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Princeton's WordNet

  1. resoluteness, firmness, firmness of purpose, resolve, resolutionnoun

    the trait of being resolute

    "his resoluteness carried him through the battle"; "it was his unshakeable resolution to finish the work"

  2. resolution, declaration, resolveverb

    a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote

  3. decide, settle, resolve, adjudicateverb

    bring to an end; settle conclusively

    "The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance"

  4. conclude, resolveverb

    reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation

  5. purpose, resolveverb

    reach a decision

    "he resolved never to drink again"

  6. answer, resolveverb

    understand the meaning of

    "The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be answered"

  7. resolveverb

    make clearly visible

    "can this image be resolved?"

  8. resolve, solveverb

    find the solution

    "solve an equation"; "solve for x"

  9. dissolve, resolve, break upverb

    cause to go into a solution

    "The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water"


  1. resolvenoun

    Determination, will power.

    It took all my resolve to go through with it.

  2. resolveverb

    To find a solution to (a problem).

  3. resolveverb

    To solve again.

    I'll have to resolve the equation with the new values.

  4. resolveverb

    To make a firm decision to do something.

    I resolve to finish this work before I go home.

  5. resolveverb

    To come to an agreement or make peace; patch up relationship, settle differences, bury the hatchet.

    After two weeks of bickering, they finally resolved their differences.

  6. resolveverb

    To break down into constituent parts; to decompose; to disintegrate; to return to a simpler constitution or a primeval state.

  7. resolveverb

    to cause a chord to go from dissonance to consonance

  8. resolveverb

    to find the IP address of a hostname by using utilities such as a ping

  9. resolveverb

    To melt; to dissolve; to liquefy or soften (a solid).

  10. resolveverb

    To melt; to dissolve; to become liquid.

  11. resolveverb

    To liquefy (a gas or vapour).

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Resolvenoun

    Resolution; fixed determination.

    Etymology: from the verb.

    I’m glad, you thus continue your resolve,
    To suck the sweets of sweet philosophy. William Shakespeare.

    When he sees
    Himself by dogs, and dogs by men pursu’d,
    He straight revokes his bold resolve, and more
    Repents his courage, than his fear before. John Denham.

    Cæsar’s approach has summon’d us together,
    And Rome attends her fate from our resolves. Joseph Addison, Cato.

  2. To RESOLVEverb

    Etymology: resolvo, Lat. resoudre, Fr.

    In all things then are our consciences best resolved, and in most agreeable sort unto God and nature resolved, when they are so far persuaded, as those grounds of persuasion will bear. Richard Hooker, b. ii. s. 7.

    Give me some breath,
    Before I positively speak in this;
    I will resolve your grace immediately. William Shakespeare, Rich. III.

    I cannot brook delay, resolve me now;
    And what your pleasure is, shall satisfy me. William Shakespeare.

    Resolve me, strangers, whence and what you are? Dryd.

    Examine, sift, and resolve their alleged proofs, till you come to the very root whence they spring, and it shall clearly appear, that the most which can be infered upon such plenty of divine testimonies, is only this, that some things, which they maintain, do seem to have been out of scripture not absurdly gathered. Richard Hooker, b. ii. s. 7.

    I resolve the riddle of their loyalty, and give them opportunity to let the world see, they mean not what they do, but what they say. Charles I .

    He always bent himself rather judiciously to resolve, than by doubts to perplex a business. John Hayward.

    The gravers, when they have attained to the knowledge of these reposes, will easily resolve those difficulties which perplex them. John Dryden, Dufresnoy.

    The man, who would resolve the work of fate,
    May limit number. Matthew Prior.

    Happiness, it was presently resolved by all, must be some one uniform end, proportioned to the capacities of human nature, attainable by every man, independent on fortune. John Rogers, Sermons.

    Long since we were resolved of your truth,
    Your faithful service, and your toil in war. William Shakespeare.

    Good proof
    This day affords, declaring thee resolv’d
    To undergo with me one guilt. John Milton.

    I run to meet th’ alarms,
    Resolv’d on death, resolv’d to die in arms. Dryden.

    Resolv’d for sea, the slaves thy baggage pack;
    Nothing retards thy voyage, unless
    Thy other lord forbids voluptuousness. John Dryden, Persius.

    Quit presently the chapel, or resolve you
    For more amazement:
    I’ll make the statue move. William Shakespeare.

    Resolving is bringing a fluid, which is new concreted, into the state of fluidity again. John Arbuthnot, on Aliments.

    Vegetable salts resolve the coagulated humours of a human body, and attenuate, by stimulating the solids, and dissolving the fluids. John Arbuthnot, on Aliments.

    Into what can we resolve this strong inclination of mankind to this error? it is altogether unimaginable, but that the reason of so universal a consent should be constant. John Tillotson.

    Ye immortal souls, who once were men,
    And now resolv’d to elements agen. Dryden.

    The decretals turn upon this point, and resolve all into a monarchical power at Rome. Thomas Baker, Reflections on Learning.

  3. To Resolveverb

    Confirm’d, then I resolve
    Adam shall share with me. John Milton.

    Covetousness is like the sea, that receives the tribute of all rivers, though far unlike it in lending any back; therefore those, who have resolved upon the thriving sort of piety, have seldom embarked all their hopes in one bottom. D. of Pi.

    Have I not hideous death within my view?
    Retaining but a quantity of life,
    Which bleeds away, ev’n as a form of wax
    Resolveth from its figure ’gainst the fire. William Shakespeare.

