: delitDefinition: Doctor of literature Shahbul Alam O1819852236
Entry: EstradaDefinition: A common Spanish surname in the Philippines
Entry: bunyiDefinition: A Polynesian Surname that is common in some parts of Malaysia and Philippines
Entry: McClendonDefinition: to shoot someone out of a cannon
Entry: dribeDefinition: Substraktion of drive and tribe
Entry: imootoDefinition: its Japanese For yo younger sister!!!!! No joke.... look it up
Entry: last nameDefinition: it means that Slavin originally appeared in Gaelic as O Sleibhin or O'Sleibhin, derived from "Sliabh," which means "mountain take to be true
Entry: SLAVINDefinition: it means that Slavin originally appeared in Gaelic as O Sleibhin or O'Sleibhin, derived from "Sliabh," which means "mountain
Entry: combaticalDefinition: active, armed fighting with enemy forces. 4. a fight, struggle, or controversy, as between two persons, teams, or ideas. and loving the shit
Entry: HeisenburgeDefinition: Self Centered Egotistical Smart Person whom can never be satisfied. Always wants more.
Entry: stem of a riverDefinition: tuuu
Entry: atheist.Definition: Atheist
Entry: IC50Definition: IC 50 is the dose of the drug required to kill 50%of cancer cells.The smaller the IC 50more potent the drug is.Drugs having large IC50 can be toxic and can have side effects.
Entry: NihannaDefinition: A beautiful pretty hard and is mean sometimes.a girl who stands up for what’s right.a girl who is incredibley smart and intelligent.sassy and a dive.loves her family and is kind.
Entry: SterndalDefinition: Austrian word for „star,stars“
Entry: 1600Definition: IT MEANS POOP!
Entry: StunkyDefinition: Ethan Dale
Entry: CompatiDefinition: To suffer with
Entry: DoorkDefinition: Doork comes from the words door and jerk.
Entry: hegheDefinition: A person of great power.
Entry: quiosqueDefinition: quiosque
Entry: FindiDefinition: Findi is someone trying to type 'fine' on there phone. But failing due to being in a hurry or substances such as alcohol.
Entry: Definition:
Entry: JumpsteadyDefinition: Jumpsteady means whiskey, because you take it to steady your jumps.
Entry: Volcano inflationDefinition: when a volcano starts to grow and get bigger and bigger
Entry: nekhebuDefinition: ooooooof
Entry: scrapaDefinition: Dick
Entry: AboriginalDefinition: Ab normal means the oppisite of normal so Ab original would be the oppisite to original.
Entry: TivingDefinition: Giving to keep your flow going, donating to those who contribute for your spiritual good
Entry: adventure educationDefinition: A method of education conducted by qualified teachers designed to target specific educational objectives. The activities involve elements of risk (usually perceived), and are characterized by uncertainty of outcome, and varying degrees of control by the students over the outcome.
Entry: VavinDefinition: Vavin is a word for love
Entry: fidsDefinition: Fids in bird owners, means f-is for feathered
Entry: ShazeDefinition: “Shaze” is a word divided from Japanese. Shaze (社是) means Mission, Plan, Company Mission, Mission Planner
Entry: didledDefinition: farting on someone's head will blowing on a trumpet will your naked and have underwear on your head
Entry: ChertaDefinition: A state of thankfulness
Entry: SchumerDefinition: That wad of whatever that gets stuck to your shoe and you cannot scrape it off no matter what you do.
Entry: SepidDefinition: Sunrise
Entry: violencyDefinition: being violent
Entry: KonyaDefinition: I was told it means sugar cane in Spanish ,horse in hungarian
Entry: nounDefinition: POOP
Entry: ookieDefinition: POOP
Entry: motorousDefinition: One who travel with motor bike and his/her stellar dreams
Entry: veins of tireDefinition: Veins of tire
Entry: ouncesDefinition: An ounce is a unit of weight used in Britain and the USA.
Entry: bludclartDefinition: A period pad
Entry: GhandalaDefinition: blah blah blah
Entry: daniel howellDefinition: the best person in the world
Entry: hippinsDefinition: diapers
Entry: blippityDefinition: An intergalactic word used to replace any common adjective .
Entry: estiverDefinition: Unique
Entry: whatchewDefinition: What you doing with a chew
Entry: seamanship.Definition: Seamanship cook
Entry: The adjective : LUGEN.Definition: Used as an adjective. Means stupid. As in a lugen idiot. Widely used in this context in Canadian prisons, ie " You are a lugen goof."
Entry: AmirSaysNothingDefinition: Rapper/hip hop artist
Entry: SpliftDefinition: A gun or being shot, to shoot
Entry: Kewpie dollDefinition: Kewpie doll, CuPie doll Is short for Cutie Pie doll As the dolls resemble a cute little girl
Entry: radiophileDefinition: A person that is aroused by radiators
Entry: NRWDefinition: no reason, why?
Entry: what does the selective mean in SSRIDefinition: An SSRI means "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor". Selective therein means that a particular set of neurotransmitter receptors is targeted, thereby blocking the reuptake of serotonin. That these are specific HT5 receptors, makes the reuptake specifically targeted to those receptors, thereby "selective".
Entry: Mortice lockDefinition: Mortice locks and latches are set in the recess called a mortice, that is cut into rge edge of doors
Entry: a.e.Definition: As well as or something else to get equal results,
Entry: RegibusDefinition: Regibus is the latin word for king in the dative / accusative form.
Entry: GOBBERDefinition: A entity seeking to destroy all life by gobbling all that is good
Entry: pantithDefinition: It is a longing for something.
Entry: alambradorDefinition: Deez nuts
Entry: jaring keamananDefinition: an idiot
Entry: aeternitatemDefinition: Eternity
Entry: lyniahDefinition: Beautiful, a gem to the eye and one of a kind she is also loyal
Entry: Tally-hoDefinition: Come here.
Entry: GeodudeDefinition: rock person
Entry: ToineDefinition: Somthing that bus drivers yell at kids
Entry: BreeminDefinition: Born to Ride,Enjoy,En light, Model, Intelligent,Nobel
Entry: BreeminDefinition: Born to Ride,Enjoy,En light, Model, Intelligent,Nobel
Entry: niqqaDefinition: A term used by races other than black to avoid getting there ass beat
Entry: Qualified(Definition: qualified?
Entry: basmaDefinition: It is a religious powder consumed by a certain indian religion , particularly in the South
Entry: holinessDefinition: God
Entry: mvndiDefinition: See mundi
Entry: Do you know da waeDefinition: meaning: Do you know da wae? if you dont, Ugandan knuckles will come and rape you
Entry: The girl reading thisDefinition: The girl reading this is the girl reading this.
Entry: yuhyuhyuhyuhDefinition: Yuhyuhyuhyuh is a repeated term of the word "Yuh" and yuhyuhyuhyuh is what is normally said before you say YEET and then dab.
Entry: sillageDefinition: The 'wake' or 'trail' of something left after the cause of it has gone
Entry: applied statisticsDefinition: Applied statistics
Entry: Treydabigmac3Definition: Treydabigmac3 is a really cool kid named trey if you ever see him give him food and money.
Entry: tidal energyDefinition: energy obtained by harnessing tidal power
Entry: solar energyDefinition: radiant energy emitted by the sun
Entry: dophileDefinition: A person who has a lot of feels
Entry: hustatlantavegasDefinition: 3 citys huston atlanta and vegas
Entry: EsssseDefinition: N. Archaic term for ash
Entry: alloyDefinition: THE WORD IS ALIBI, NOT ALLOY
Entry: o' laneDefinition: sduhjgfruyjbv
Entry: segunda-feiraDefinition: Monday, in Portuguese language.
Entry: river meanderDefinition: what does river meander mean
Entry: StronjayDefinition: It’s what Ms. Anderson says when someone has an excellent point
Entry: shondoDefinition: Shondo means turn around for the good.
Entry: romboDefinition: Rombo means Change the course or new turn in life.
Entry: croonieDefinition: An area created by the positioning of the body where a child can snuggle up in...
Entry: Bolton'Definition: Ton'ce Tons To Pounds
Entry: tonceDefinition: Ton'ce Tons To Pounds
Entry: tutoryDefinition: an institution of learning, where one is tutored
Entry: burdelloDefinition: whore house
Entry: FonemDefinition: Fonem refers to one's close friends that may be deceased. An alternative to saying "I swear to...", you can merch it on fonem
Entry: FonemDefinition: Fonem refers to one's close friends that may be deceased. An alternative to saying "I swear to...", you can merch it on fonem
Entry: KASADefinition: The bowl used by beggars also known as Kashkol.
Entry: unrelyingDefinition: Being independent and not relaying to another thing as support or use.
Entry: neiboltDefinition: A Stephen King nut.
Entry: LazimDefinition: lazim is latin of arabic last name lazem which means :must , necessary, needed , accompany , haunt, prequisite
Entry: BortherDefinition: Homie, a man who has surpassed the status of brother
Entry: guuchiDefinition: Dried Morel Mushrooms are called Gucchi in Hindi/Punjabi. These Musrooms are very rare,I believe they are grown in Kashmir (not sure) hence are very expensive.
Entry: HeutelookDefinition: It,s german which means today,s. look.
Entry: gottahDefinition: Got to or got a
Entry: tunnel visionDefinition: Tunnel vision.. pretend
Entry: Japanese translationDefinition: おじのような、おじの、慈愛のあるおじのような in Japanese.
Entry: PomamiDefinition: Good electronic music party.
Entry: co-creationDefinition: Co-creation is working with another to bring a new creation into the world.
Entry: shazeDefinition: Shaze Tempain, The Sri Lankan-American Rapper
Entry: ShazeDefinition: The mission statement (Divided from Japanese)
Entry: AllelulahDefinition: Praise to the one true Creator God HMG0 with thanks.
Entry: ziggaDefinition: black male
Entry: bangeingDefinition: Bangeing is a West Country word that describes the actions of farmyard hens taking a dust bath
Entry: malibuDefinition: mod dirt water mix
Entry: malibuDefinition: mod dirt water mix
Entry: cermonialDefinition: to say hi
Entry: fingindoDefinition: It means Faking it!
Entry: metamorphic rockDefinition: im not sure
Entry: RIFODefinition: Removed In Favour Of
Entry: beatifulDefinition: an ugly woman who is portrayed as attractive in a work of art.
Entry: FIGURATIVE LANGUAGEDefinition: figurative language is when you talk in A GOOD WAY LIKE IF I SAY HI YOU LOOK VERY NICE TODAY
Entry: IngratiateDefinition: 気に入られるようにする in Japanese. 満たす means fullfil, not for this word.
Entry: NyakyusaDefinition: Abanyakyusa means: "Honorable/Dignified/Distinguished peole." I came to this conclusion because Banyakyusa migrated from the Great Lakes region between Rwanda,Uganda and Tanzania about 5 centuries ago.The word "Ikyusa" in old runyarwanda means dignity.we need to study the genetic make up of Banyakyusa,which I am sure will confirm this. Israel Ntaganzwa,Historian New York
Entry: quermesseDefinition: quermesse- Portuguerrese for :the fair:
Entry: quermesseDefinition: quermesse- Portuguerrese for :the fair:
Entry: pipeyDefinition: Affectionate term for a bagpipe player.
