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Princeton's WordNet

  1. takeoff(noun)

    a departure; especially of airplanes

  2. takeoff(noun)

    the initial ascent of an airplane as it becomes airborne

  3. parody, lampoon, spoof, sendup, mockery, takeoff, burlesque, travesty, charade, pasquinade, put-on(noun)

    a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

  4. parody, mockery, takeoff(noun)

    humorous or satirical mimicry


  1. takeoff(Noun)

    The rising or ascent of an aircraft or rocket into flight.

    The flight was smooth, but the takeoff was a little rough.

  2. takeoff(Noun)

    A parody or lampoon of someone or something.

    Weird Al's song "Lasagna" is a takeoff on the popular song "La Bamba".

  3. takeoff(Noun)

    A quantification, especially of building materials.

    I'll give you an estimate after I do the quantity takeoffs for the trusses and structural steel.

  4. Origin: noun use of the verb to take off


  1. Takeoff

    Takeoff is the phase of flight in which an aerospace vehicle goes from the ground to flying in the air. For aircraft that take off horizontally, this usually involves starting with a transition from moving along the ground on a runway. For balloons, helicopters and some specialized fixed-wing aircraft, no runway is needed. Takeoff is the opposite of landing.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of takeoff in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of takeoff in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Interior Minister Robert Kalinak:

    Soon after takeoff, after the first manoeuvre, the two planes collided due to causes that are not yet known, all the people tried to save themselves, having parachutes on, and ... 31 managed to jump out without major injuries.

  2. Tony Hawk:

    I never noticed the nuances of how I set up my speed and the actual takeoff, so vividly. So much of what I do is based on feelings, and not necessarily the visuals, i think that the most basic physical things that we do, or that we take for granted, are incredibly compelling in slow motion. Skate tricks aside, … technology has come so far that it’s incredible to see everyday things slowed down.

  3. Christina Cassotis:

    We do not believe that this poses any additional safety threats, it’s like just having more airline passengers going through because they go through the same vetting process. WHY YOU SHOULD N'T SLEEP DURING TAKEOFF OR LANDING According to Christina Cassotis, the changes were instituted to allow companions of passengers to dine or shop in the terminals, or to escort their family and friends to their gates. In doing so, the program has become the first of its kind since the events of 9/11 — a fact that’s is n’t lost on the APFA.

  4. Actor Liam Hemsworth:

    6. The smelly kid Some parents feel the need to use the entire plane as a diaper. Gross, but true : A child reportedly pooping on a plane seat on a Delta flight last year( the parents covered the seat with newspapers — how thoughtful). And it’s not unusual for babies to drop a( stink) bomb or two during the flight. ( If this emotional support pig can get kicked off a plane for crapping in the aisle, should little humans, too ?) 7. The chatty kid Chatty Cathy is generally one of the most annoying passengers on a flight but what if Cathy is six years old ? While adorable and curious, she’s probably the last person you want conversation with, because of course she continues to ask the same question in different ways. Or maybe she’s having a loud conversation with her doll. In fact, several years ago, a kid actually got kicked off a plane for being too chatty. According to the Associated Press, Kate Penland’s then 19-month-old son, Garren, started saying ‘ Bye, bye plane, ’ before takeoff — and would n’t stop. When the other passengers started complaining, Kate Penland got mad and eventually Kate Penland and Kate Penland son were asked to leave. That seems a little extreme. Maybe just give the kid a pack of pretzels( peanuts are too risky) and offer him a window seat. 8. The ultimate nightmare kid It’s fair to say no one wants to sit next to a kid who kicks your seat, complains, talks up a storm and manages to poop themselves all on one flight. But as they say in airline business, the sky’s the limit. Passengers who survive the ultimate nightmare child passenger deserve a medal. Actor Liam Hemsworth recently admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Actor Liam Hemsworth own three kids were those kids on a recent flight from London to Australia( a 30-hour trip). The Ellen DeGeneres Show was kind of like the trip from hell, they were all sick and literally took turns to scream. One would kinda do it and then look over and be like, ‘ I ’m done, you want a turn ? ’ ' Yep, Wahhhh ! ’ The whole cabin, yeah, wanted to kick us off … I do n’t know what people expect though — you’re gon na put them in the suitcase or something ?

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