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ˈtɪk əltick·le

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ticklenoun

    a cutaneous sensation often resulting from light stroking

  2. tickle, tickling, titillationverb

    the act of tickling

  3. tickle, titillate, vellicateverb

    touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements

  4. thrill, tickle, vibrateverb

    feel sudden intense sensation or emotion

    "he was thrilled by the speed and the roar of the engine"

  5. tickleverb

    touch or stroke lightly

    "The grass tickled her calves"


  1. ticklenoun

    The act of tickling.

  2. ticklenoun

    A feeling resembling the result of tickling.

    I have a persistent tickle in my throat.

  3. ticklenoun

    A narrow strait.

  4. tickleverb

    To touch repeatedly or stroke delicately in a manner which causes the recipient to feel a usually pleasant sensation of tingling or titillation.

    He tickled Nancy's tummy, and she started to giggle.

  5. tickleverb

    To feel as if the body part in question is being tickled.

    My nose tickles, and I'm going to sneeze!

  6. tickleverb

    To appeal to someone's taste, curiosity etc.

  7. tickleverb

    To cause delight or amusement.

    He was tickled to receive such a wonderful gift.

  8. tickleadjective

    Changeable, capricious; insecure.

  9. Etymology: tikelen, related to tinclian. Cognate with North Frisian "tigele" (Hallig dialect), and "tiikle" (Amrum dialect).

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Tickleadjective

    Tottering; unfixed; unstable; easily overthrown.

    When the last O Neal began to stand upon some tickle terms, this fellow, called baron of Dunganon, was set up to beard him. Edmund Spenser, on Ireland.

    Thy head stands so tickle on thy shoulders, that a milkmaid, if she be in love, may sigh it off. William Shakespeare.

    The state of Normandy
    Stands on a tickle point, now they are gone. William Shakespeare.

  2. To Tickleverb

    Etymology: titillo, Lat.

    Dissembling courtesy! How fine this tyrant
    Can tickle where she wounds. William Shakespeare, Cymbeline.

    The mind is moved in great vehemency only by tickling some parts of the body. Francis Bacon.

    There is a sweetness in good verse, which tickles even while it hurts; and no man can be heartily angry with him who pleases him against his will. Dryden.

    It is a good thing to laugh at any rate; and if a straw can tickle a man, it is an instrument of happiness. Dryden.

    Dametas, that of all manners of stile could best conceive of golden eloquence, being withal tickled by Musidorus’s praises, had his brain so turned, that he became slave to that which he that sued to be his servant offered to give him. Philip Sidney.

    Expectation tickling skittish spirits
    Sets all on hazard. William Shakespeare.

    Such a nature
    Tickled with good success, disdains the shadow
    Which it treads on at noon. William Shakespeare, Coriolanus.

    I cannot rule my spleen;
    My scorn rebels, and tickles me within. Dryden.

    Dunce at the best; in streets but scarce allow’d
    To tickle, on thy straw, the stupid crowd. Dryden.

    A drunkard, the habitual thirst after his cups, drives to the tavern, though he has in his view the loss of health, and perhaps of the joys of another life, the least of which is such a good as he confesses is far greater than the tickling of his palate with a glass of wine. John Locke.

  3. To Tickleverb

    To feel titillation.

    He with secret joy therefore
    Did tickle inwardly in every vein,
    And his false heart, fraught with all treason’s store,
    Was fill’d with hope, his purpose to obtain. Edmund Spenser.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tickleverb

    to touch lightly, so as to produce a peculiar thrilling sensation, which commonly causes laughter, and a kind of spasm which become dengerous if too long protracted

  2. Tickleverb

    to please; to gratify; to make joyous

  3. Tickleverb

    to feel titillation

  4. Tickleverb

    to excite the sensation of titillation

  5. Tickleadjective

    ticklish; easily tickled

  6. Tickleadjective

    liable to change; uncertain; inconstant

  7. Tickleadjective

    wavering, or liable to waver and fall at the slightest touch; unstable; easily overthrown