Entry: RalstonDefinition: Ralston
Entry: Nueva EscociaDefinition: A land in Halifax
Entry: NahomiDefinition: Nahomi is a beautiful girl. she gets lots of attention from guys that way.She has boys in her line, and is a great friend.She san be rude at times or even rude to herself but she always gets over it.Whoever has a Nahomi in their life better keep it that way.
Entry: BurtchDefinition: A man on their period.
Entry: MuhyieddeenDefinition: One that can bring the religion back to life, for he has the power to will anything.
Entry: MuhyieddeenDefinition: The reviver, to bring something to life after it has died.
Entry: MuhyieddeenDefinition: One who brings life to the religion.
Entry: bigloucheDefinition: everyday language : squint
Entry: ScheissdreckDefinition: bullshit, shit, fucking shit
Entry: fantasicingDefinition: To think about something pleasant that is unlikely to happen
Entry: weleDefinition: According to the Urban Dictionary wele is the edible part of fruit between the peeling and the inner seed or pit.
Entry: La Chaux-de-FondsDefinition: So, what's the definition, anyhow ? Lots of information really the city & district, but no definition that I can find in your article.
Entry: tak dapat diramalkanDefinition: Unpredictable
Entry: chirrupingDefinition: how about the sound that cowboys make when herding steer?
Entry: KarraDefinition: Karra means strong women who with not give up,she’ll fight for her partner and make sure others are happy. She will give you chance after chance and is very gulable.
Entry: dickoryDefinition: Dickory a behavior committed by a dick
Entry: spleneticDefinition: mean and spiteful
Entry: taishDefinition: Fluid and calm as in with grace
Entry: schminkDefinition: A bit of something, just a little.
Entry: NouveaureeDefinition: A new trait, look, method, or enhancement of something that already exists.
Entry: YayayayayayaDefinition: Slang, pronounced YAY-UH; An exclamation of excitement.
Entry: family crisisDefinition: A dispute between members of a family
Entry: confettiDefinition: If a person always has a lots of floating and not true thoughts going on in his mind about what he thinks is going on, but not really happing, but he really thinks that it is. Then that person is usually referred to as being full of confetti thoughts. Floating thoughts.
Entry: gitchyDefinition: Kool, happening
Entry: hammishDefinition: Acting in a sloth-like manner.
Entry: BharundDefinition: Part of the Computing fundamentals glossary
Entry: JewelryDefinition: 14K969FJG
Entry: BEHRDefinition: Extremely windy harsh cold untolerable winter weather climates
Entry: excadaDefinition: Sophisticated
Entry: jumoDefinition: What does Steve Bannon mean by Jumo's in his new book?
Entry: sleeperingDefinition: Sleepering is a type of cattle rustling.
Entry: swythDefinition: Straight away; quickly; immediately
Entry: StrenkDefinition: Like my strength boy
Entry: YoustDefinition: A person who isn't what he seems, nice but evil yet still loved by all.
Entry: AustralidDefinition: Your mom
Entry: stridulateDefinition: (コウロギ などが) 鳴く, 鋭い摩擦音を出す in Japanese.
Entry: imperiousDefinition: The Goddess Demon who made herself into the Devil to protect her children...durr
Entry: SprarkDefinition: In some mythologies sprark is known as a demon or evil spirit that manifests its-self in especially intelligent children( and some times young adults) to help them do there biding.
Entry: gantaDefinition: Is a traditional weight used in the Philippines.
Entry: Noun/verbDefinition: An idiot who did think I would have taken this extra step. In an idiotic state of underestimation.
Entry: SaviniDefinition: The word savini is actually a name
Entry: physitionDefinition: a DOCTOR
Entry: snigglingDefinition: Giggling and snorting at the same time
Entry: vainDefinition: MY SISTER !!!!!
Entry: frosticlesDefinition: A small clump of hanging snow shaped like an icicle which disintegrates upon touch
Entry: schmendrickDefinition: misfit
Entry: funshineDefinition: A mix of fun & sunshine
Entry: jiveyDefinition: To encourage someone to do something
Entry: UCKERSDefinition: That Girl Is An Uckers
Entry: hateismDefinition: Prectice of hate
Entry: ummmmmmmDefinition: "Ummmmmmm" is what you say when you are thinking of a answer to a question but the answer will be really shitty because you can't think if anything to say.
Entry: ‎interestingDefinition: arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention
Entry: ragmanDefinition: The devil.
Entry: stahtedDefinition: When someone really riles you up or fucks your wife.
Entry: squareheadDefinition: An honest Swede who gives you a fair(square) deal.
Entry: PopoDefinition: Polo stands for a butt, a polo spanking or butt spanking
Entry: ScrameDefinition: To scream (in past tense)
Entry: mandoliningDefinition: Non-professional mandolin playing
Entry: CtfoDefinition: Chill the fuck out
Entry: sepultDefinition: Sepult
Entry: atentadoDefinition: attack
Entry: hurstleDefinition: a slight 'rattle' or whistle in the chest while breathing - often occurs due to a chest infection
Entry: nitideDefinition: Clear
Entry: ругательствоDefinition: Rude word
Entry: dosieDefinition: Donor Sibling-- a genetic half sibling who shares the same sperm donor. The Do comes from donor, and the sie from sibling.
Entry: panurgicDefinition: 多くの技能に熟した in Japanese. Your translation of 膵臓 means pancreas. Wrong !
Entry: ChoppaDefinition: Blowjob
Entry: Beautiful spring or fallDefinition: A tabby beautiful cat deep black stripes with a brown or gray background
Entry: klikDefinition: 1) A klik, click, or klick (latter spelling generally utilized in the U.S. military), is equal to a distance of 1 kilometer, or .062 miles. According to U.S. Military, this term came into widespread use during the Vietnam War. 2) When sighting in a weapon, the term "click" is used to indicate one minute of arc. In this sense, a click is equal to 1 inch of distance at a range of 100 yards. In this usage, the term "click" has a clearly onomatopoetic derivation, as the sight adjustment knobs of a weapon make a clicking noise as they are turned.
Entry: TissaDefinition: Tissa was a unit of time in Sri Lanka and probably also in ancient India. A time period of "One-day" had 60 Tissas or 30 Tissas day time and 30 Tissas night time. The word is still used in rural Sri Lanka. A Sinhalese synonym for Tissa is "Paya (pæyə)" or " Peya (peyə)". However, in modern usage the Sinhalese word one "Paya" means one hour and so a complete day period has 24 hrs.
Entry: sundry chargesDefinition: When a Laura enters into puti it is known as sundry charges
Entry: googaDefinition: The uncle who is always drunk.
Entry: barbarotteDefinition: Provencslischer Glockenkäfig
Entry: baughtDefinition: Bought
Entry: ahhahahaDefinition: It's like lol (laughing out loud) or HAHAHAHA or even lmao.Simply just a way of showing laughter online.
Entry: bloodguiltinessDefinition: " COULD IT BE...." KILLING PEOPLE WITH OUR " THOUGHTS-&-WORDS...(-UN-SPOKEN-&-SPOKEN-)....? " ESPECIALLY " JESUS' APPOINTED -&-ANOINTED " ONES ? ". sincerely ,
Entry: valhalla guards ofDefinition: Names of the animals that guarded Valhalla
Entry: PhazeDefinition: illegally distributed software with protection encryption disabled
Entry: Red GhostDefinition: A true Leader. A man that understands the meaning of Family. A true,pure and honest heart. A hard working man that should understand how powerful he is. Strong and determined but also very handsome. He is a man that everyone on this planet should look up to. He is a very respectful man. Perfection!
Entry: defervescenceDefinition: 解熱 in Japanese.
Entry: My BabyDefinition: Daniel Gregorius is to Laura Gregorius
Entry: ASEASONALDefinition: To describe a bread of animal that will conceive and birth at any time of year or season
Entry: pisten bullyDefinition: Pisten Bully
Entry: jamangDefinition: It means toilet
Entry: screaminDefinition: Fvb/game j,dfffgffffvvfffjffffvfhhhhgffhhhhvfghnvfhffhhcgch was a good day for you doing something fun to do or
Entry: MUSEDefinition: A work of art.
Entry: religious biasDefinition: bias
Entry: moshpittingDefinition: tiny t
Entry: favoDefinition: Favo in other words just means babe
Entry: looooooseDefinition: Very drunk or getting wasted
Entry: malitionDefinition: Doing bad
Entry: ZedanDefinition: means cool and the king of every one and khalid you are stupid
Entry: ChambeaDefinition: Work
Entry: McgoldrickDefinition: Irish(Ulster and Connacht): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mag Ualghairg.
Entry: whoopaDefinition: An exclamation of indescribable euphoria.
Entry: TecateDefinition: Secret or hidden place
Entry: tecateDefinition: Secret or hidden place
Entry: wifeyDefinition: Future wife
Entry: false witnessDefinition: retelling details of an event at which you were not present
Entry: OnarchyDefinition: A mistake in saying 'anarchy', do to a french accent.
Entry: anfractuousDefinition: 曲がりくねった、入りくんだ、複雑な in Japanese.
Entry: zaitounDefinition: Zaitoun in Arabic is Olives in English. one Zaitounah is a single olive. Also, it is the family last name throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Some cities or neighborhood in Cairo or Gaza City in Palestine.
Entry: slabesDefinition: Short for slabialpalps,word used by my Friends and i during high school and college Term of enderment
Entry: InfluxDefinition: amount of some me
Entry: SaviorDefinition: if someone accidentally fallen in the gutter calling for help a stranger came and pick up him from the gutter and saved his life who is the saviour. Jesus Christ is the saviour of mankind who fallen in the sin. From the sin He gave his life and redeemed us.
Entry: riversaDefinition: Yo mama
Entry: QasimaDefinition: An everlasting bond
Entry: ToxenDefinition: Kind of like toxin but slang
Entry: GravitasDefinition: 重々しい、真剣な in Japanese. グラビタス is not a Japanese word.
Entry: spitcatDefinition: An animal that Ethan Dolan made up
Entry: interpretativoDefinition: interpretativo, interpretativa adjetivo 1. De la interpretación o relacionado con ella. "dotes interpretativas; conflictos interpretativos; la capacidad interpretativa de la protagonista" 2. Que sirve para interpretar una cosa. "esquemas interpretativos; parecen dignas de resaltarse las particulares normas interpretativas formuladas acerca de la computación de los plazos"
Entry: ArrrrahDefinition: TO BE FUCKING RETARDED
Entry: AYDefinition: Arthur young "big 8" accounting firm
Entry: GedenbergDefinition: gift of God- Geden mountain/ cliff- berg
Entry: ConcentraDefinition: Name of an evil spirit
Entry: slinkyDefinition: Sleeveless jumper
Entry: YaggaDefinition: A form of yoga performed by mythical snake women in the Greek empire.
