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line of heartline of inquiryline of latitudeline of least resis…
line of lifeline of longitudeline of marchline of merchandise
line of nodesline of operationsline of playline of poetry
line of productsline of questioningline of reasoningline of saturn
line of scrimmageline of sightline of successionline of thought
line of verseline of visionline of workline officer
line one's pocketsline ones pocketsline organisationline organization
line outline personnelline plotline printer
line rentalline rental feeline rental in adva…line roulette
line scoreline searchline segmentline shaft
line singleline spectrumline squallline starve
line stormline tripleline tubline up
line weightline workerline-at-a-time prin…line-drive double
line-drive singleline-drive tripleline-item vetoline-out
line-shooterline-shootinglinealinea alba
linearlinear alinear acceleratorlinear algebra
linear algebraiclinear blinear combinationlinear dependence
linear differential…linear energy trans…linear equationlinear form
linear functionlinear functionallinear independencelinear inequality
linear interpolationlinear leaflinear logiclinear map
linear measurelinear modelslinear motionlinear motor
linear operatorlinear pairlinear perspectivelinear polarization
linear programminglinear regressionlinear scalelinear space
linear systemlinear transformati…linear unitlinear-shaped
linearizedlinearlylinearly dependentlinearly independent
linearylíneas aéreas priva…lineatelineated