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Princeton's WordNet

  1. stick(noun)

    an implement consisting of a length of wood

    "he collected dry sticks for a campfire"; "the kid had a candied apple on a stick"

  2. stick(noun)

    a small thin branch of a tree

  3. stick, control stick, joystick(noun)

    a lever used by a pilot to control the ailerons and elevators of an airplane

  4. stick(noun)

    a rectangular quarter pound block of butter or margarine

  5. pin, peg, stick(noun)

    informal terms for the leg

    "fever left him weak on his sticks"

  6. stick(noun)

    a long implement (usually made of wood) that is shaped so that hockey or polo players can hit a puck or ball

  7. stick(noun)

    a long thin implement resembling a length of wood

    "cinnamon sticks"; "a stick of dynamite"

  8. joint, marijuana cigarette, reefer, stick, spliff(noun)

    marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

  9. stick(verb)

    threat of a penalty

    "the policy so far is all stick and no carrot"

  10. lodge, wedge, stick, deposit(verb)

    put, fix, force, or implant

    "lodge a bullet in the table"; "stick your thumb in the crack"

  11. stay, stick, stick around, stay put(verb)

    stay put (in a certain place)

    "We are staying in Detroit; we are not moving to Cincinnati"; "Stay put in the corner here!"; "Stick around and you will learn something!"

  12. adhere, hold fast, bond, bind, stick, stick to(verb)

    stick to firmly

    "Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?"

  13. stick(verb)

    be or become fixed

    "The door sticks--we will have to plane it"

  14. stick(verb)


    "The label stuck to her for the rest of her life"

  15. adhere, stick(verb)

    be a devoted follower or supporter

    "The residents of this village adhered to Catholicism"; "She sticks to her principles"

  16. stand by, stick by, stick, adhere(verb)

    be loyal to

    "She stood by her husband in times of trouble"; "The friends stuck together through the war"

  17. stick(verb)

    cover and decorate with objects that pierce the surface

    "stick some feathers in the turkey before you serve it"

  18. stick(verb)

    fasten with an adhesive material like glue

    "stick the poster onto the wall"

  19. stick(verb)

    fasten with or as with pins or nails

    "stick the photo onto the corkboard"

  20. stick(verb)

    fasten into place by fixing an end or point into something

    "stick the corner of the sheet under the mattress"

  21. stick(verb)

    pierce with a thrust using a pointed instrument

    "he stuck the cloth with the needle"

  22. stick(verb)

    pierce or penetrate or puncture with something pointed

    "He stuck the needle into his finger"

  23. cling, cleave, adhere, stick, cohere(verb)

    come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation

    "The dress clings to her body"; "The label stuck to the box"; "The sushi rice grains cohere"

  24. stick, sting(verb)

    saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous

    "They stuck me with the dinner bill"; "I was stung with a huge tax bill"

  25. perplex, vex, stick, get, puzzle, mystify, baffle, beat, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, amaze, dumbfound(verb)

    be a mystery or bewildering to

    "This beats me!"; "Got me--I don't know the answer!"; "a vexing problem"; "This question really stuck me"


  1. Stick(Noun)

    A member of the Official IRA.

  2. Stick(ProperNoun)

    The Chapman Stick, an electric musical instrument devised by Emmett Chapman.

  3. Origin: Possibly a metaphorical use of the first etymology ("twig, branch"), possibly derived from the Yiddish schtick.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stick(verb)

    a small shoot, or branch, separated, as by a cutting, from a tree or shrub; also, any stem or branch of a tree, of any size, cut for fuel or timber

  2. Stick(verb)

    any long and comparatively slender piece of wood, whether in natural form or shaped with tools; a rod; a wand; a staff; as, the stick of a rocket; a walking stick

  3. Stick(verb)

    anything shaped like a stick; as, a stick of wax

  4. Stick(verb)

    a derogatory expression for a person; one who is inert or stupid; as, an odd stick; a poor stick

  5. Stick(verb)

    a composing stick. See under Composing. It is usually a frame of metal, but for posters, handbills, etc., one made of wood is used

  6. Stick(verb)

    a thrust with a pointed instrument; a stab

  7. Stick(noun)

    to penetrate with a pointed instrument; to pierce; to stab; hence, to kill by piercing; as, to stick a beast

  8. Stick(noun)

    to cause to penetrate; to push, thrust, or drive, so as to pierce; as, to stick a needle into one's finger

