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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sol, soh, so(adverb)

    the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization

  2. so(adverb)

    to a very great extent or degree

    "the idea is so obvious"; "never been so happy"; "I love you so"; "my head aches so!"

  3. so(adverb)

    in a manner that facilitates

    "he observed the snakes so he could describe their behavior"; "he stooped down so he could pick up his hat"

  4. so(adverb)

    in such a condition or manner, especially as expressed or implied

    "They're happy and I hope they will remain so"; "so live your life that old age will bring no regrets"

  5. so(adverb)

    to a certain unspecified extent or degree

    "I can only go so far with this student"; "can do only so much in a day"

  6. so(adverb)

    in the same way; also

    "I was offended and so was he"; "worked hard and so did she"

  7. thus, thusly, so(adverb)

    in the way indicated

    "hold the brush so"; "set up the pieces thus"; (`thusly' is a nonstandard variant)

  8. so(adverb)

    (usually followed by `that') to an extent or degree as expressed

    "he was so tired he could hardly stand"; "so dirty that it smells"

  9. then, so, and so, and then(adverb)

    subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)

    "then he left"; "go left first, then right"; "first came lightning, then thunder"; "we watched the late movie and then went to bed"; "and so home and to bed"

  10. therefore, hence, thence, thus, so(adverb)

    (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result

    "therefore X must be true"; "the eggs were fresh and hence satisfactory"; "we were young and thence optimistic"; "it is late and thus we must go"; "the witness is biased and so cannot be trusted"

  11. indeed, so(adverb)

    in truth (often tends to intensify)

    "they said the car would break down and indeed it did"; "it is very cold indeed"; "was indeed grateful"; "indeed, the rain may still come"; "he did so do it!"


  1. so(Noun)

    A syllable used in solfège to represent the fifth note of a major scale.

  2. so(Adverb)

    To the extent that

  3. so(Adverb)

    To a particular extent.

    I need a piece of cloth long. [= this long]

  4. so(Adverb)

    In a particular manner.

    Place the napkin on the table just so.

  5. so(Adverb)

    In the same manner or to the same extent as aforementioned; also.

  6. so(Adjective)

    True, accurate.

  7. so(Adjective)

    In that state or manner; with that attribute. ()

  8. so(Adjective)


    Is he so?

  9. so(Conjunction)

    In order that.

    Eat your broccoli so you can have dessert.

  10. so(Conjunction)

    With the result that; for that reason; therefore.

  11. so(Conjunction)

    Provided that; on condition that, as long as.

  12. so(Interjection)

    Used after a pause for thought to introduce a new topic, question or story.

  13. so(Interjection)

    Shortened form of "So what?"

    "You park your car in front of my house every morning." "So?"

  14. SO(Abbreviation)


  15. So(ProperNoun)

    A Mon-Khmer-speaking people of Laos and Thailand.

Webster Dictionary

  1. So(adverb)

    in that manner or degree; as, indicated (in any way), or as implied, or as supposed to be known

  2. So(adverb)

    in like manner or degree; in the same way; thus; for like reason; whith equal reason; -- used correlatively, following as, to denote comparison or resemblance; sometimes, also, following inasmuch as

  3. So(adverb)

    in such manner; to such degree; -- used correlatively with as or that following; as, he was so fortunate as to escape

  4. So(adverb)

    very; in a high degree; that is, in such a degree as can not well be expressed; as, he is so good; he planned so wisely

  5. So(adverb)

    in the same manner; as has been stated or suggested; in this or that condition or state; under these circumstances; in this way; -- with reflex reference to something just asserted or implied; used also with the verb to be, as a predicate

  6. So(adverb)

    the case being such; therefore; on this account; for this reason; on these terms; -- used both as an adverb and a conjuction

  7. So(adverb)

    it is well; let it be as it is, or let it come to pass; -- used to express assent

  8. So(adverb)

    well; the fact being as stated; -- used as an expletive; as, so the work is done, is it?

  9. So(adverb)

    is it thus? do you mean what you say? -- with an upward tone; as, do you say he refuses? So?

  10. So(adverb)

    about the number, time, or quantity specified; thereabouts; more or less; as, I will spend a week or so in the country; I have read only a page or so

  11. So

    provided that; on condition that; in case that; if

  12. So

    be as you are; stand still; stop; that will do; right as you are; -- a word used esp. to cows; also used by sailors

  13. Origin: [OE. so, sa, swa, AS. sw; akin to OFries, s, s, D. zoo, OS. & OHG. s, G. so, Icel. sv, sv, svo, so, Sw. s, Dan. saa, Goth. swa so, sw as; cf. L. suus one's own, Skr. sva one's own, one's self. 192. Cf. As, Custom, Ethic, Idiom, Such.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. So

    sō, adv. in this manner or degree: thus: for like reason: in such manner or degree: in a high degree: as has been stated: on this account: an abbrev. for Is it so? be it so.—conj. provided that: in case that.—interj. stand as you are! steady! stop! by way of command.—adj. So′-called, generally styled thus—usually implying doubt.—So and so, an undetermined or imaginary person; So as, in such a manner as, with such a purpose as: if only, on condition that; So far, to that extent, degree, or point; So forth, denoting more of the same or a like kind; So much, as much as is implied or mentioned: such an amount not determined or stated; So much as, to whatever extent; So on, so forth; So so, only thus, only tolerably; So that, with the purpose that: with the result that: if only; So then, thus then it is, therefore; So to say, or speak, to use that expression.—Or so, or thereabouts; Quite so, just as you have said, exactly. [A.S. swá; Ice. svá, Goth. swa, Ger. so.]

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. SO

    1. (also S.O.) Abbrev. for Significant Other, almost invariably written abbreviated and pronounced /S·O/ by hackers. Used to refer to one's primary relationship, esp. a live-in to whom one is not married. See MOTAS, MOTOS, MOTSS. 2. [techspeak] The Shift Out control character in ASCII (Control-N, 0001110).

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'so' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #65

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'so' in Written Corpus Frequency: #33

  3. Adverbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'so' in Adverbs Frequency: #1

Anagrams for so »

  1. O's, OS, o's, os

How to pronounce so?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say so in sign language?

  1. so


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of so in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of so in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

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  1. sososososo

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