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take ones leavetake ones lumpstake ones own lifetake ones pick
take ones timetake ones tongue ou…take or paytake orders
take outtake out foodtake out of contexttake out the stops
take out the trashtake overtake painstake part
take part intake pity ontake placetake pleasure in
take pointtake pot lucktake pridetake pride in
take refugetake responsibilitytake revengetake risks / take a…
take roottake shapetake sheltertake sick
take sidestake signtake silktake sitting down
take somebodys word…take someone's parttake someone's temp…take someone's word…
take someones pointtake something as r…take something in o…take something in s…
take something to t…take stagetake stepstake stock
take tentake thattake the airtake the biscuit
take the browns to …take the bull by th…take the caketake the con
take the counttake the falltake the fieldtake the fifth
take the fifth amen…take the floortake the game totake the heat
take the hinttake the interviewtake the leadtake the liberty
take the liberty oftake the michaeltake the mickeytake the offensive
take the pisstake the place oftake the plungetake the rap
take the red pilltake the reinstake the roadtake the stage
take the standtake the stumptake the veiltake the wheel
take the wind out o…take the world by s…take things as they…take time
take time by the fo…take time offtake totake to be
take to hearttake to one's heelstake to ones bedtake to ones heels
take to piecestake to tasktake to the cleanerstake to the hills
take to the streetstake to the woodstake turnstake two
take umbragetake under one's wi…take uptake up a collection
take up armstake up ontake up residencetake up the cudgel …
take up the gauntlettake up withtake upontake water
take wingtake your pick!take-awaytake-home