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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rudder(noun)

    a hinged vertical airfoil mounted at the tail of an aircraft and used to make horizontal course changes

  2. rudder(noun)

    (nautical) steering mechanism consisting of a hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern of a vessel


  1. rudder(Noun)

    An underwater vane used to steer a vessel. The rudder is controlled by means of a wheel, tiller or other apparatus (modern vessels can be controlled even with a joystick or an autopilot).

  2. rudder(Noun)

    A control surface on the vertical stabilizer of a fixed-wing aircraft or an autogyro. On some craft, the entire vertical stabilizer comprises the rudder. The rudder is controlled by foot-operated control pedals.

  3. Origin: roþor, from rōþran, from rōanan "to row" from ere- + -þran, instrumental suffix. Akin to rowan. More at rōwan, -þor.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rudder(noun)

    a riddle or sieve

  2. Rudder(noun)

    the mechanical appliance by means of which a vessel is guided or steered when in motion. It is a broad and flat blade made of wood or iron, with a long shank, and is fastened in an upright position, usually by one edge, to the sternpost of the vessel in such a way that it can be turned from side to side in the water by means of a tiller, wheel, or other attachment

  3. Rudder(noun)

    fig.: That which resembles a rudder as a guide or governor; that which guides or governs the course

  4. Origin: [OE. rother, AS. rer a paddle; akin to D. roer rudder, oar, G. ruder, OHG. roadar, Sw. roder, ror, Dan. roer, ror. 8. See Row to propel with an oar, and cf. Rother. ]


  1. Rudder

    A rudder is a device used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft, or other conveyance that moves through a medium. On an aircraft the rudder is used primarily to counter adverse yaw and p-factor and is not the primary control used to turn the airplane. A rudder operates by redirecting the fluid past the hull or fuselage, thus imparting a turning or yawing motion to the craft. In basic form, a rudder is a flat plane or sheet of material attached with hinges to the craft's stern, tail, or after end. Often rudders are shaped so as to minimize hydrodynamic or aerodynamic drag. On simple watercraft, a tiller—essentially, a stick or pole acting as a lever arm—may be attached to the top of the rudder to allow it to be turned by a helmsman. In larger vessels, cables, pushrods, or hydraulics may be used to link rudders to steering wheels. In typical aircraft, the rudder is operated by pedals via mechanical linkages or hydraulics.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rudder

    rud′ėr, n. the instrument by which a ship is rowed or steered, its primitive form an oar working at the stern: that which guides anything: a bird's tail-feather.—ns. Rudd′er-band, a gearing with which the rudder is braced when the ship is at anchor; Rudd′er-brace, a strap to receive a pintle of the rudder; Rudd′er-brake, a compressor for controlling the rudder in a seaway; Rudd′er-chain, a strong chain often shackled to the after-part of a rudder to prevent its loss; Rudd′er-coat, a covering of tarred canvas used to prevent water rushing in at the rudder-hole; Rudd′er-fish, the pilot-fish: the amber-fish: the barrel-fish.—adj. Rudd′erless, having no rudder.—ns. Rudd′er-post, the shank of a rudder, having the blade at one end and the attachments at the other; Rudd′er-stock, the blade of the rudder, connected by hinges with the sternpost of a vessel; Rudd′er-trunk, a casing of wood fitted into the post, through which the rudder-stock is inserted; Rudd′er-wheel, a small wheel at the end of a plough helping to guide it. [A.S. róther; Ger. ruder, an oar.]

  2. Rudder

    rud′ėr, n. a riddle or sieve.—v.t. Rudd′le, to sift together: to mix, as through a sieve.


  1. Rudder

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of rudder in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of rudder in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Eileen Caddy:

    A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.

  2. Marcello Clarich:

    During a storm you don't change the person who holds the rudder.

  3. Vikrant Parsai:

    A man having no ambition in life is a ship having no rudder in the sea.

  4. The BEA:

    The voice recorder tells you a lot about operations and the state of awareness of pilots. But it won't tell you the rudder or engine settings, for example.

  5. Kevin Dykstra:

    There was no rudder on the boat, that was kind of telling to us that the ship probably weathered a storm; otherwise, there would probably be a rudder on it.

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