  1. Tickle

    Tickle Inc. was a media company providing self-discovery and social networking services. Formerly known as Emode.com, Tickle was founded on the idea that personal insight and connections to others can be scientific, fun and profitable. The site also allowed users to create their own test, which were available for other users to take. Tickle survived the dot-com bubble burst of 2000, became profitable in early 2002, was acquired by Monster Worldwide in May 2004 and became part of the overall Monster network. In April 2008, it was announced that Tickle.com would be shut down at the end of June 2008, The site was permanently shut down on December 31, 2008. In January 2009, Monster launched a new quiz website entitled TestQ, which focuses on career-related content and 'PhD quizzes'.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Tickle

    tik′l, adj. (Spens.) uncertain, insecure: (Shak.) tottering, insecure, easily tickled, ticklish.—n. Tick′ler, something difficult, a puzzle: a banker's memorandum-book: a dram of spirits.—adj. Tick′lish, easily tickled: easily affected: nice: critical.—adv. Tick′lishly.—n. Tick′lishness.—adj. Tick′ly, ticklish.—n. Tickly-bend′er, risky ice that bends under a skater: (pl.) any game, as tag, played on such ice. [M. E. tikel, unstable, tikelen, freq. of tick, to touch lightly.]

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of tickle in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of tickle in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of tickle in a Sentence

  1. Brad Pitt:

    A couple of things: I dont know if I would describe the tests as beautiful unless your idea of beauty is having a cotton swab tickle your brain, also, when he said Everyone can get a test, what he meant was: almost no one.

  2. Deanna Maher:

    He was trying to feel me up with his right hand, i kept pushing his hand away. Then he put his hand on my neck and started trying to tickle me. We were on I-75, and he was driving erratically. I was saved by the bell because we got pulled over by the police for the way he was driving.

  3. Vikrant Parsai:

    It is very difficult to tickle a hungry person.