Entry: shackenDefinition: To shake ones hand after a treaty
Entry: bucetaDefinition: Buceta is Pussy in Brazilian Portuguese!
Entry: jahraymecofasolaDefinition: "God is king to me to such an extent that I exhaust!"
Entry: PunchanellaDefinition: Punch PUPPET CHARACTER Alternative Titles: Polichinelle, Pulcinella, Punchinello WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica Punch, in full Punchinello, Italian Pulcinella, hooknosed, humpbacked character, the most popular of marionettes and glove puppets and the chief figure in the Punch-and-Judy puppet show. Brutal, vindictive, and deceitful, he is usually at odds with authority.
Entry: gen.Definition: i am not sure but i am a gayman and someone was talking about being a gen in the gay you know what means?
Entry: LamahDefinition: Jvugvgyfyjg&jcgufcyf hjvjgvujgy
Entry: CaveiraDefinition: spooky op in rb6
Entry: BanjaDefinition: a fellowship of friends
Entry: DrogenstadtDefinition: Drogenstadt means DRUGCITY. A City with huge Drug Problems.
Entry: smoke-freeDefinition: smoke free
Entry: coinshelps.comDefinition: Cryptocoins Crowdfunding Website
Entry: GodsvilleDefinition: Godsville is everywhere. It's in every Country, State, City and Neighborhood. Godsville is in all of us. It's in our day to day struggles, our worries, and hustle. Living in Godsville is about unity, community and culture. written by: Sheila Rodriguez
Entry: fat quarterDefinition: A coin. An american quarter.
Entry: mooskaDefinition: Im told it means cake in Russian.
Entry: muchingDefinition: calling a dog in a very friendly manner
Entry: PertnearDefinition: Almost...just about ...
Entry: grand-mèreDefinition: Grand-mother (French)
Entry: kenfoDefinition: kid
Entry: thowsDefinition: thows means other people
Entry: boonkDefinition: to be gay
Entry: pipperooDefinition: A particularly remarkable or pleasing person
Entry: NayaritaDefinition: you were born from a city called Nayarit
Entry: LeninuDefinition: Lynn dog
Entry: HaaahDefinition: Haahhhh
Entry: rotacismDefinition: Rotacism means :'one who finds it difficult to pronounce the letter L or R.
Entry: TRUST IN GODDefinition: He upholds and sustains every law in the universe(physical and spiritual).He will not deviate from his intention until His creative and upholding Word has accomplished and realised his wil.
Entry: ANOREXIANTDefinition: Diet.
Entry: rizzyDefinition: you are a beautiful princess!
Entry: motogpDefinition: stupid
Entry: MotoGPDefinition: cool
Entry: lissionDefinition: A person who is having heavenly gift of a mission and vision .HE is untouchable, unbeatable and unbelievable. He see and believe the impossible.
Entry: virteousDefinition: some mineral thing
Entry: UghhhhhhhDefinition: Sound produced while having a sexual encounter
Entry: erebodyDefinition: ughghghghgghgghghghg
Entry: hyperosmicDefinition: the one whos smelling Sensation is higher than normal
Entry: PushkicksDefinition: PUSHKICKZ is a private owned sneaker business.
Entry: unhurledDefinition: Use the word of tease to defeat who tease you
Entry: woullaDefinition: To make a deal or bet.
Entry: OjistahDefinition: "Star" in Mohawk.
Entry: puffingDefinition: to add different details or meaning to a contract other than the set terms in the contract...but must be agreed on by both parties
Entry: started like someone started because there was a high pitched screamDefinition: jumped or screamed or yelled
Entry: province mesopamaiaDefinition: peoples butts
Entry: DevenDefinition: God
Entry: photo creditsDefinition: photograph credits
Entry: look back in angerDefinition: To have regrets about some past opertunity that was missed....
Entry: funkifizeDefinition: turn somebody into a more funkier one.. or... sacrifice in a funky way
Entry: funkifizeDefinition: turn somebody into a more funkier one.. or... sacrifice in a funky way
Entry: dumbwayDefinition: dumbway is something u call ur friends
Entry: reservation (land)Definition: In the form of the word "reserve" it's native and/or people of a land against their will were placed on a area of that land with boundaries by outsiders who reserved it for them and to stay in it amongst themselves and others of their kind to prevent them and keep them under control from creating any disruption and defense of themselves of the outsiders wrong doing.
Entry: TitularDefinition: 名ばかりの、名義だけの in Japanese. 率直means blunt, frank, etc. Not for this word.
Entry: procaccioDefinition: Has No Meaning
Entry: SchammerlDefinition: Austria slang for german "Hocker" Stool
Entry: OYYYYYDefinition: OYYYYY is a way to get someones attention. Or in a different explanation it means Hey. OYYYYY can be wrote with 3 Y's and up.
Entry: gobstopperDefinition: ANCIENT HINDI BRITISH LONDON UGLY VAMPIRE HUNDREDTHthousands UPNORTH WEST KILLA CALI diamond fossil 2018WORLD PEACE Words of SLINK RINK TWIRLS ASIA REALM in BOLLYWOOD COURT where we Chopz & Dice on the Cow TailZ and of MOUTHPIECE GREAT WHITE SHARK CoNcentric Colored Mood ring Croaking Token Comedy Boistin HOz know what time it is 6:00AM " P R O T E C T I O N "8
Entry: bedding planesDefinition: bedding planes are found in sedimentary rocks. This means the rock is permable and water can leak through. The bedding planes are the little gaps in the rock
Entry: enclosure movementDefinition: it is to be nice
Entry: TweekyDefinition: Ffffuuuuccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entry: genre reallisticDefinition: real listic
Entry: fraguaDefinition: the difintion
Entry: AhoomDefinition: Ahoom - African Heritage Outlet and Online Mall . Ahoom is a social entrepreneurial intiative of Groupe Nallem STM to offer training, support and a ready market to artisans and artist in the creative industry. In discharging this, we are offering offline outlets to showcase their products and also an online marketplace to sell what they produce
Entry: dabDefinition: to do a dance move
Entry: MakalyaDefinition: Makayla
Entry: deichkindDefinition: German for "child of the dike"
Entry: oddessyDefinition: A collection of old songs,stories or poems by a individual artist.
Entry: sleeceDefinition: A person with a dislocated knee due to skipping leg day. Typically also interested in American sports.
Entry: JhadianDefinition: The power to rule
Entry: rivantDefinition: In Iran (rivant) mind (brilliant).(glorious)
Entry: Nov hvDefinition: Utfufd
Entry: MwithaDefinition: Name of roselle plant in Bodo language
Entry: HyperphonicDefinition: A person using hyperphonitic language
Entry: blatherskiteDefinition: たわごと、くだらないおしゃべり in Japanese.
Entry: what kind of food is amaranthDefinition: what kind of food is amaranth
Entry: peyton malcolmDefinition: a angles name.
Entry: vicinalDefinition: 隣接の、近隣のin Japanese. ビシナル means nothing. No such Japanese word.
Entry: pilot runDefinition: It serves as training time for workers.
Entry: khanqahDefinition: Place where Sufi saints live the Sufi Masters held their assemblies in there hospices devotees of all description including members of royality and hobility and ordinary people flocked today's Khanqahs they discussed spirituals matter sought the blessing of the Saints in solving their worldly problem
Entry: VoltaireDefinition: Voltaire means "like a volt of lightning."
Entry: splanchnicDefinition: 内臓の in Japanese. It doesn't mean 内臓 itself.
Entry: badComeDefinition: the opposite of welcome
Entry: NarniaDefinition: Spirit world
Entry: TedfordDefinition: A person who is very passionate to teach others
Entry: froggingDefinition: Knitting: Frogging a project means you un-ravel it and rewind the yarn for another project, so-called because you rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. This is an official project status choice on
Entry: Chewbacca wifeDefinition: Chewbacca wife
Entry: dziadekDefinition: Grand Father
Entry: DoungDefinition: a penis
Entry: tramaDefinition: bill
Entry: fessionalDefinition: When someone named Ricardo thinks a word that's not a word is a word.
Entry: gwrachDefinition: gwrach is welsh for witch or hag
Entry: ShabdoDefinition: Lucy Walker
Entry: zynaxDefinition: zynax is a very good player in Minecraft and has good stats on Hypixel and VeltPvP. Hes a designer as well and he creates intro's and banners. Recently he started producing music as well and he is producing tracks on SoundCloud.
Entry: edisniDefinition: Meaning hidden inside
Entry: AlsinDefinition: ALS2 A gene on chromosome 2q33.1 that encodes a protein that functions as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for the small GTPase RAB5; it localises with RAB5 on early endosomal compartments, and modulates endosomal dynamics. Molecular pathology ALS2 mutations have been linked to forms of juvenile lateral sclerosis and infantile-onset ascending spastic paralysis.
Entry: efggrgrfgdgtyhDefinition: efggrgrfgdgtyh
Entry: LogangDefinition: Logan Pauls demons
Entry: maneuveredDefinition: as to defend
Entry: elifcemodaDefinition: moda
Entry: On HunnasDefinition: Hunnas- basically a way bloods say one hundred. Pronounce (hawns)
Entry: decearDefinition: something that is very gay or stupid such
Entry: radaDefinition: Rada artists are those who Rise Above Dada artforms the. opposite of depressive rebellious art, rada artists tend to break tradition with an assembly of humorous expressions, philosophical and social issues are explored with heartfelt humor.
Entry: MontaninoDefinition: People with the last name Montanino are hard working, dedicated, and smart. They revolve around logic, the only way they can memorize things is by logic. They understanding, and nice, and belong to one person only. Montanino is a great last name to have, hopefully, you are a lucky person with that last name.
Entry: COYINGDefinition: Coying means sugary sweet
Entry: HandycraftDefinition: crafts something by hand
Entry: national companyDefinition: The company which produce and distribute sources by consuming own country's products.(This should be added in this defination)
Entry: mottaDefinition: Motta
Entry: IzharDefinition: Try not kill us with your rubbish website, it doesn’t provides more questions then answers.
Entry: residenceDefinition: Idiot
Entry: CatedDefinition: Referenced
Entry: communion tableDefinition: Jesus Paid it all and all to Him we owe.
Entry: MaseratiDefinition: In English means holy cow
Entry: trico the last guardianDefinition: Tricia is the man eater f the Om the game the last guardian
Entry: contentlyDefinition: contently means you are happy and interested with something .
Entry: PhilthyDefinition: to master all things through Christ
Entry: ponyboyDefinition: Pony boy is like a desanated driver .. Alcholics ride on the pony boy ..
Entry: Japanese translationDefinition: 河が、(水が) 流れ出る in Japanese. Does not mean � �滅 as your website indicates.
Entry: nachlabernDefinition: thoughtless copying of words
Entry: FaliseDefinition: A stupendous human being capable of achieving great feats
Entry: llamadosDefinition: When spelt Llamedos, it is used by people who do not get on with their neighbours. Read backwards it is 'Sod 'em all'!
