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take in chargetake in good parttake in handtake in one's stride
take in vaintake in watertake into accounttake into considera…
take inventorytake issuetake issue withtake it
take it awaytake it backtake it easytake it easy with t…
take it from heretake it from metake it from me (th…take it home
take it in turnstake it into one's …take it like a mantake it on the chin
take it or leave ittake it out ontake it outsidetake it to the bank
take it up the asstake its tolltake kindlytake kindly to
take leavetake leave of ones …take libertiestake life
take lightlytake lying downtake matters into o…take me
take me awaytake me highertake me out to the …take me to your hea…
take my breath awaytake no for an answ…take no notice oftake no prisoners
take notetake note oftake notestake notice
take notice oftake offtake offencetake offense
take officetake offlinetake ontake on board
take on faithtake onetake one for the te…take one's ease
take one's fancytake one's hat off …take one's leave (o…take one's life
take one's life in …take one's lumpstake one's timetake ones ball and …
take ones breath aw…take ones chancetake ones eye off t…take ones hat off to
take ones leavetake ones lumpstake ones own lifetake ones pick
take ones timetake ones tongue ou…take or paytake orders
take outtake out of contexttake out the stopstake out the trash
take overtake painstake parttake part in
take pity ontake placetake pleasure intake point
take pot lucktake pridetake pride intake refuge
take responsibilitytake revengetake risks / take a…take root
take shapetake sheltertake sicktake sides
take signtake silktake sitting downtake somebodys word…
take someone's parttake someone's temp…take someone's word…take someones point
take something as r…take something in o…take something in s…take something to t…

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