  4. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    1. The reality that people have created, that is, the world of people, is a reflection of the vicious hedonism of instincts, infantile childhood traumas. 2. Spermotoxicosis, it is enough for a girl to tickle a guy so that he cums, how to shake a can of pop Testosterone is when shampoo for the whole body 3. Anger boils like a jacuzzi for an energy vampire Herpes commercialism Gangrene on self-esteem, from female rejections Your girlfriend has a bunch of other people's fingerprints A crisis is when a mastrubator is inherited Serious relationship with a mastrubator Order a prostitute how to order a pizza Nose hair violin ready There is no electricity in your brains Your blood pressure doesn't rise because mosquitoes live in your house. Toothy Alimony Vaginas Your intuition has a whole dictation The convolutions are tangled like wires in a computer Anger Non-stick Quickness Your farting damaged the ecology of the house Anarexic is a deflated sex doll 4. When you write a dissertation, you suck all the minerals out of your brain, all the vitamins, calcium and zinc. The percentage of alcohol tells in which octave a person will sing Old age is myopia, telescopes on glasses do not help Mystical lies of greed Optimists deny reality, they're stoned Turn the flamethrower of passion between your legs, fry your chicken or ham or bacon Haven't had sex in a while, defrost chicken in the oven Complain about life in phone sex Aaa redneck is not orientation Maybe I'm too smart for marriage The psycho says to the psychologist maybe you are the psycho A crisis is when you use, eat up to the end out of harm When you are away, the wife takes out a dog whistle, it says husband How beautiful, where is my bib Your beauty brought my penis back from the dead I got a girlfriend, I'll bring it on a forklift Watching a horror movie about my life in a diaper You bury love that counts, m-yes you are an undertaker Fat folds at the waist like ballet tutus It pisses you off, I'm glad I'm drowning in your boobs, this is a more honest answer I've seen the price tags of girls ensuring you die a virgin Wrinkled tree bark between legs, dead cuckoo inside vibrator parkinson Noseless scavengers Drunk to dance so that even great-grandchildren would be ashamed Bitten by a dog, how many teeth are left on your buttocks, hmm, you have a toothy ass In sex, you are the leader or assistant Wool on the chin, fly trap From the crisis, paranormal, mystical lies. What a strong grip, what an experience of ananism Fist mark on a cooked burger Fast food, sin Testosterone is when you're a Star Wars Chewback Girl you can meet you, no need to threaten me Excitement accelerates hair loss Extreme looking at bills Girls sometimes dream of a marathon of sausages Her dance in the strip club is a dance to call the rain of sperm and saliva A hundred children scream and cry at the same time, the sounds of the underworld Your fat wife jumped into the water, the waves cannot calm down for the second month Female Voice Migraine Enhancer A creative crisis is when it's sunny and clear in your head The guy keeps his hands in the pockets of his jacket, behind the pose of a rooster When a woman tries to give a compliment, she seems to be solving an equation. You work hard, you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's not optimism, you're dying The crumbling old people are coming, a dust storm of ashes is approaching us That girl over there eats me with her eyes, I'm afraid she will jinx me Vomit rises on the elevator I'm a stripper on the contrary, they throw money at me so that I get dressed So smart, he would have made himself a brain surgery constellation acne Bad taste is an exorcism Sue your wife of your dignity Names of alarm clocks: torture and executioner Romantics are brain dead Hair immigration from north to south Looking at you I lost my virginity twice In sex with a bbw, you are the scales that scream There is no sex in a crisis, no one will open a can of food at this time You are aged, you are posing in front of a girl, you are straining your muscles, something crunched in your back. Today is hot weather, smells like bacon in the crowd. 5. I'm ultra good in bed I'm just saying come here for a second How much do I earn? Bro Even Ugly Prostitutes Make More Than Me How much do I earn in a month, a homeless man in New York collects in an hour You may remain a virgin for life, but you will be a rich virgin. You have erection problems don't worry with our currency you won't need it. Protect yourself from anger. Humor is like a condom in your pocket, you never know when you'll need it. I hit on a girl and tell her you like marshmallows and she tells me yes, but not salty I drank a whole pack of sedatives, I thought it would kill me. And you know what… not calmed down. Everyone thinks that I am a beech. That I'm a bunch of beeches. Today I had a bad day. I love girls to the very end. Until a complete ban. By flushing sperm down the toilet, you flush the lucky ones. The lucky ones given the economic situation. With rising inflation, a man starts a serious relationship with a masturbator. Mothers are crazy now, children come out of the vagina, the portal of rabies Do not stick your penis into the socket, the alimentary current will hit What's funny about my initials, I'm Mr. hun sun, hun take it out Who are you, where are our things, why are you sitting here, oh sorry next compartment Bachelor turns into gollum from lord of the rings The lazy one can be seen by the corn teeth Astrological currency forecast, you're done The pinnacle of vanity is when other people dream Five years, the last year of life, and then the first of September Cats are furniture It's hard to have children if you have diabetes, watch them eat sweets I eat fast food and drug addicts sniff my farts and see beautiful glitches Auction is a competition of stupidity, how people set records of stupidity, usually the dumbest one wins when he buys an expensive thing that is gathering dust in the corner The Penis Creates a Split Personality Modern creativity, the sewers broke through Mohawk where the anus, afro fluff over the penis, porcupine on the back, girlish pigtails on the beard, rocker hair on the nipples You have a kept woman, in what sex position do they troll your budget The careerist has big baby nipples, these huge breasts bring back to childhood Menstruation, woman wants blood You're married, what are you sitting for Married anniversary of the death of masculinity In marital duty, first rose petals lead to bed, and eventually chips In the shoe store, everything is used, how many times they tried it on, they won’t tell you Confectionery channel, it was created by sadists naked girl mind blowing Childhood ends when you throw sex toys I hate this world, girls don't sexually harass me Surrounded by sha-shaped girls, this one is the size of Jupiter, this one is Mars, and this Venus, around them satellites are burgers and cola You are rich, buy yourself a shocker to fend off greedy women Inspiration is an erection Fashion is creative vomit anal poop rig When a woman asks you, she seems to point a gun at you When you learn not to look at tits and butts, you have a face like a drug addict who is stoned A careerist is like a girl scout Respect is the decibels of a scream Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  5. Sharon Lewin:

    This trial clearly demonstrates that disulfiram is not toxic and is safe to use, and could quite possibly be the game changer we need, the dosage of disulfiram we used provided more of a tickle than a kick to the virus, but this could be enough. Even though the drug was only given for three days, we saw a clear increase in (the) virus in (the) plasma, which was very encouraging.

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