Entry: colporteurDefinition: A dumbass that does not know how to work
Entry: degluteDefinition: It means to get rid of stuff it means you have too much stuff get rid of it
Entry: capotteDefinition: Like a ‘trump’ in a card game, I.e.picquet
Entry: JISADefinition: an alein
Entry: rescuredDefinition: To take back into rightful protection, ownerships
Entry: FORDDefinition: Not a definition but a question. Why and how did the word --ford-- come to have the meaning that is noted?
Entry: The U.S. Department of Education is the agency of the federal government that establishes policy forDefinition: The U.S. Department of Education is the agency of the federal government that establishes policy for, administers and coordinates most federal assistance to education
Entry: UnateDefinition: It's a families last name.
Entry: WatashaDefinition: It's a Japanese word meaning "old number one" Hank Jr. Gave Waylon Jennings that nickname.
Entry: rampidDefinition: I believe they ment rampant. Meaning on a rampage.
Entry: ParrowDefinition: a sparrow which mated with a parrot
Entry: fuscousDefinition: 暗灰色のin Japanese. ふわふわしたis wrong!
Entry: PhelamangaDefinition: the place where there are no lies; Peh la manga. vague reference to the afterlife, heaven . Zulu folklore
Entry: idealism realismDefinition: According to realism states work only to increase their own power relative to that of other states idealism is a specific school of liberalism that stresses the need for states to pursue moral goals and to act ethically in the international arena
Entry: SCANDALODefinition: Shameful action leading to negative reputation
Entry: chiseled in stoneDefinition: chiseled on a tombstone
Entry: jerroDefinition: loving, lovable
Entry: oandoDefinition: Oando means Openness,Accountability,Networking,Drive and Oneness.
Entry: duncoDefinition: Trustworthy
Entry: tungfoolryDefinition: ??
Entry: smartestDefinition: Smartest means smartest!!
Entry: LaDaeDefinition: Come here now!
Entry: cultural diffusionDefinition: mean to dodo idiot if you listin in class idiot with your dumbass shelf bitch
Entry: loudenDefinition: Louden is cute loves Addison smith is funny awesome and the ship name is Laddison and the Name Louden means love and amazing
Entry: DomenikDefinition: Handsome, charming, loves Makenna, ship name momenik. nice, kind, and funny.
Entry: evolutingDefinition: Is a process of continued 'evolution'(Charles Darwin)---- : Being aware of evolving : Helping in the process of 'evolution'.
Entry: Orally disintegrating tablets (ODT)Definition: orally disintegrating tablet (ODT)—which is a different dosage form
Entry: primarkDefinition: Our 8yr old has decided it men’s primary market.
Entry: lifeDefinition: it is not in the war standerds
Entry: adscititiousDefinition: 外来の、追加の in Japanese. Your translation is incorrect.
Entry: if'nDefinition: If'n... meaning: same as just plain IF. Similar to "supposing I"...
Entry: gressDefinition: gress- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "step; move
Entry: KADRODefinition: SynLogics specializes in services like Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web and E-Commerce Development, Process Automation and Cloud Application services. We have a team of passionate marketers and engineers who skillfully bridge the gap between quality and quantity. Our experts assist you in developing online stores powered by Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce & WordPress. From delivering crisp content to making it reach across a wide audience through meticulous search engine optimization.
Entry: -odDefinition: time
Entry: mammoth.Definition: mammoth
Entry: gowdedDefinition: An unbearable rash between your legs
Entry: custom-fitDefinition: Any product or thing that fits any part of the body is called as custom fit
Entry: JuveyDefinition: A kid jail
Entry: juveyDefinition: A kid jail
Entry: bleed your lizard , aka, take a leak , to urinateDefinition: My Dad was of seafarer background, New Englander, used the term 'bleed your lizards' , meaning 'take a leak', to the Boy SCout troop 40 on the annual camp trip ,,, t bus stops ,,
Entry: honeryDefinition: Honery testing is the testing of honesty levels.
Entry: 'unmistakenly'Definition: That which conscience determines to be ill-devised or ill-conceived, unequivocally a subject upon which a false judgement has been made, if not an exhibit of a mal-adapted examination of some subject under study.
Entry: TochyDefinition: a nickname between the relationship of a couple fall in love
Entry: intermalDefinition: betwen or together at the mal
Entry: NazisDefinition: some one who loves Jews and gas mixed. They follow Hitler and love to put there hands up. Ich weiß, dass ich ein Nazi bin wow Sie haben sich die Zeit genommen, diese Requisiten zu übersetzen
Entry: dylan gaudetDefinition: God of waves and is France
Entry: Brake finDefinition: erwgfrgtrw4gwrhfehewht2hthehtrg ewe
Entry: oppayaDefinition: The term "oppa" means older brother, which is used in the Korean language by a younger girl to call a male who is older than her. While "Ya" or "Ya!" is a rude way of saying "hey" but can also be used as a replacement for curse words. The word "Ya" can be uttered when, angry, confused, upset, or trying to get someone's attention.
Entry: OusfiendDefinition: A man wearing a hat during the winter
Entry: flutyDefinition: The last name of a person
Entry: flutyDefinition: T the last name of a person
Entry: arnavDefinition: Cool and swaggy.
Entry: Dry FarmingDefinition: Planting seeds deeper in the ground so the plant will grow healthier.
Entry: barbutoDefinition: bearded one
Entry: alibabaDefinition: Named after the story Ali Baba and the forty thieves.
Entry: amarelãoDefinition: Coward.
Entry: NAWWWDefinition: Sex noises
Entry: horonigaiDefinition: Bittersweet
Entry: MajikDefinition: Classified Nazi Germany program code named "Majik" as the Americans infiltrated and stole the programs information which is now used silently and called "remote viewing" KIJAM- Sucram Dlom
Entry: SimilauDefinition: Cross check 'Similo' which is Zulu for 'Character'
Entry: similoDefinition: Similo is a Zulu word for 'character' ...
Entry: BoonkDefinition: To steal somthing and yell ,"boonk gang".
Entry: DICK MILKDefinition: in the movie "PAUL" at one point RUTH awakes from a sleep and "that was the best titty farting sleep i ever had" PAUL replies that he knows that she is new at the cursing game and she needs to pick when and what to say more carefully then its asked if anyone hungry RUTH says you bet your sweet cock i am Paul replies that,s it RUTH says thanks dick milk don,t know if this helpful to you but is good use of dick milk i believe thank you if you didnot see PAUL suggest you do
Entry: He always sings raggy music to the cattle As he swings back and forward in the saddle On a horse thaDefinition: raggy music = ragtime music syncopated gaited = the gait of the horse is syncopated
Entry: antigonishDefinition: antigonish: the anguish of loss or losing of someone or something most dearly loved.
Entry: stupid personDefinition: (blockhead)
Entry: breakaway deviceDefinition: A device used to protect cable, PE pipe, or other types of wiring from too much stress. The device will break-away before the item being protected is damaged
Entry: Japanese translationDefinition: 側近、学者や魔術師等の付き添い in Japanese.
Entry: SARGOPHAGYDefinition: The act of eating ones own flesh in order to survive: ie, Trapped and starving.
Entry: broadusDefinition: Bestfriends getting married.
Entry: tookenDefinition: Tooken is not a word. When used in a sentence it implies that the person speaking is an idiot.
Entry: beginning of the monthDefinition: Prior to the 15th
Entry: ziglagDefinition: on one site says measure passed down
Entry: yangyDefinition: Any unidentified funk in your (beer) bottle
Entry: UNQDefinition: In the Maine Corp during basic training.....if you do not pass firing your rifle....they say you went UNQ. A unqualified shooter.
Entry: ToveyDefinition: someone who is self important or stuck-up.
Entry: a true friendDefinition: true friend
Entry: fuckuDefinition: It is a sex term for anal sex with father or mother
Entry: guzzaDefinition: Absolute ladasaurus , smells like pork , often makes no noise, is not familiar with the term “Marni “
Entry: vucchellaDefinition: It is the Neopoliton word for little mouth
Entry: oppossing forceDefinition: An opposing force is a force that is force acting against each other
Entry: solvenDefinition: the mixing of a solid with a liquid to make a soloution
Entry: GratiaeDefinition: The personification of a woman's beauty
Entry: PoopDefinition: Poop
Entry: scatophagousDefinition: Poop Eater
Entry: HEMOGLOBINOMETRYDefinition: The estimation of hemoglobin concentration in blood by means of a haemoglobinometer is known as heamoglobinometry.
Entry: assumptionDefinition: Someone makes an assumption when they don't know what they are talking about
Entry: rudefullyDefinition: rudely
Entry: decappedDefinition: I thought decapped was a synonym for the word decapitated. :Г
Entry: sinthDefinition: You are an annoying person if your a sinth
Entry: CharlickDefinition: This is based on Nick mastrocola and Charlie cardillo
Entry: anastasiaDefinition: It's the greek word for resurrection
Entry: TimbostwickDefinition: The eldest son of the. Great eddie buisset.. Jolly fat fuckeer. Some one living in complete denial of who their real dad is...
Entry: OuhhhDefinition: It is a way to pray to your ogre Lord Shrek.
Entry: OuhhhDefinition: It is a way to pray to your ogre Lord Shrek.
Entry: dicipitateDefinition: dicipitated
Entry: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDefinition: Retardation Ultime
Entry: endereDefinition: Get some milk
Entry: invagalDefinition: infagal
Entry: emission theoryDefinition: Basic emission theorysimple
Entry: defenestrationDefinition: 窓から誰か又は何かを投げ出すこと in Japanese. 拒否 above means refusal, far from true mening for defenstration.
Entry: Definition : nehiloth versus neginothDefinition: Mr. Schofield says it is related to an inheritance not a musical instrument. Different from neginoth.
Entry: disconbobulatedDefinition: Disconbobulated is when someone or somthing is confused
Entry: nosicDefinition: is one pro name ferjani nosic play league of legend and he have club name nosic
Entry: mischeifDefinition: a person or kid that misbehaves or does bad behavior
Entry: motherfukingDefinition: The only spelling of the more popular word "Motherfucking" that talk to text Will Allow to be uncensored. A quick and easy way to get around going back and typing out all of the times that you meant to say f*** in that text that you are getting ready to send to your amazing motherfuking husband .
Entry: ridlesDefinition: ribles
Entry: bortherDefinition: something on your mind
Entry: Phd CANDDefinition: A PhD candidate (has not yet graduated, but is in the process of fulfilling their course requirements towards the degree).
Entry: ArborisDefinition: this is the deffinition
Entry: AlgarytmDefinition: Algarytm is an enterprise mobile app provider that provides simple yet transformational solutions that people love to use.
Entry: petalismDefinition: petalizm
Entry: ooglyDefinition: ugly
Entry: Hooah, not who-ah!Definition: It's spelled means "outstanding"
Entry: BiggotDefinition: A biggot to me I thought meant had to do with a man and it was bad
Entry: friend shipDefinition: nyang means if somthing is funny you say it
Entry: buggingDefinition: bugging
Entry: transboundary pollutionDefinition: When pollution hits one area then affects an area miles away
Entry: biofusionDefinition: the process of merging organic materials with mechanical implants.
