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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

il•lit•er•a•cyɪˈlɪt ər ə si(n.)(pl.)-cies.

  1. the inability to read and write.

  2. the state of being illiterate.

  3. an error in writing or speaking.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. illiteracy(noun)

    ignorance resulting from not reading

  2. illiteracy, analphabetism(noun)

    an inability to read


  1. illiteracy(Noun)

    The inability to read.

    Illiteracy is widespread in certain areas of the country.

  2. illiteracy(Noun)

    The portion of a population unable to read, generally given as a percentage.

  3. illiteracy(Noun)

    A word, phrase or grammatical turn thought to be characteristic of an illiterate person.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Illiteracy(noun)

    the state of being illiterate, or uneducated; want of learning, or knowledge; ignorance; specifically, inability to read and write; as, the illiteracy shown by the last census

  2. Illiteracy(noun)

    an instance of ignorance; a literary blunder

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