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Princeton's WordNet

  1. spillnoun

    liquid that is spilled

    "clean up the spills"

  2. spillway, spill, wasteweirnoun

    a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction

  3. spill, spillage, releasenoun

    the act of allowing a fluid to escape

  4. spill, tumble, fallverb

    a sudden drop from an upright position

    "he had a nasty spill on the ice"

  5. spill, slop, splatterverb

    cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container

    "spill the milk"; "splatter water"

  6. spill, run outverb

    flow, run or fall out and become lost

    "The milk spilled across the floor"; "The wine spilled onto the table"

  7. spill, shed, disgorgeverb

    cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over

    "spill the beans all over the table"

  8. spill, shed, pour forthverb

    pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities

    "shed tears"; "spill blood"; "God shed His grace on Thee"

  9. spill, talkverb

    reveal information

    "If you don't oblige me, I'll talk!"; "The former employee spilled all the details"

  10. spillverb

    reduce the pressure of wind on (a sail)


  1. spillnoun

    A mess of something that has been dropped.

  2. spillnoun

    A fall or stumble.

    The bruise is from a bad spill he had last week.

  3. spillnoun

    A small stick or piece of paper used to light a candle, cigarette etc by the transfer of a flame from a fire.

  4. spillverb

    To drop something so that it spreads out or makes a mess; to pour.

    I spilled some sticky juice onto the kitchen floor.

  5. spillverb

    To spread out or fall out, as above

    Some sticky juice spilled onto the kitchen floor.

  6. spillverb

    To drop something that was intended to be caught.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Spillnoun

    Etymology: spijlen, Dutch.

    The oysters, besides gathering by hand, have a peculiar dredge, which is a thick strong net, fastened to three spills of iron, and drawn at the boat’s stern. Carew.

    Have near the bunghole a little venthole, stopped with a spill. John Mortimer.

    The bishops, who consecrated this ground, were wont to have a spill or sportule from the credulous laity. John Ayliffe.

  2. To SPILLverb

    Etymology: spillan , Saxon; spillen, Dutch; spitla, Islandick.

    Be satisfied, dear God, with our true blood,
    Which, as thou know’st, unjustly must be spilt. William Shakespeare.

    Friend or brother,
    He forfeits his own blood that spills another. William Shakespeare, Timon.

    Themselves exact their cruelty,
    And I constrained am this blood to spill. Samuel Daniel, Civil War.

    They having spill’d much blood, and done much waste,
    Subduing nations; and atchiev’d thereby
    Fame in the world, high titles, and rich prey,
    Shall change their course to pleasure, ease, and sloth. John Milton.

    Sichæus’ blood, by his false brother spilt,
    I have reveng’d. John Denham.

    Medea must not draw her murth’ring knife,
    And spill her childrens blood upon the stage. Wentworth Dillon.

    Orbellan did disgrace
    With treach’rous deeds our mighty mother’s race;
    And to revenge his blood, so justly spilt,
    What is it less than to partake his guilt? Dryden.

    Nor the Centaurs tale
    Be here repeated; how, with lust and wine
    Inflam’d, they fought and spilt their drunken souls
    At feasting hour. Philips.

    Thus is our thought with pain of thistle tilled,
    Thus be our noblest parts dried up with sorrow;
    Thus is our mind with too much minding spilled. Philip Sidney.

    Why are ye so fierce and cruel?
    Is it because your eyes have power to kill?
    Then know that mercy is the Mighty’s jewel,
    And greater glory think to save than spill. Edmund Spenser.

    Thou all-shaking thunder,
    Crack nature’s mould, all germins spill at once
    That make ingrateful man. William Shakespeare, King Lear.

    Be not angry with these fires;
    For then their threats will kill me:
    Nor look too kind on my desires;
    For then my hopes will spill me. Ben Jonson.

    All bodies are with other bodies fill’d;
    But she receives both heav’n and earth together:
    Nor are their forms by rash encounters spill’d;
    For there they stand, and neither toucheth either. Davies.

    This sight shall damp the raging ruffian’s breast,
    The poison spill, and half-drawn sword arrest. Thomas Tickell.

  3. To Spillverb

    Thy father bids thee spare, and chides for spilling. Philip Sidney.

    He was so topfull of himself, that he let it spill on all the company: he spoke well indeed, but he spoke too long. Isaac Watts.