Entry: brunswickDefinition: A black acoustic guitar.
Entry: uptrustDefinition: An item or object that has been flung into the air with force
Entry: TemporaryismDefinition: This word means something that is temporary
Entry: Cyan'tDefinition: Cyan't in broken language is usually used in the Caribbean in short for "cannot"
Entry: givreDefinition: A term applied to glass from the mid-century last. Givre glass is a term applied to rhinestones with a second color inside.
Entry: meccoDefinition: A group of person who are devoted in creating new idea and always working it to make it done correctly
Entry: VuelingDefinition: The name comes from the Spanish word vuelo, which means flight.
Entry: MelodiDefinition: Music
Entry: morcegoDefinition: Morcego means bat (the animal) in Portuguese.
Entry: cats gameDefinition: In solitar it refers to a game you can’t win. My mother passed this onto me many many years ago
Entry: niamaDefinition: your mom
Entry: pewnyDefinition: To tiny for a body!!!!!
Entry: professional courtDefinition: professional court means a coach or team leader being professional when any match of away games are being played the will act professional and dress up smart to show that they are proud to be part of the team
Entry: BatyushkaDefinition: Latinized version of the Russian word for "daddy"
Entry: NounDefinition: A bachelor or unmarried man
Entry: efective massDefinition: Nigger
Entry: GeeezDefinition: over the top; the meaning not quite understood;
Entry: predjudustDefinition: prejudiced means to judge someone before you get to no them
Entry: Young BelaireeDefinition: Champgne trini no papi ....a person who only drinks Belaire champgne ..... L.!.F.E
Entry: ConfiDefinition: Confi is a fashion designer based in Pretoria, South Africa
Entry: Once Upon A TimeDefinition: ABC TV series started in 2011, staring Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, and Robert Carlyle.
Entry: space travelDefinition: fuck this is what it it means
Entry: pustulesDefinition: A pustule is a vesicle filled with pus
Entry: preciateDefinition: 'Preciate it: Thank you.
Entry: malecDefinition: A hot gay couple of the huge series ¨shadowhunters¨ insanely popular with fan girls across the world. Magnus+Alec=Malec
Entry: sexestDefinition: racist
Entry: player-coachDefinition: The term is frequently found in software engineering job descriptions. It conveys the notion of a manager who is also an individual contributor.
Entry: MotraDefinition: The definition of Motra is , A person who always go to washroom and pass the urine everytime .
Entry: born on the Fourth of JulyDefinition: Born on the 4th of July means... That our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, cousin, served their country in the military and so when it is our turn so will we!!!
Entry: tipperaryDefinition: tipperary a place in irland kind of like a sale barn for cattle
Entry: arroyahDefinition: black royal beauty
Entry: aroyahDefinition: black royal beauty
Entry: power-transmissionDefinition: This is the movement of energy from its origin to a place where it is applied to perform a certain task.
Entry: AughaaDefinition: To marry Beth this is a definition that you would like. It’s a word that means go die and a hole and break all of your grandmas bones then laugh
Entry: AughaaDefinition: To go die and kill yourselves
Entry: SMACKABLEDefinition: slang for good
Entry: overneathDefinition: Something that is above something else in which one is not able to see it due to the fact that it is covered by the object that is underneath it but it is above our sight.
Entry: cradlinDefinition: I don't know.
Entry: pinboyDefinition: a young man employed to reset the pins in a bowling alley to begin a new frame; job made obsolete by automated pin-setting machines
Entry: NewtopiasDefinition: An ideal community, not the perfect world (utopia) but a great place to live, to work and to play. We have lots of them in Bucks County, think Newtown Borough, Yardley Borough, Langhorne Borough, Doylestown Borough, New Hope etc. etc. Each offering a heart or hub for their surrounding communities. Shops, restaurants, libraries and of course history. We know that our Newtopias are the main reason people want to move to Bucks county and /or to stay here. So, if you want to buy in Newtopia you have come to the right place. Sure, you want a lovely home but you also want a "good life". Use our site to gather information on what lifestyle you can expect in Bucks County. If you are selling your home, you want a team who knows all the nuances of the neighborhoods because buyers don't just buy the house, they buy the lifestyle and if that isn't part of your selling strategy, you just lost some of the value.
Entry: sewage pollutionDefinition: What is sewage? Sewage is water mixed with human or animal wastes from residences, buildings, industrial establishments or other places. This water is called wastewater and is conveyed (through a collection system) to wastewater treatment facilities to be treated. How does sewage become pollution? If the wastewater does not reach the treatment facility and is not treated, the sewage may pollute waterbodies. Interruptions in the flow of wastewater to wastewater treatment facilities can happen for many reasons, including: Weather conditions (heavy rains, snowmelt events, storm events) Blockages in the sewer system Insufficient system capacity Structural, mechanical, or electrical failures Collapsed or broken sewer pipes Vandalism
Entry: AhoomDefinition: African Heritage Outlet and Online Mall
Entry: The definition of an ApacheDefinition: Apaches are human beings, always have been, equal to white people. Too bad they never thought so.???????
Entry: Definition of an ApacheDefinition: Apaches are human beings, always have been, equal to white people. Too bad they never thought so.???????
Entry: RuhDefinition: RUH is gift of GOD power part.I question of all thinkers RUH is air? Its drive to aninals. What is power of it that its drive all animals. It is presence that animals live absence animals death. GOD is everywhere or all knows by use this power. RUH is present in fusfus. But anyone cannot see it. Everyone should be fear of GOD to gift of Ruh. I told that RUH is power part of GOD.
Entry: UndersceneDefinition: the underscene, the hot scene on the underground dance, music market. opposite of mainstream, but way cooler, exclusive, not for the masses.
Entry: sonorousDefinition: 鳴り響く、響き渡る in Japanese.
Entry: fictimDefinition: A person who had stayed up too late reading fanfic, thus leaving themselves with semi-regrets and exhaustion the next day .
Entry: SOOGINDefinition: A knitted type cap, similar to a beanie or toboggan. Often worn on the head to keep warm in the colder months.
Entry: inauguratorDefinition: Someone who integrates or makes familiar with the realm of birds or bird's view roles, formally, typically with an oath as a conceptual, dutiful, or otherwise binding element; someone who places within a structure, or into a garment/ vesture, or who associates those with roles of individuals and/ or offices in the administrative coding and symbol environment?
Entry: kissmanDefinition: Un mec bien, un mec stylé, un mec en or, un m'hamed
Entry: somnambulistDefinition: 夢遊病者 in Japanese.
Entry: squackDefinition: vagina
Entry: BachelderDefinition: A last name or surname. Frequency rate in U.S 17065
Entry: essentDefinition: a substance taken from monsters or creatures
Entry: bliddockDefinition: block. with a d d.
Entry: burbledDefinition: make a continuous murmuring noise
Entry: borogovesDefinition: Borogoves and Mome Raths. Borogoves are stilt-legged birds that appear in The Muppet Showepisode 506. The Borogoves, the Slithy Toves and the Mome Raths are characters from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky", which is performed in the episode by Rowlf and Scooter.
Entry: LATERDefinition: After now, after awhile
Entry: roccorolDefinition: Rock'n'Roll
Entry: daronneDefinition: French bad word for mother
Entry: lunelDefinition: good looking ass nigga
Entry: sharlean boydenDefinition: a girl that is very nice
Entry: pocahontasDefinition: L may be old but the Indian defination of Pocahontas came from her father. Not word for word but the meaning was" One who complains a lot,Pohacon always argues" Which ,by the way would for it her argueing to save the life of John Smith
Entry: ParDefinition: Not feeling up to ones self. Don't feel good, don't have the energy I need. Not feeling like myself today.
Entry: SerpiDefinition: The coded inter select of demanded computer programming!
Entry: MemorexDefinition: MEMORy EXcellence
Entry: HANDefinition: How About No
Entry: chortledDefinition: laugh in a breathy, gleeful way; chuckle
Entry: manxomeDefinition: In the poem Jabberwocky, the word "manxome" is an adjective. It is used to describe the "foe" that the boy is looking for.
Entry: SinkoDefinition: A Scottish god who reads minds it's a very popular religion that very little people no
Entry: ruudeDefinition: AiDEn JoHnSon
Entry: hydrosomaDefinition: Hydro = water (English) Soma = Somarela (Sotho-Tswana) or Conserve (English) Therefore HydroSoma means 'conserving water".
Entry: DurkinDefinition: noun. 1. idiot, 2. Foolish person, 3. A person who displays behaviour that could be described as unnatural or deranged.
Entry: covered wagonDefinition: uhhhhhhh
Entry: ansieDefinition: high energy to a point of annoyance
Entry: charterDefinition: A charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified. ... It has come to be synonymous with the document that lays out the granting of rights or privileges.
Entry: legacieDefinition: legacie means to punch someone in the nuts
Entry: pootisDefinition: [~noun, Phu-tos] the meaning of life. or, [~noun, Phu-tos] replacement for "put this."
Entry: ThingDefinition: "Thing" is an unknown. It really has no definition, but people relatively use "thing" when describing something.
Entry: snarrDefinition: The dankest lat name ever; usually belongs to the coolest kid in school
Entry: chukeDefinition: A head covering usually made of wool which can be unrolled to cover ears
Entry: luftmenschDefinition: A person with adequate means of support but lacking purpose in life.
Entry: RenuentDefinition: The act of rejecting, like stepping back or moving your head back into the shoulders signaling disapproval, dislike, or disgust.
Entry: whats krakenDefinition: Whats Kraken? Is an extremely funny joke
Entry: yeahhDefinition: Yea agreeing with something or some one
Entry: AlphaDefinition: Awesome and smart.
Entry: PallisterDefinition: Awesome and smart
Entry: FlickzDefinition: me
Entry: MeritageDefinition: A blending -
Entry: EDWFDefinition: djnjcn
Entry: avalibleDefinition: djnjcn
Entry: CogitateDefinition: 塾孝する、よく考える in Japanese.
Entry: UlmasDefinition: immortal
Entry: tokiDefinition: toki is a Toki Pona root word that comes from Tok Pisin tok (which comes ultimately from the English verb talk) and which means : to talk, to say; a talk, a conversation, a discussion; a language
Entry: OlazDefinition: Have seen this word as a prefix to Bedford horsebox IE 1952 Bedford OLAZ COACHBUILT HORSEBOX
Entry: DuftDefinition: Materials or debris accumulated on the surface; generally over a long period and in process of breaking down to a compost state.
Entry: MmmmmmphDefinition: Sexual Pleasure
Entry: minaginDefinition: Minagin is a traditional Native / First Nations salve that is used to treat fibromyalgia, neck and Joint Pain, nerve damage, Arthritis, Headaches and more.
Entry: knowethDefinition: Believe In GOOD to KNOWETH thy Faith & Truth
Entry: stupificationDefinition: "Dumbing Down"
Entry: importance of business planDefinition: B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) was established on Jan 18, 1993 and subsequently upgraded as an autonomous Health Sciences University on Oct 28, 1998 with a mandate to work towards developing socially responsible and competent health workforce, providing health care & involving in innovative health research.