  9. Stick(noun)

    to fasten, attach, or cause to remain, by thrusting in; hence, also, to adorn or deck with things fastened on as by piercing; as, to stick a pin on the sleeve

  10. Stick(noun)

    to set; to fix in; as, to stick card teeth

  11. Stick(noun)

    to set with something pointed; as, to stick cards

  12. Stick(noun)

    to fix on a pointed instrument; to impale; as, to stick an apple on a fork

  13. Stick(noun)

    to attach by causing to adhere to the surface; as, to stick on a plaster; to stick a stamp on an envelope; also, to attach in any manner

  14. Stick(noun)

    to compose; to set, or arrange, in a composing stick; as, to stick type

  15. Stick(noun)

    to run or plane (moldings) in a machine, in contradistinction to working them by hand. Such moldings are said to be stuck

  16. Stick(noun)

    to cause to stick; to bring to a stand; to pose; to puzzle; as, to stick one with a hard problem

  17. Stick(noun)

    to impose upon; to compel to pay; sometimes, to cheat

  18. Stick(verb)

    to adhere; as, glue sticks to the fingers; paste sticks to the wall

  19. Stick(verb)

    to remain where placed; to be fixed; to hold fast to any position so as to be moved with difficulty; to cling; to abide; to cleave; to be united closely

  20. Stick(verb)

    to be prevented from going farther; to stop by reason of some obstacle; to be stayed

  21. Stick(verb)

    to be embarrassed or puzzled; to hesitate; to be deterred, as by scruples; to scruple; -- often with at

  22. Stick(verb)

    to cause difficulties, scruples, or hesitation

  23. Origin: [OE. stikien, v.t. & i., combined with steken, whence E. stuck), AS. stician, v.t. & i., and (assumed) stecan, v.t.; akin to OFries. steka, OS. stekan, OHG. stehhan, G. stechen, and to Gr. to prick, Skr. tij to be sharp. Cf. Distinguish, Etiquette, Extinct, Instigate, Instinct, Prestige, Stake, Steak, Stick, n., Stigma, Stimulate, Sting, Stitch in sewing, Style for or in writing.]


  1. Stick

    Stick is a fictional American comic book character owned by Marvel Comics who appears in that company's Marvel Universe.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Stick

    stik, v.t. to stab: to thrust in: to fasten by piercing: to fix in: to set with something pointed: to cause to adhere.—v.i. to hold to: to remain: to stop: to be hindered: to hesitate, to be embarrassed or puzzled: to adhere closely in affection:—pa.t. and pa.p. stuck.—ns. Stick′er, one who kills pigs, &c.: one who sticks to anything; Stick′ing, the act of stabbing; Stick′ing-place, the point at which a thing sticks or stays; Stick′ing-plas′ter, an adhesive plaster for closing wounds; Stick′-in-the-mud, an old fogy; Stick′it-min′ister (Scot.), a licentiate who never gets a pastoral charge.—Stick at, to hesitate: to persist at; Stick by, to be firm in supporting, to adhere closely to; Stick out, to be prominent, project; Stick pigs, to hunt wild hogs on horseback and transfix them with the spear; Stick to, to persevere in holding to; Stick up, to stand up: to waylay and plunder, as a mail-coach by bushrangers; Stick up for, to speak or act in defence of.—Be stuck on (U.S.), to be enamoured of; Stuck up, conceited. [A.S. stecan (assumed); Ger. stechen, Dut. steken; also A.S. stician, Ger. stecken, to set, stick fast.]

  2. Stick

    stik, n. a small shoot or branch cut off a tree: a staff or walking-stick: anything in the form of a stick, a cudgel: a piece of printers' furniture used to lock up a form in a chase, a printer's composing-stick: a stiff, stupidly obstinate person.—v.t. to furnish or set with sticks: to arrange in a composing-stick.—n. Stick′-in′sect, a walking-stick or phasmid insect. [A.S. sticca; Ice. stika.]

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stick' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #4750

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stick' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1094

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stick' in Nouns Frequency: #1503

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stick' in Verbs Frequency: #340

How to pronounce stick?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say stick in sign language?

  1. stick


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of stick in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of stick in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Examples of stick in a Sentence

  1. Kevin Davis:

    So you have to stick with that.

  2. Collin Peterson:

    I decided to stick my neck out.

  3. Hallie Crawford:

    Have an agenda and stick to it.

  4. Michael Kelly:

    Were going to stick by our guns.

