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Definitions for Confederatekənˈfɛd ər ɪt, -ˈfɛd rɪt; -ˈfɛd əˌreɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Confederate(noun)

    a supporter of the Confederate States of America

  2. confederate, collaborator, henchman, partner in crime(noun)

    someone who assists in a plot

  3. accomplice, confederate(adj)

    a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan)

  4. Confederate(adj)

    of or having to do with the southern Confederacy during the American Civil War

    "Confederate soldiers"

  5. allied, confederate, confederative(verb)

    united in a confederacy or league

  6. band together, confederate(verb)

    form a group or unite

    "The groups banded together"

  7. confederate(verb)

    form a confederation with; of nations


  1. Confederate(Noun)

    A supporter or resident of the Confederate States of America.

  2. Confederate(Noun)

    A supporter of Confederation between Newfoundland and Canada.

  3. Confederate(Adjective)

    Of or relating to the Confederate States of America.

  4. Confederate(Adjective)

    Of or relating to the political movement in favour of Confederation between Newfoundland and Canada.

  5. confederate(Noun)

    a member of a confederacy

  6. confederate(Noun)

    an accomplice in a plot

  7. confederate(Noun)

    An actor who participates in a psychological experiment pretending to be a subject but in actuality working for the researcher (also known as a 'stooge').

  8. confederate(Verb)

    To combine into a confederacy.

  9. confederate(Adjective)

    of, relating to, or united in a confederacy

  10. confederate(Adjective)

    banded together; allied.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Confederate(adj)

    united in a league; allied by treaty; engaged in a confederacy; banded together; allied

  2. Confederate(adj)

    of or pertaining to the government of the eleven Southern States of the United States which (1860-1865) attempted to establish an independent nation styled the Confederate States of America; as, the Confederate congress; Confederate money

  3. Confederate(noun)

    one who is united with others in a league; a person or a nation engaged in a confederacy; an ally; also, an accomplice in a bad sense

  4. Confederate(noun)

    a name designating an adherent to the cause of the States which attempted to withdraw from the Union (1860-1865)

  5. Confederate(verb)

    to unite in a league or confederacy; to ally

  6. Confederate(verb)

    to unite in a league; to join in a mutual contract or covenant; to band together

  7. Origin: [L. confoederatus, p. p. of confoederare to join by a league; con- + foederare to establish by treaty or league, fr. foedus league, compact. See Federal.]


  1. Confederate

    Confederate is an unincorporated community in Lyon County, Kentucky, United States.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Confederate

    kon-fed′ėr-āt, adj. leagued together: allied.—n. one united in a league: an ally: an acomplice.—v.i. and v.t. to league together or join in a league.—ns. Confed′eracy, a league or mutual engagement: persons or states united by a league: a conspiracy; Confederā′tion, a league: alliance, esp. of princes, states, &c.—adj. Confed′erātive, of or belonging to a confederation. [L. confœderāre, -ātumcon, together, fœdus, fœdĕris, a league.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Confederate in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Confederate in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Cornell Brooks:

    We cannot have the Confederate flag waving on the grounds of the state Capitol.

  2. Richard Cohen:

    All of the publicity surrounding the sale of Confederate flags became too toxic to handle, and that’s a good thing.

  3. Kelly Leeper Leeper:

    The point is, it’s my right to drive any kind of vehicle I want, if I want to fly the Confederate Flag, it’s my right.

  4. Wasserman Schultz:

    It's time for Florida lawmakers to call a special session to replace Florida's Confederate statue in our nation's Capitol.

  5. House Administration Chairwoman Candice Miller:

    I am well aware of how many Americans negatively view the Confederate flag, and, personally, I am very sympathetic to these views.

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  1. ConfederateConfederateConfederate

Translations for Confederate

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  • съюзнически, съюзен, заговорник, участник в конфедерация, конфедеративен, съучастникBulgarian
  • դաշնակիցArmenian
  • подставное лицо, сообщник, соучастникRussian

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