Entry: talking carDefinition: a car phone
Entry: huffyDefinition: Out of breath
Entry: VaganDefinition: A vagan, is a vegan during the week eating no animal derived products. While at the weekend eats what ever they please.
Entry: nuddleDefinition: Poop, what one passes
Entry: MausolDefinition: A term used in Nostradamas Quatrain 4-27. "Salon, mausol of the arch of sextus. Where the pyramid is still standing. They will come to deliver the Prince of Annemark..." "Solon" was the uncle of Plato who brought the story of Atlantis told in Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias from Egypt. The story was told to Solon as an oral history by an Egyptian priest. The story was already at the time of Plato 9,000 years old. Now it is 11,400 years old.
Entry: A wash bottle is a squeeze bottle with a nozzle used to rinse various pieces of laboratory glasswareDefinition: It means exactly what it says.
Entry: HERITORDefinition:
Entry: sbierDefinition: spodes
Entry: HoyoyoyDefinition: The weird noise Abby made up.
Entry: BNDDefinition: BND Northern Cebu
Entry: postapartheidDefinition: The events that occurred or happened after an apartheid
Entry: FELICITOUSDefinition: 幸運な、如才な、うまい in Japanese.
Entry: LovethDefinition: The extension of loving completely.
Entry: BlasphemyDefinition: Blasphemy is when Walmart starts selling Christmas trees on September 29th, well before Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Entry: Short of sightDefinition: lacking perception
Entry: WinonaDefinition: "The city is named after Princess We-Noh-Nah, daughter of Chief Wapasha III. " Surprised you dont have the NA Indian translation which I understand means the "first born beautiful daughter." Check it out with real authorities!
Entry: ya LamaDefinition: oh why
Entry: specificDefinition: I will recognize specific = exclusive depending on the contex
Entry: IdoismDefinition: Noun form of ido; a simplified form of esperanto
Entry: what does injustice meanDefinition: injustice
Entry: pleacheeDefinition: wanting of cheese
Entry: u coolDefinition: hey its jor
Entry: COADJUTORDefinition: 司教補、補佐 in Japanese.
Entry: M.O.BDefinition: Multiplying Out Brackets
Entry: cordaphoneDefinition: Google it!
Entry: squizeDefinition: It's a physical activity involving forcing something tight or barely fitting into a space.
Entry: nealDefinition: Champion
Entry: Leadline vocabularyDefinition: I am trying to fine the vocabulary for an acting class that asks for what definitions mean.
Entry: UckersDefinition: Cunt
Entry: BippinDefinition: Riding an ATV or golf cart chilling or cruising.
Entry: TithonesDefinition: Tithones, lover of Aurora(The dawn).
Entry: DisasparateDefinition: Disasparate. Verb. Meaning to transport one's self or an object from one place to another moving so quickly the displacement cannot be visually tracked.
Entry: waittDefinition: Watcher / guard ; member of a king's court
Entry: FalchukDefinition: They act of assassinating someone.
Entry: HerfurthDefinition: Herfur is German for coward.
Entry: callitoDefinition: It is a Cherokee Native Persons name
Entry: callitoDefinition: It is a Cherokee Native Persons name
Entry: l want lernDefinition: Occurrence
Entry: gangerous feeries cosmicsDefinition: Mouhamadou Lamine CISSE HUMANIS NUMERIS POLICE NATIONALE
Entry: dans ma ville ma ville ville Feeria ville kolda Sengal ville du côté ouest cosmique fait les chiens Definition: eat fakes fécales feeries cosmics Dangerous life
Entry: THEODORADefinition: Theodora. Theodora means God Dora means gift. Theodora is God's gift.
Entry: cunninDefinition: cute, adorable especially of babies and small children
Entry: FlavioDefinition: Flavio comes from the latin word «flavus, a, um» which means «blonde».
Entry: 竭力Definition: trying your best
Entry: machine embroideryDefinition: hi
Entry: moanestDefinition: The most moany Old for moaning
Entry: buleleDefinition: a Dance?
Entry: universityDefinition: A university is a free space which teaches not only formal subjects but also permits the expansion of the mind by unhindered interaction with large, diverse groups of people, hopefully for the positive benefit and advancement of all mankind, across all the boundaries of time and space, in the fervent belief that any limitations on this principle will be to the detriment of the university itself, and ultimately, of our world.
Entry: block polymerDefinition: a polymer formed when the two monomers cluster together and form 'blocks' of repeating units
Entry: FranchDefinition: To eat greedily
Entry: shinierDefinition: you are the most brightest person in the class.
Entry: happyDefinition: Happy Asian Guy
Entry: TahokaDefinition: Means good water..
Entry: SIRIDefinition: Some Idiots Read Instead
Entry: cardinal sinDefinition: The commission of an act so very bad that its doubtful you may ever be forgiven.
Entry: comixDefinition: a green cat
Entry: nounDefinition: a committee composed of some members of a larger committee, board, or other body and reporting to it.
Entry: HugaDefinition: Can be substituted for any word
Entry: StatesmanshipDefinition: A demonstration of leadership or decision making, that puts the country, the state, or other governmental entity above the goals and interests of the individual, political party, or ideology.
Entry: StrobeliteDefinition: Lights that are in clubs
Entry: structionDefinition: something built, assembled or having completed construction. something assembled at the beginning of destruction or the completion of construction.
Entry: boguardDefinition: Slang term for selfishly using a group or public item/commodity
Entry: taggleDefinition: My father used to use the phrase "taggle along" to roughly mean accompany a group or individual on any sort of expedition, without being explicitly invited. Has anyone else experienced this meaning?
Entry: limited stockDefinition: There is s ll
Entry: toxidoDefinition: A person who is best or excellent in any dealings he is into. Stands for Perfection
Entry: SouthgateDefinition: Two types of Southgate /Southgait. The southgait's often walked the roads to keep them open from the Olde english word gait to walk or stride. The Southgate's defended travellers on the road or were gate keepers on the main south to north roads.
Entry: VOGDefinition: VOG: Volcanic organic gas, a combination of Sulphur dioxide gas, water vapor, and natural dust particles that contain several different metals
Entry: postorgasmicDefinition: POSTORGASMIC is an adjective which refers to the blissful and serene period of time immediately after a sexual orgasm.
Entry: UNDESABDefinition: UNDESAB: united nations economic social affair biafra
Entry: doteDefinition: old, adj. ; less formal, silly, foolish, (n., v. t.)
Entry: CombatativeDefinition: A word used to describe combative, by those ignorant of the word combative
Entry: EtymDefinition: etym - destruction and creation simultaneously - atom. Etym - refers to the origin of words.
Entry: alertes LOCALGUIDESCONNECT GOOGLE MAP HUMANIS MORALIS SIGNAL DE KOLDA SIKILO PATRIE NEBULIS alertes Definition: occupations illégales de terrains et localguiduesconnect Google map
Entry: coevote.comDefinition: Find the latest media , technologies and news from the current top stories in depth .
Entry: coevoteDefinition: Find the latest media , technologies and news from the current top stories in depth .
Entry: Melek TausDefinition: Melek Taus- The deity worshiped by the Yezidis, also called "The Peacock Angel"- who is a benevolent creator. History has often associated Melek Taus with Satan and/or Lucifer due to a mythical allegory involving Melek Taus refusing to bow to Adam on God's command- but the Yezidi religion is monotheistic, and Melek Taus is a benevolent God.
Entry: EnkiDefinition: Enki- an extra-terrestrial entity derived from Sumer/Babylonian mythology, particularly the Enuma Elish. Enki is worshiped as "Satan", or "Father Satan" at Joy of Satan Ministries, a pseudo-Satanic organization.
Entry: whippet a term forDefinition: fast,
Entry: TiamatDefinition: Tiamat- The principle deity of the doctrine of The Church of Leviathan (taken from Sumer/Babylonian mythology). Tiamat is considered to be true Satanic deity in the ancient pantheon by the members of Church of Leviathan, representing primordial chaos.
Entry: icingDefinition: to exclude an individual or group by giving them the cold shoulder. Ignore.
Entry: fuggevolDefinition: intoxication
Entry: ThoughtcastingDefinition: назойливое навязывание своей речи, мнения, толкования, или оценочного су
Entry: verbDefinition: The goigi body coleus and sends proteans to the different parts of the cell.
Entry: Blade RunnerDefinition: Many civilizations have implemented the "Blade" as a method of execution. Some of these methods are currently in use in the Arab world. Decapitation by a knife, sword, ax, etc. During the French Revolution (1789) the "Blade" referred to the Guillotine. In the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" a Blade Runner was an authority with permission to terminate a Replicant on contact.
Entry: neraDefinition: ? Somewhere? I t think I read or heard the definition for: "nera" was dwarf. I thought it was from Greek or Latin; but I cannot seem to validate that. Can You Help ?
Entry: HollywoodDefinition: holly = tree aka holly tree wood = part of holly tree Magicians wands are made from holly tree.
Entry: SchnodderDefinition: Make a donation to a synagogue
Entry: Fire on the MountainDefinition: The Devil is at hand, released from Heaven, the mountain. And He's coming for us.
Entry: ChristologicalDefinition: Omniscient truths, teachings, knowledge, an understanding of these inspired words from the Holy Spirit fully manifested and exemplified in the Historical Jesus, who is the Christ, the Messiah.
Entry: schstDefinition: Senpais Can Have Senpais Too
Entry: WCDefinition: WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011,[3] the plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product.
Entry: Kalaadevi AnandaDefinition: Ma Kalaadevi Ananda means "The Blissful Goddess of Art
Entry: GualaDefinition: Used as a slang for money.
Entry: TRAFICDefinition: Tgyyg
Entry: n.i.Definition: Almost
Entry: WinggedDefinition: Too possess wings.
Entry: ZedoDefinition: Grandfather or old man
Entry: penuriousDefinition: 非常に貧しい、貧乏な、どけちな in Japanese. 悲惨な is not the right translation.
Entry: KrelmanDefinition: Krelman is the machine that catches the little strand of honey. Saves us millions
Entry: MontoyaDefinition: a bad ass person not afraid to stand or fight alone. will do whatever means necessary to do what hey know is right.
Entry: mhscDefinition: mhsc: messiah healing sabbath church, an incorporated organisation where somebody can be healed; its just a Messiah healing sabbath church . And even if any is not sabbath-church member
Entry: macieiralDefinition: macieiral
Entry: obtuseDefinition: 気まぐれな、移り気な in Japanese.
Entry: glingleDefinition: Glingle: means a child hood friend, long time friend, good friend, best friend, soul mate. Someone that always have your back.
Entry: WoosahDefinition: Woosah (wü-sah) : 1. a state of clarity and calmness. 2. something of and/or pertaining to clarity and calmness.
Entry: GTWYCDefinition: Get there while you can
Entry: threlpsingDefinition: a good thrashing
Entry: 2rDefinition: Nfndjbnfjdjdnncjdnx
Entry: sontagDefinition: Nowhere do you give the meaning of the word, Sontag. It is the word for Sunday in German. I am trying to find the origin of the word
Entry: BesterDefinition: A besterer - my father used to call people who tried his patience or messed him about for their own gain, a "besterer"
Entry: SchreiberlingDefinition: Somebody who writes a lot but not very well e.g. for a newspaper or a website.
