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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

il•liteˈɪl aɪt(n.)

  1. any of a group of clay minerals, hydrous potassium aluminosilicates, characterized by a three-layer micalike structure and a gray, light green, or yellowish brown color.

    Category: Mineralogy

Origin of illite:

1937; Ill(inois)+ -ite1

il•lit•icɪˈlɪt ɪk(adj.)


  1. illite(Noun)

    A micaceous phyllosilicate mineral with aggregates of grey or white monoclinic crystals.

  2. Origin: Illinois, USA, and -ite.


  1. Illite

    Illite is a non-expanding, clay-sized, micaceous mineral. Illite is a phyllosilicate or layered alumino-silicate. Its structure is constituted by the repetition of tetrahedron – octahedron – tetrahedron layers. The interlayer space is mainly occupied by poorly hydrated potassium cations responsible for the absence of swelling, even though its structure is constituted by TOT layers. Structurally illite is quite similar to muscovite with slightly more silicon, magnesium, iron, and water and slightly less tetrahedral aluminium and interlayer potassium. The chemical formula is given as (Al,Mg,Fe)2(Si,Al)4O10[(OH)2,], but there is considerable ion substitution. It occurs as aggregates of small monoclinic grey to white crystals. Due to the small size, positive identification usually requires x-ray diffraction or SEM-EDS analysis. Illite occurs as an alteration product of muscovite and feldspar in weathering and hydrothermal environments; it may be a component of sericite. It is common in sediments, soils, and argillaceous sedimentary rocks as well as in some low grade metamorphic rocks. The iron rich member of the illite group, glauconite, in sediments can be differentiated by x-ray analysis.

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  1. Tillie


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