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Princeton's WordNet

  1. revoke, renege(verb)

    the mistake of not following suit when able to do so

  2. revoke(verb)

    fail to follow suit when able and required to do so

  3. revoke, annul, lift, countermand, reverse, repeal, overturn, rescind, vacate(verb)

    cancel officially

    "He revoked the ban on smoking"; "lift an embargo"; "vacate a death sentence"


  1. revoke(Noun)

    The act of revoking in a game of cards.

  2. revoke(Noun)

    A renege; a violation of important rules regarding the play of tricks in trick-taking card games serious enough to render the round invalid.

  3. revoke(Noun)

    A violation ranked in seriousness somewhat below overt cheating, with the status of a more minor offense only because, when it happens, it is usually accidental.

  4. revoke(Verb)

    To cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing

    Your driver's license will be revoked.

  5. revoke(Verb)

    To fail to follow suit in a game of cards

Webster Dictionary

  1. Revoke(verb)

    to call or bring back; to recall

  2. Revoke(verb)

    hence, to annul, by recalling or taking back; to repeal; to rescind; to cancel; to reverse, as anything granted by a special act; as, , to revoke a will, a license, a grant, a permission, a law, or the like

  3. Revoke(verb)

    to hold back; to repress; to restrain

  4. Revoke(verb)

    to draw back; to withdraw

  5. Revoke(verb)

    to call back to mind; to recollect

  6. Revoke(verb)

    to fail to follow suit when holding a card of the suit led, in violation of the rule of the game; to renege

  7. Revoke(noun)

    the act of revoking


  1. Revoke

    To annul by withdrawing. In trick-taking card games, a revoke is a violation of important rules regarding the play of tricks serious enough to render the round invalid. A revoke is a violation ranked in seriousness somewhat below overt cheating, with the status of a more minor offense only because, when it happens, it is usually accidental. Trick-taking games normally have several rules regarding which cards may and may not be played to a trick. For example, most games require a player to follow suit or play in the suit led, if possible. Rules of this sort are sometimes called "honor rules", because there is no way to detect a violation at the moment of its commission. However, the irregularity will normally be discovered later, and there are usually strict penalties for revokes. Some "honor rules" in different trick-taking games ⁕Spades, Euchre and 500 require that players play to the suit led, unless void in it. ⁕Hearts requires that players follow the suit led. In some variants, a player holding the Queen of Spades and void in the led suit is required to play it. ⁕Pinochle requires players to ⁕play to the led suit unless void in it, with a potentially winning card if possible;if void in the led suit, trump with a potentially winning card;if unable to do any of those things, play anything.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Revoke

    rē-vōk′, v.t. to annul by recalling: to repeal: to reverse: to neglect to follow suit (at cards).—n. revocation, recall: act of revoking at cards.—adj. Rev′ocable, that may be revoked.—ns. Rev′ocableness, Revocabil′ity.—adv. Rev′ocably.—n. Revocā′tion, a recalling: repeal: reversal.—adj. Rev′ocātory.—n. Revoke′ment (Shak.), revocation.—Revocation of the edict of Nantes, the taking away by Louis IV., in 1685, of the Huguenot privileges granted by Henry IV. in 1598. [Fr.,—L. revocārere-, back, vocāre, to call.]


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    The numerical value of revoke in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

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    The numerical value of revoke in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Rina Herlina Sari:

    The government should revoke their permits.

  2. Baruch College:

    We will also revoke the individual membership of any member found involved in this incident.

  3. Socialist Party:

    The logical, sane and democratic step is for the National Assembly's leadership to revoke the swearing-in of these lawmakers.

  4. Tanya Espinosa:

    The Administrative Law Judge can assess a monetary penalty as well as determine whether it is appropriate to suspend or revoke the license.

  5. Dental Commission:

    The state's seeking of criminal charges is contrary to this evidence and inconsistent with the decision of Dental Commission not to revoke Rashmi Patel license.

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