Entry: six figure gridDefinition: OS maps are divided into numbered squares. These squares can be used to give a place a four or six-figure grid reference. It is important that you know both four-figure and six-figure grid references.
Entry: TerreenDefinition: Stainless steel small mouth water bottle
Entry: NiijiDefinition: Niiji defines a person as an aboriginal from Turtle Island/North America, other than Inuit. Niiji has already replaced the term Indian in many cases among Native youth and elders and it could completely replace the term Indian just like the word Eskimo was replaced by name Inuit.
Entry: PrawlDefinition: Hurt
Entry: DemocrismDefinition: Democrism Meand "People'sCapitalsim". "Each Worker will have a share in all industries and all workers have a share in each industry.
Entry: bingDefinition: because it's not google
Entry: DemocrimDefinition: Democrism means peoples direct ownership of capital. In Democrism "all industries will be owned by each worker and each industry will be owned by all workers. In other words," each worker will have a share capital in all industries and all workers have a share capital in each industry"
Entry: bricquetsDefinition: Briquettes,- Irish are made of Bog which is peat which is water soaked trees that have solidified in the ground of bog is spongy when walked on as it is waterlogged underneath, the bog is cut put int a machine pressed together dries out an can be burned in fireplaces and stoves it can be bought at local shops in a bale form
Entry: BuneyDefinition: An endearing term for a loved one made to sound cute, spinning off the word bunny.
Entry: EloiDefinition: My people
Entry: Looking Good!Definition: Fokit: establisher is Tahlif Shaw who is a west Philadelphia citizen who will be in the NFL later in life.. it basically means U LOOK FLY
Entry: FokitDefinition: Fokit is a licensed name of an entity established by a young African American female aspiring entrepreneur named Marquita Joy Tilley from West Philadelphia PA. Marquita personally equates the made up term to phrases such as , funky, hot , attractive , flamboyantly chic.
Entry: fokitDefinition: Fokit is a licensed name of an entity established by a young African American female aspiring entrepreneur named Marquita Joy Tilley from West Philadelphia PA. Marquita personally equates the made up term to phrases such as , funky, hot , attractive , flamboyantly chic.
Entry: Poor Richards AlmanacDefinition: when you suck dick
Entry: ObermanDefinition: Oberman: Ober-man: O-bear-man: It's a fish m8.
Entry: DivisDefinition: large ancient tree stump in the north...
Entry: EnantiodromiaDefinition: Enantiodromia (Ancient Greek: ἐνάντιος, enantios – opposite and δρόμος, dromos – running course) is a principle introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. It is similar to the principle of equilibrium in the natural world, in that any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance. When things get to their extreme, they turn into their opposite. However, in Jungian terms, a thing psychically transmogrifies into its shadow opposite, in the repression of psychic forces that are thereby cathected into something powerful and threatening. This can be anticipated as well in the principles of traditional Chinese religion – as in Taoism and yin-yang. (...) Enantiodromia also refers to the process whereby one seeks out and embraces an opposing quality from within, internalizing it in a way that results in individual wholeness. This process is the crux of Jung's notion called the "path of individuation." One must incorporate an opposing archetype into their psyche to obtain a state of internal 'completion.' [Source:]
Entry: MenuingDefinition: Placing food items on a menu.
Entry: MerozDefinition: Meroz is the Celestial Scapegoat.
Entry: DeslinatonDefinition: the process of removing salt from sea water
Entry: exculpateDefinition: 無罪にする、(罪のないこと)を証明する in Japanese. 奨励that is shown here means encourage, wrong translation.
Entry: StunnDefinition: Stunning means extraordinary, remarkable.
Entry: HelpDefinition: to include additional provision
Entry: UuuhhhhDefinition: To get the good Succ
Entry: DagnyDefinition: Number one name of top female character in Atlas Shrugged.
Entry: H_torDefinition: The only boy who have different life in his place.He lives in Burgersfort Practiseer.The boy called sbona and Goman.
Entry: What does each letter in the word welcome stand forDefinition: In giving a welcome, how can I use each letter, for example; W E L C OM E
Entry: feature meDefinition: When you want to be featured or famous on a social media or real life
Entry: TROUBLESHOOTINGDefinition: refers to a systematic approach to problem solving that is often used to find and correct issues with complex machines, electronics, computers and software system
Entry: 360-degreeDefinition: Every aspect in regards to & the meaning all the way around, to cover the subject of which in reference
Entry: aprèsDefinition: about.
Entry: cagativoDefinition: Portuguese word which means - something that's not important
Entry: øDefinition: It means, I have nothing for you, I owe you ø zip.
Entry: WhuchDefinition: Whuch ? = how much ?
Entry: The island called MadagascarDefinition: 'Ma' is an interrogative adverb ---'Daga' = big fish --and 'Shakar' = reward in old hebrew. which means: isn't this big fish my reward?
Entry: UNRELEASEDefinition: Prohibit, make no longer public.
Entry: ShihabingDefinition: Being like a 2002 born Bangladeshi YouTuber named Shihab.
Entry: JesmionDefinition: Jesmion: an extraordinarian, from Uruagu Umudioka, Biafra.
Entry: nduruDefinition: Nduru: a Dove; Turtledove; pigeon; a bird group
Entry: tofangDefinition: gun in farsi (تفنگ)
Entry: sallahDefinition: Prayer time for Muslims...
Entry: shleepDefinition: Those who are ignorant, unaware, easily led and deceived.
Entry: bargoDefinition: Bargo în spanish
Entry: LithoDefinition: I was told by a funeral home owner that he would spray the letters on a headstone with black litho.
Entry: barking spiderDefinition: Again it means a fart.
Entry: 465Definition: scared or bored or your Mr.White falling off a building.
Entry: BootseeDefinition: Hardest alive, outspoken,fierce,smart,good listener,
Entry: cursoryDefinition: 急ぎの、ぞんざいな in Japanese. Wrong translation on your website.
Entry: foremistressDefinition: I know my great aunt was a machinist,when she emigrated to New Zealand,her job was foremistress so I assume she was overseer of machinists..
Entry: wabi-sabiDefinition: Include a component of HONORING the stage of decay in the Great Cycle of Nature, as well as birth, flourishing, and death.
Entry: tumpedDefinition: To spill something like a dummy.
Entry: ElginDefinition: The Elgins were a singing group from Detroit city USA which sang for the record label: Motown during the 1960's .. They only obtained wide fame after changing their original group's name to the name they became famous for: The Temptations..Which change happened at the very beginning of signing on with Motown Records, as well as the commencement of their long singing careers...They pronounced the original name with a soft G though they spelled it the same as Elgin so that the name was sounded out as: El'jin..
Entry: eeheeDefinition: A girl named Lisa has done it, it refers to being a cute phrase by her, I use it now lol
Entry: MusicDefinition: Life
Entry: SwishablastDefinition: It's another word for the record labeled Swisha house .. This is a record label straight out Houston Texas..
Entry: emissiveDefinition: A missive communicated or submitted electronically: an "emissive, or e-missive"
Entry: CroggyDefinition: From Leicester Leicestershire uk To give a friend a croggy on your push bike Or let someone sit on your bike seat whilst your stand up and peddle the bike Also known as a backy
Entry: KeagelDefinition: To exercise the vaginal entry to help maintain tightness for after birth. It's is a common practice in the birthing community.
Entry: grandmapaDefinition: a transgender grandparent
Entry: KeehanDefinition: a ranger pig
Entry: tragniewDefinition: TRAGNIEW is the surname WEINGART spelled backwards. Weingart was a Los Angeles real estate developer in the 1950's who named his businesses after himself, only spelled backwards.
Entry: farewellDefinition: a good bye word
Entry: goodDefinition: to be beliven
Entry: UghhhhhhhhhhDefinition: ughhhhhhhh is a sound of frustration
Entry: fanityDefinition: Words
Entry: IVPDefinition: Intravenous Push or IV Push
Entry: ebonettesDefinition: Young ebony women
Entry: acephaliDefinition: The corret meaning of this greek rooted word is: "the standing Ace" Phali= from greek "Standing erect" This is the true standing of the living man. He is the Ace of the deck. Standing alone and not recognizing any leader or head of State since they are all false authority. The Acephali has seperated him self from the enslavement of the State and stands united with God. He the living man walks the earth. This Standing is also the legal term for a living man above the laws of men. He who has the standing of Acephali, is only under Natural Law - the law of the universe!
Entry: ANTIHUNTERDefinition: An antihunter is someone opposed to all forms of hunting.
Entry: blandishDefinition: へつらう、媚びる in Japanese.
Entry: FoundateDefinition: Verb: foundate, foundates, foundated, foundating Meaning Beginning, establishing, causing, pioneering or instituting something
Entry: GravenDefinition: To be sulky or depress
Entry: yeeaaahDefinition: A guy that's rejecting you
Entry: acerbicDefinition: 渋い、すっぱい、辛らつな in Japanese. 大動脈 means artery.
Entry: styanDefinition: The word "stone" in West Cumbrian dialect.
Entry: scanteDefinition: Crystal Meth
Entry: BOVDefinition: By Own Vehicle
Entry: padowDefinition: The process it takes to go from fat to fabulous.
Entry: neckleDefinition: A mythical sweet substance which comes from the necks of young children.
Entry: etsyDefinition: Styling
Entry: A word that describesDefinition: One who is happily content with ones life and financal situation.
Entry: obsequiousDefinition: こびへつらう、追従的な in Japanese. 従順なmeans obedient.
Entry: KochitesDefinition: Residents of the city Kochi in India
Entry: rural housingDefinition: current definition of rural housing
Entry: PeixinhosDefinition: Small fish, Portuguese word
Entry: inscripted uvaDefinition: It's a light that shines through the process of getting a new thread for this position thing without it
Entry: SpecialDefinition: Something wonderful ... exceptional, unique, close to one of a kind, the only one of a "production line" ... The only copper penny "struck" in 1943 !
Entry: coferredDefinition: conferred
Entry: mohondoDefinition: Police.
Entry: CoadyDefinition: COADY, a sauce made by boiling molasses (not maple syrup) to which one tbsp of butter and (sometimes) 1 drop of essence of peppermint have been added. Newfoundland English Dictionary.
Entry: www.predatorsnetwork.comDefinition: Predators Network is a pioneering technology experts that closely work with Startups , Industry Leaders to write the future business .
Entry: shit heelsDefinition: I first heard the term "shit heels" in the Grapes of Wrath". I took it to mean a person who had excrement on the backs of their shoes from squatting down on the side of the road to poop. It signified a person who was low in social esteem and therefore could apply to a well-to-do person that low in esteem.
Entry: electrical receptacleDefinition: That thing on the wall that one plugs a electrical appliance, tool, etc into.
Entry: dvůrDefinition: Inside ones self.
