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ˈmɪd lmid·dle

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. center, centre, middle, heart, eyenoun

    an area that is approximately central within some larger region

    "it is in the center of town"; "they ran forward into the heart of the struggle"; "they were in the eye of the storm"

  2. middlenoun

    an intermediate part or section

    "A whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end"- Aristotle

  3. middle, midriff, midsectionnoun

    the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)

    "young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"

  4. middleadjective

    time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period

    "the middle of the war"; "rain during the middle of April"

  5. in-between, mediate, middleadjective

    being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series

    "adolescence is an awkward in-between age"; "in a mediate position"; "the middle point on a line"

  6. center(a), halfway, middle(a), midwayadjective

    equally distant from the extremes

  7. middleadjective

    of a stage in the development of a language or literature between earlier and later stages

    "Middle English is the English language from about 1100 to 1500"; "Middle Gaelic"

  8. middleverb

    between an earlier and a later period of time

    "in the middle years"; "in his middle thirties"

  9. middleverb

    put in the middle


  1. middlenoun

    A centre, midpoint

    The middle of a circle is the point which has the same distance to every point of circle.

  2. middlenoun

    The part between the beginning and the end.

  3. middlenoun

    the middle stump

  4. middlenoun

    The central part of a human body.

  5. middleadjective

    Being in the middle or in-between; as middle point, middle name, Middle English, Middle Ages, middle weight, etc.

  6. middleadjective

    Central to.

  7. Etymology: From middel, from middel, middle, from midjilan, a diminutive of midjō, from medhy-. Cognate with West Frisian middel, Dutch middel, German mittel, Mittel, middel. Related also to medel, meðal. See also mid.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Middleadjective

    Etymology: middle , Saxon.

    The lowest virtues draw praise from the common people; the middle virtues work in them astonishment; but of the highest virtues they have no sense. Francis Bacon, Essays.

    A middle station of life, within reach of those conveniencies which the lower orders of mankind must necessarily want, and yet without embarrassment of greatness. John Rogers.

    To deliver all his fleet to the Romans, except ten middle-sized brigantines. John Arbuthnot, on Coins.

    I like people of middle understanding and middle rank. Jonathan Swift.

    Will, seeking good, finds many middle ends. Davies.

    You first introduce the middle finger of the left-hand. Samuel Sharp.

  2. Middlenoun

    There come people down by the middle of the land. Judg.

    With roof so low that under it
    They never stand, but lie or sit;
    And yet so foul, that whoso is in,
    Is to the middle leg in prison. Hudibras, p. i.

    The causes and designs of an action are the beginning; the effects of these causes, and the difficulties that are met with in the execution of these designs, are the middle; and the unravelling and resolution of these difficulties are the end. John Dryden, Oedipus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Middleadjective

    equally distant from the extreme either of a number of things or of one thing; mean; medial; as, the middle house in a row; a middle rank or station in life; flowers of middle summer; men of middle age

  2. Middleadjective

    intermediate; intervening

  3. Middleadjective

    the point or part equally distant from the extremities or exterior limits, as of a line, a surface, or a solid; an intervening point or part in space, time, or order of series; the midst; central portion

  4. Middleadjective

    the waist

  5. Etymology: [OE. middel, AS. middel; akin to D. middel, OHG. muttil, G. mittel. 271. See Mid, a.]


  1. Middle

    Middle is one of six sheadings in the Isle of Man and consists of the parishes of Braddan, Marown and Santon or Santan. It lies to the east of the island. Historically it consisted of Braddan, Santan and Onchan. It is also a House of Keys constituency, electing one MHK.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Middle

    mid′l, adj. equally distant from the extremes: intermediate: intervening: (gram.) intermediate between active and passive, reflexive.—n. the middle point or part: midst: central portion, waist.—adjs. Midd′le-aged, of or about the middle period of life (from about 35 to 50); Midd′le-class, pertaining to, or included in, the middle class.—ns. Midd′le-earth (Shak.), the earth, considered as placed between the upper and lower regions; Midd′leman, one who stands in the middle between two persons: an agent who does business between two parties: in Ireland, one who rents land in large tracts, and lets it in small portions to the peasantry.—adjs. Midd′lemost, Mid′most (B.), nearest the middle; Midd′le-sized, of middle or average size.—ns. Midd′le-watch, the period between midnight and 4 A.M.; Midd′le-weight, a boxer or jockey of intermediate weight, between light and heavy weight.—adj. Midd′ling, of middle rate, state, size, or quality: about equally distant from the extremes: moderate: (Scot.) not in very good health: fairly well or prosperous.—adv. moderately.—n. Midd′lingness, mediocrity.—n.pl. Midd′lings, the coarser part of ground wheat.—Middle Ages, the time between the downfall of the western Roman empire, about 476 A.D., and the Reformation in the first quarter of the 16th century, or even earlier—in the later half of the preceding century, when printing was invented, America discovered, and the revival of learning took place; Middle class, that part of the people which comes between the nobility and the working-class; Middle distance (same as Middle ground); Middle English, English as spoken and written from 1350 to 1500 or 1550; Middle ground, the central portion of a picture—that is, between the foreground and background; Middle Kingdom, China; Middle passage, the voyage across the Atlantic from Africa to the West Indies, which was a time of horror on board a slave-ship; Middle States, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware; Middle term (logic), that term of a syllogism which appears both in the major premise and the minor, but not in the conclusion.—Middle-class schools, schools for the higher education of the middle class, intermediate between the primary schools and the large public schools or the universities. [A.S. middelmid; Dut. middel, Ger. mittel.]

Editors Contribution

  1. middle

    A position of balance.

    The middle of our body is the position of balance.

    Submitted by MaryC on March 8, 2020  

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'middle' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1513

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'middle' in Written Corpus Frequency: #920

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'middle' in Nouns Frequency: #776

  4. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'middle' in Adjectives Frequency: #174

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of middle in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of middle in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of middle in a Sentence

  1. Liana Price:

    When I was breastfeeding, there was no point in him getting up in the middle of the night. But now that I’m formula feeding, we alternate nights, however, during the day my husband does work from home. He travels, too. So when he travels, obviously everything is on me.

  2. Ron DeSantis:

    So when Biden is flying these people all over the fruited plain in the middle of the night, I didn't hear a peep out of those people, i haven't heard a peep about all the people that have been told by Biden [migrants] can just come in — and they're going, they're being abused by the cartels. They're drowning in the Rio Grande. You had 50 that died in some shed in Texas. I heard no outrage about any of that.

  3. Bill Johnson:

    We have a biblical precedent. Jesus raised the dead. Not only that he introduced himself as the resurrection and the life, were kind of in the middle of that journey right now.

  4. The Israeli official:

    The Iran deal is garbage because it is dead in 10 to 12 years, it should be tossed for that reason alone. It provides no concrete solution to the nuclear question that hangs over the Middle East – and remains an existential threat to Israel.

  5. Ali Partovi:

    Silicon Valley's top ranks and bottom ranks and middle ranks are filled with Iranians, it's very awkward and very offensive to have a discriminatory law like this affecting a group that so many people work closely with.

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