  1. Spill

    A spill occurs when the contents of something, usually in liquid form, are emptied out onto a surface, person or clothes, often unintentionally.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Spillnoun

    a bit of wood split off; a splinter

  2. Spillnoun

    a slender piece of anything

  3. Spillnoun

    a peg or pin for plugging a hole, as in a cask; a spile

  4. Spillnoun

    a metallic rod or pin

  5. Spillnoun

    a small roll of paper, or slip of wood, used as a lamplighter, etc

  6. Spillnoun

    one of the thick laths or poles driven horizontally ahead of the main timbering in advancing a level in loose ground

  7. Spillnoun

    a little sum of money

  8. Spillverb

    to cover or decorate with slender pieces of wood, metal, ivory, etc.; to inlay

  9. Spillverb

    to destroy; to kill; to put an end to

  10. Spillverb

    to mar; to injure; to deface; hence, to destroy by misuse; to waste

  11. Spillverb

    to suffer to fall or run out of a vessel; to lose, or suffer to be scattered; -- applied to fluids and to substances whose particles are small and loose; as, to spill water from a pail; to spill quicksilver from a vessel; to spill powder from a paper; to spill sand or flour

  12. Spillverb

    to cause to flow out and be lost or wasted; to shed, or suffer to be shed, as in battle or in manslaughter; as, a man spills another's blood, or his own blood

  13. Spillverb

    to relieve a sail from the pressure of the wind, so that it can be more easily reefed or furled, or to lessen the strain

  14. Spillverb

    to be destroyed, ruined, or wasted; to come to ruin; to perish; to waste

  15. Spillverb

    to be shed; to run over; to fall out, and be lost or wasted

  16. Etymology: [OE. spillen, usually, to destroy, AS. spillan, spildan, to destroy; akin to Icel. spilla to destroy, Sw. spilla to spill, Dan. spilde, LG. & D. spillen to squander, OHG. spildan.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Spill

    spil, v.t. to allow to run out of a vessel: to shed: to waste: (coll.) to throw from a vehicle or the saddle: to empty the belly of a sail of wind for reefing.—v.i. to be shed: to be allowed to fall, be lost, or wasted:—pa.t. and pa.p. spilled, spilt.—n. a fall, a throw: a downpour.—ns. Spill′er; Spill′ing-line, a rope for spilling the wind out of a square sail to facilitate reefing or furling; Spill′-stream, a stream formed by overflow water, a bayou; Spill′way, a passage for overflow-water from a dam. [A.S. spillan; Dut. spillen, Ice. spilla, to destroy.]

  2. Spill

    spil, n. a small peg or pin to stop a hole: a thin strip of wood or twisted paper for lighting a candle, a pipe, &c.—n. Spill′ikin, one of a number of small pieces of wood, ivory, &c. for playing a game with: the game played—also Spil′kin. [A.S. speld, a torch; cf. Ger. spalten, to cleave, Dut. speld, a splinter.]

Editors Contribution

  1. spillnoun

    An action of spilling something, especially a liquid.

    The glass of water gave a spill on the floor.

    Submitted by zaki1409 on June 19, 2022  

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'spill' in Verbs Frequency: #915

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of spill in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of spill in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of spill in a Sentence

  1. Whitney Schipman:

    They could have been more on top of it, as soon as there was a spill, they should have told everybody.

  2. Maggie Hall:

    We continue to see it's not a question of if there is going to be an oil spill but when ?

  3. Shipbreaking Platform Jenssen:

    Our role is to promote clean and safe solutions and to make sure that there is no double standard in the way the environment and workers are protected around the world, it is key to make sure that the surrounding environment is not contaminated. This is impossible on a tidal beach, as is cleaning up an oil spill.

  4. Michael Connelly:

    The trick if you are sitting at the defense table is to be patient. To wait. Not just for any lie. But for the one you can grab on to and forge like hot iron into a sharpened blade. You then use that blade to rip the case open and spill its guts on the floor.

  5. Miyoko Sakashita:

    The oil spill just shows how dirty and dangerous oil drilling is, and oil that gets into the water, it’s impossible to clean it up so it ends up washing up on our beaches and people come into contact with it and wildlife comes in contact with it, it has long-lasting effects on the breeding and reproduction of animals.

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Translations for spill

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • دلق, أسجم, أراقArabic
  • vessarCatalan, Valencian
  • spildeDanish
  • verschütten, schüttenGerman
  • derramarSpanish
  • läikkyä, kaataa, läikyttää, läikkyminen, levitä, päästää, putoaminenFinnish
  • renverser, déversement, déverser, répandreFrench
  • borít, önt, szórHungarian
  • թափվելArmenian
  • tumpahanIndonesian
  • versare, rovesciareItalian
  • 零れる, 零すJapanese
  • ღვრაGeorgian
  • morsen, gemorsteDutch
  • versarOccitan
  • derramarPortuguese
  • vărsaRomanian
  • рассы́паться, проли́ться, просыпа́ться, рассыпа́ться, проли́ть, рассы́пать, разли́ться, разлива́ть, просыпа́ть, разли́ть, пролива́ть, просы́пать, разлива́ться, рассыпа́ть, пролива́ться, просы́патьсяRussian
  • spilla, spillSwedish
  • trànVietnamese
  • Chinese

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