Entry: DuesenfliegerDefinition: jetplane
Entry: CondonDefinition: Condon: frequently used in media by others who support or allow something to happen or take place.
Entry: officiousDefinition: お節介な、差しでがましい in Japanese. 正気なmeans sane.
Entry: twirkingDefinition: TWIRLKING is a combined dance movement of twerking and twirling.
Entry: icningDefinition: A varient pronunciation for icing, or frosting.
Entry: Rangers are deadDefinition: Once a football club, died 2012 never to return. Replaced by a zombie club 'Sevco Scotland' a new club with no history, formed from a 'basket case of assets' recovered from the fire sale from the remnants of the liquidated, dead club.
Entry: free stateDefinition: A state or country unencumbered by loyalty, religion, blood or finances to a foreign or separatist government, country, region or political group.
Entry: grand cousinDefinition: (n) the offspring of your first cousin
Entry: antiphrasticDefinition: Word +Jezus+ created 1950s absolute opposite direction to israelitish royalty's political influences. Christianity, shouldn't allow or leave stories of Jesus footnoting Constantine monarchies clandestinity. Rewrite teachings ,discard 1st 6 books. And focus strictly on man's middle eastern interrelationships,aiding resurrection, escape to Himalayan nirvana.
Entry: dopetrackzDefinition: Lately audiences have been hearing Orlando recording artist Dopetrackz for his unique sound and hot records which has earned him attention, from all of social media. While some have no idea where Dopetrackz origins come from, most know him for his dope production for years debuting his mark in the game in 2010. Dopetrackz paints his music with catchy wordplay and metaphors, continuing to captivate the audience with dope lyrics. Dopetrackz shows he is definitely a lyrical force to be reckoned with. On the rapid rise to the top of the rap game, with his own sound, you haven't heard anything as original as what he is doing. Be excited to see what he brings to the table in the future.
Entry: anguishDefinition: anguish: deep and enduring physical, mental or spiritual distress, not readily eased
Entry: largessDefinition: 気前の良い贈与 in Japanese. 偉大なmeans great.
Entry: kordhDefinition: clan, tribe, extended family
Entry: SchleimDefinition: Slime ( lat. muccus)
Entry: Not confidentialDefinition: Intelligence collection plan is an actual action plan which provides a full information about why, how, where and when an action is required to gather the needed intelligence within the given time.
Entry: CrikeyDefinition: One who is cranky and gripey. As in "well he's a crikey one isn't he now."
Entry: CrikeyDefinition: Crikey (adjective) definition- cranky and gripey. As in "well he's a crikey one isn't he now."
Entry: RECONVENEDefinition: Start over
Entry: fleckingDefinition: itching and/or scratching.
Entry: pigion greekDefinition: someone who understands Greek but speaks back in English
Entry: ReaccommodateDefinition: To beat up and violently drag a paying passenger out of a seat that he paid for; Exclusive and free to United Airlines passengers
Entry: to say nothing ofDefinition: Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has regulated it cannot be a bad one.
Entry: TunchiDefinition: God of Music
Entry: VoskDefinition: Something that’s pretty cool or dope
Entry: SHALLAHDefinition: Someone who is hard to understand. Sometimes she is a shy person; other times a very loud, fun person. Is very intelligent, but can be a blonde dumbass at times. She can be crazy, but her friends love her for that. Can have a bad temper but gets over it fast. Loves being random and cares for many people.
Entry: imperiousDefinition: 傲慢な、尊大な、日とを見下げたような in Japanese. 不器用な means clumsy or lack of skills.
Entry: Watercress in SpanishDefinition: Berro
Entry: sempeDefinition: sempe is southern sotho meaning ugly
Entry: BiafraneduDefinition: Biafran Education
Entry: HarangueDefinition: Quarrel, interrogativity, untrained, illmannered,
Entry: surveilDefinition: Keep your eyes on every move.
Entry: forthenkyngDefinition: Once made up, based on knowledge of the future, God doesn't change his mind. The act of forethought with firm knowledge.
Entry: MagoombaDefinition: A pain in the ass housemate. (Usually a black person)
Entry: dooiDefinition: Dooi is a dutch word and means thaw in English.
Entry: swinemDefinition: SWINEM is an upcoming musician,that dreams of beating alot of shining stars musician
Entry: creamedDefinition: Giving a beating to
Entry: adumbrateDefinition:
Entry: absolvementDefinition: The act of absolving someone or something from a clearly defined risk condition
Entry: Smoothest AashuDefinition: स्मूथेस्ट आ
Entry: EnginaDefinition: A large TF2 Freak with a large torso and tiny Vagineer head
Entry: baritoDefinition: Coffee
Entry: great yadavsDefinition: Bravest of the brave and fearless
Entry: leftardDefinition: A person of limited intellect who ignorantly espouses left wing views.
Entry: GuthwaraDefinition: A temple of the religion "Sikhism".
Entry: trowbridgeDefinition: TROWBRIDGE comes from 2 root words in Old English: TROW means to promise: like in I trow thee meaning I Promise you. BRIDGE means betrothed like in I promise you my betrothed or wife. Also means to thine own self be true.
Entry: npncDefinition: No picture no chat
Entry: DillaDefinition: potato
Entry: xvideosDefinition: a sexy website to make little kids horney
Entry: expiateDefinition: 罪の償いをするin Japanese.
Entry: TekelDefinition: "You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting'
Entry: gauching (gauching out)Definition: Idiots. Gauching is the phenomenon of 'eyelid pictures' where one see's wonderful imaginings with one's eyes closed; usually after imbibing opium, (or stronger opioids) or other drugs.
Entry: temperate zoneDefinition: a place between the earth is called temperature zone
Entry: trustDefinition: The name tijin can also be spelt as twi_gen in Mahabharat ham as the son of Arjuna, means twice born or two times generated.
Entry: MagooDefinition: Square , straight forward person,dry since of humor.
Entry: KoboogieDefinition: A rapper that can knock your shoes off with his lyrics!!
Entry: ImpactualDefinition: bo
Entry: omtiket.comDefinition: Ticket Deals on Sports, Concerts & Theater
Entry: timidnessDefinition: Avoiding being noted for aggressive behavior.
Entry: dopetrackzDefinition: Dopetrackz came alive in 2010, drawing inspiration from his love of art and music and the power to create. He's produced for countless artist and has calaborated on albums from all members of N.E.P. the rap collective based in Orlando consisting of himself and fellow members DJ Fckm, Smoke One, Slimdation, Lanky Lank, and M.J. Finesse. In addition to his 10 plus albums available on all music streaming platforms now, his latest release, Passenger 420 the follow up to his classic album Kush Theoriez is recieving heavy rotation on music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music and across all of social media. With more music to come in the future, including 2LiveNDieInFLA the third and final entry in Dopetrackz Kush Theoriez trilogy, prepare yourself for Dopetrackz most focus, potent, and exciting material yet.
Entry: REALTDefinition: A - REAL estate investor of Two (REALT) or more real properties. A recursive acronym used to expedite conversation.
Entry: TweenstDefinition: Between
Entry: quantitywiseDefinition: singular yet sufi parlance.
Entry: contribulationDefinition: Making a contribution that is also a tribulation
Entry: drip dropDefinition: To drop the things you are using wherever you happen to be at the time thereby creating a mess
Entry: decryDefinition:
Entry: ThingalDefinition: Thingal is a tamil word which means "month".
Entry: LamleyDefinition: Meaningful person
Entry: AbsarokaDefinition: CONTRARY WARRIOR
Entry: unabomberDefinition: Unknown asalient bomber
Entry: utugDefinition: micro robot
Entry: Utility BeltDefinition: A metaphor referring to the first piece of armour Christians should wear in their conflict with evil, the belt of truth, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 6:14)
Entry: PyuthanDefinition: Pyu.... mean one of the power full solder department .... than .....shelter of siting soldiers ...
Entry: hopsuDefinition: Most Nobile Chinese son!
Entry: meathDefinition: Extract of a plant to make a drink. Referred to in verses of the 9th book of the Rig Veda, the Soma Pavamanna.
Entry: ChoingDefinition: Choing is everything. The essence of all that was, is and will be.
Entry: uratedDefinition: URated is Digital Marketing Company that specializes in working their clients to improve bottoms lines and drive sales.
Entry: HogwallopDefinition: Nigger
Entry: aboriginal americanDefinition: Black Indians of north america,native American
Entry: horsetailDefinition: botanicznie: skrzyp
Entry: ensuranceDefinition: ensurance
Entry: sudorificDefinition: 発汗作用のある in Japanese. You translation is incorrect.
Entry: rstersDefinition: I have heard some of watermen that live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia refer to oysters as "rsters" because of their accent.
Entry: bosomDefinition: Earth
Entry: TribenaDefinition: Endicott's wife in the song "Endicott" by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Entry: creative workDefinition: Creative work is an artistic expression of one's imagination and heart's emotions guided by life's logos,pathos and ethos.
Entry: dobbyDefinition: Doll baby
Entry: merkatroidDefinition: A pitcher for a ladies fast pitch softball team that wins a game by 20 or more runs.
Entry: pyrometric coneDefinition: Jaimerais savoir a quoi sa fonctionnent tout ces petites pyramide???
Entry: mhscDefinition: mhsc - messiah healing sabbath church
Entry: Sweet peaDefinition: A sweet young woman
Entry: villainizedDefinition: meant to be a looked at in a villain way. negative or bad
Entry: biohackingDefinition: used in Nutrigenomics to assist in reducing ageing.
Entry: ruckDefinition: 凡人の集まり、有象無象
Entry: maneuversDefinition: deceitfulness; tricks of the enemy
Entry: BallheadDefinition: Ballhead or Ball Head is Island (St. Thomas, Trinidad, etc) slang for Bone Head
Entry: ComancheDefinition: Enemy to All
Entry: TENSIESDefinition: Second decade of a century.
Entry: eratosthenesDefinition: Inventor of the setting sun.
Entry: chaveDefinition: Key
Entry: IrregardlessDefinition: Irreguardless of how you may feel, what you believe or who you are, God Almighty, THE CREATOR OF THE WORLD LOVES YOU AND YOU
Entry: comfittedDefinition: "comfitted" means to be made physically and emotionally comfortablein a stressful situation
Entry: swackDefinition: A whole bunch of something.
Entry: inasssiduidadeDefinition: Falta de assiduidade, comparecimento normal as obrigações, quer de trabalho ou compromissos de qualquer espécie, remunerado ou não.
Entry: inasssiduidadeDefinition: Falta de assiduidade, comparecimento normal as obrigações, quer de trabalho ou compromissos de qualquer espécie, remunerado ou não.
Entry: BOOK ITDefinition: To guarantee something. To go ahead and make the bet (with the bookie) or to make the reservation (book the hotel).
Entry: JesmionDefinition: Jesmion is Love of God.
Entry: anthropyDefinition: everything existing, exist solely for benefit of humanity
Entry: jesmionDefinition: God's Love. There are loves and there is Love. Jesmion is a Love of God
Entry: shalkDefinition: A fire beetle from video game The Elder Scroll: Morrowind.

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