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takbirtaketake (someone or so…take (someone) at h…
take (someone) down…take (someone) fortake (someone) unaw…take (something) in…
take (something) up…take (something) up…take (something) wi…take (the) credit (…
take a back seattake a bathtake a bead ontake a bet
take a bitetake a bowtake a breaktake a breath
take a breathertake a bullettake a chancetake a chill pill
take a crack attake a craptake a daretake a dim view of
take a diptake a dislike totake a divetake a dump
take a fancy totake a firm standtake a gambletake a gander
take a grabtake a guesstake a hiketake a hint
take a hittake a hoptake a joketake a leaf out of …
take a leaktake a lickingtake a licking and …take a liking to
take a load offtake a looktake a numbertake a pew
take a picturetake a powdertake a risktake a seat
take a shine totake a shittake a shot in the …take a spill
take a spintake a stab attake a standtake a tumble
take a turn for the…take a turn for the…take a turn for the…take a whizz
take a wickettake a/the hinttake abacktake account
take account of (so…take actiontake advantagetake advantage of
take aftertake againsttake aimtake an examination…
take an interesttake aparttake armstake away
take away fromtake backtake by stormtake by surprise
take caretake care oftake care of the pe…take chances
take chargetake commandtake controltake courage
take covertake delight intake downtake effect
take exceptiontake exception totake exception to/attake fire
take fivetake flighttake fortake for granted
take formtake frighttake guardtake heart
take heedtake heed oftake holdtake hold of
take hometake hostagetake illtake in

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