  5. Mao Tse-tung:

    In waking a tiger, use a long stick.

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Translations for stick

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • stokAfrikaans
  • غُصَيْن, اصبع, عصاArabic
  • пръчка, бастун, лепя, заяждам, запазвам се, мятамBulgarian
  • སྦྱུག་པTibetan Standard
  • pegañBreton
  • barra, garrot, bastó, estic, enganxar, apegarCatalan, Valencian
  • klacek, hůl, lepit se, lepitCzech
  • ffonWelsh
  • stav, stok, pind, kvist, kæp, gearstang, stangDanish
  • Schaltknüppel, Stock, Stab, kleben, dabeibleiben, steckenbleiben, stocken, stecken, stechenGerman
  • βέργα, κλαρί, ράβδος, μπαστούνι, μοχλός, ραβδίGreek
  • astilla, bastón, palo de hockey, palanca de mando, ramita, palo, barra, palanca de cambios, clavar, pegarse, atascarse, poner, pegar, permanecerSpanish
  • keppEstonian
  • makilaBasque
  • چوب, چوبکPersian
  • puikko, patukka, keppi, jääkiekkomaila, pala, levy, sauva, oksa, tikku, kävelykeppi, maila, vaihdekeppi, ohjaussauva, risu, [[lisätä]] [[pistokkaista]], epäröidä, tarttua, takertua, pysyä, pitää kiinni, laittaa, pistää, [[suorittaa]] [[täydellisesti]], liimata, kiinnittää, kiinnittyä, juuttua, pitäytyä, pannaFinnish
  • canne, crosse, bâton, planter, bouturer, coincer, rester, coller, ficherFrench
  • craobh, bata, maide, camán, maide hacaIrish
  • מקלHebrew
  • छड़ीHindi
  • bot, pálca, ragaszt, ragadHungarian
  • ձեռնափայտ, փայտArmenian
  • tongkat, ranting, tempelIndonesian
  • prikIcelandic
  • rametto, barretta, bastone, barra, volante, barra di controllo, stecca, asta, gomma, attaccare, attaccarsiItalian
  • 小枝, 棒, スティック, シフトレバー, 操縦桿, 枝, ステッキ, 杖, マニュアル, 動かなくなる, 引っかかる, 付ける, 続ける, 味方, 置く, 刺す, 突く, 付く, 粘着, 貼る, 嵌る, つきまとうJapanese
  • ტოტი, წნელი, წკეპლა, ჯოხიGeorgian
  • 막대기Korean
  • گێڕ, گۆچان, بنێشت, چیلکه‌دار, دار, نوساندن, چه‌قاندنKurdish
  • baculum, virga, caduceusLatin
  • lazdaLithuanian
  • žagars, rīksteLatvian
  • ластегарка, стап, менувач, прачка, бастун, се прилепува, заглавува, се залепува, забодуваMacedonian
  • വടിMalayalam
  • мөчирMongolian
  • काठीMarathi
  • batangMalay
  • တုတ်Burmese
  • stok, tak, takje, kleven, plakken, blijven steken, stekken, volhouden, neergooienDutch
  • kjepp, stokk, kvist, hockeykølle, girspakNorwegian
  • gałązka, patyk, laska, kijPolish
  • pau, vara, alavanca de câmbio, graveto, galho, bastão, bengala, colar, enfiar, cravar, grudar, emperrar, ficar enfiadoPortuguese
  • creangă, băț, baston, nuia, înfige, lipi, agățaRomanian
  • прут, палка, клюка, клюшка, трость, посох, заедать, приклеить, приклеиваться, прилипнуть, защемлять, приклеивать, приклеиться, прилипать, застревать, вкалывать, застрять, втыкать, защемитьRussian
  • palicaSlovene
  • degë, shkopAlbanian
  • klubba, kvist, gren, käpp, stav, pinne, hockeyklubba, stör, fästa, ställ, sätt, fastna, placeraSwedish
  • fimbo, kijitiSwahili
  • чӯбTajik
  • แขนง, กิ่ง, ดุ้นThai
  • dayak, sopa, çubuk, baston, yapışmak, batırmak, bağlı kalmakTurkish
  • палицяUkrainian
  • thanhVietnamese
  • staf, klebön, kleibönVolapük
  • plaker, colerWalloon
  • שטעקן, צוקלעפּןYiddish
  • induku, uthi, intongaZulu

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