    No man condemn me, who has never felt
    A woman’s power, or try’d the force of love;
    All tempers yield and soften in those fires,
    Our honours, interests, resolving down,
    Run in the gentle current of our joys. Thomas Southerne, Oroonoko.

    When the blood stagnates in any part, it first coagulates, then resolves and turns alkaline. John Arbuthnot, on Aliments.

    Let men resolve of that as they please: this every intelligent being must grant, that there is something that is himself, that he would have happy. John Locke.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Resolveverb

    to separate the component parts of; to reduce to the constituent elements; -- said of compound substances; hence, sometimes, to melt, or dissolve

  2. Resolveverb

    to reduce to simple or intelligible notions; -- said of complex ideas or obscure questions; to make clear or certain; to free from doubt; to disentangle; to unravel; to explain; hence, to clear up, or dispel, as doubt; as, to resolve a riddle

  3. Resolveverb

    to cause to perceive or understand; to acquaint; to inform; to convince; to assure; to make certain

  4. Resolveverb

    to determine or decide in purpose; to make ready in mind; to fix; to settle; as, he was resolved by an unexpected event

  5. Resolveverb

    to express, as an opinion or determination, by resolution and vote; to declare or decide by a formal vote; -- followed by a clause; as, the house resolved (or, it was resolved by the house) that no money should be apropriated (or, to appropriate no money)

  6. Resolveverb

    to change or convert by resolution or formal vote; -- used only reflexively; as, the house resolved itself into a committee of the whole

  7. Resolveverb

    to solve, as a problem, by enumerating the several things to be done, in order to obtain what is required; to find the answer to, or the result of

  8. Resolveverb

    to dispere or scatter; to discuss, as an inflammation or a tumor

  9. Resolveverb

    to let the tones (as of a discord) follow their several tendencies, resulting in a concord

  10. Resolveverb

    to relax; to lay at ease

  11. Resolveverb

    to be separated into its component parts or distinct principles; to undergo resolution

  12. Resolveverb

    to melt; to dissolve; to become fluid

  13. Resolveverb

    to be settled in opinion; to be convinced

  14. Resolveverb

    to form a purpose; to make a decision; especially, to determine after reflection; as, to resolve on a better course of life

  15. Resolvenoun

    the act of resolving or making clear; resolution; solution

  16. Resolvenoun

    that which has been resolved on or determined; decisive conclusion; fixed purpose; determination; also, legal or official determination; a legislative declaration; a resolution



    RESOLVE is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit group dedicated to collaborative approaches to environmental and public health issues. They help to develop consensus in results-oriented processes. The organization's mission statement states "RESOLVE builds strong, enduring solutions to environmental, social, and health challenges. We help community, business, government, and NGO leaders get results and create lasting relationships through collaboration". The organization has satellite offices in Utah, Washington, Michigan, and affiliates in many other locales. History RESOLVE was founded in 1977 to promote the effective use of collaboration and consensus building in public decisions and to help people with diverse interests engage in dialogue to achieve beneficial environmental and public health outcomes. The organization institutionalized the use of dispute resolution techniques in the policymaking process, particularly in the U.S., and it helped create a new field by applying conflict resolution to natural resource, environmental, and public health issues. Program areas and services Currently RESOLVE focuses on the following services: Strategic Analysis & Planning, Research, Partnership Building, Conflict Resolution, and Training & Capacity Building. The organization has particular expertise in the application of mediation and other consensus building processes to complex public policy issues in the areas of drinking water, energy, environmental quality, health and biotechnology, land-use and transportation, natural resources, and rivers and watersheds.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Resolve

    rē-zolv′, v.t. to separate into parts: to analyse: to free from doubt or difficulty: to explain: to decide: to fix by resolution or formal declaration: (math.) to solve: (med.) to disperse, as a tumour: (mus.) to carry a discord into a concord.—v.i. to determine.—n. anything resolved or determined: resolution: fixed purpose.—n. Resolvabil′ity.—adj. Rosol′vable, that may be resolved or reduced to its elements.—n. Resol′vableness.—adv. Resol′vably.—adj. Resolved′, fixed in purpose.—adv. Resol′vedly, firmly: clearly.—n. Resol′vedness.—adj. Resol′vent, having power to resolve.—n. that which causes solution: (med.) a substance which resolves tumours: (math.) an equation upon whose solution the solution of a given problem depends.—n. Resol′ver. [Fr.,—L. resolvĕre, resolutumre-, inten., solvĕre, to loose.]

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'resolve' in Verbs Frequency: #469

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of resolve in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of resolve in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of resolve in a Sentence

  1. Link Starbureiy:

    Finishing something is nearly always a herculean effort; bringing a job to completion requires resolve. People would be surprised to learn that most of the stuff out in the world is only a small percentage of what could have been accomplished.

  2. Dmytro Kuleba:

    What Ukrainians are showing every single day is, of course, exactly the opposite. And ultimately, their strength, their resolve, their determination, backed by the United States, in fact by the world, is going to prevail.

  3. Senator Manchin:

    The nearest-term issuesThings may not have been blown up on Monday, but there are still very real issues that need to be resolved -- and quickly.There are intensive negotiations to find a compromise on prescription drugs -- something left out of Biden's framework -- that can make its way into the package. This is a huge issue for House Democrats, who know it polls extremely well and has also been a long-standing commitment for the party.But the opposition of a handful of House House Democrats and Sinema have limited the scope and scale of the initial ambitions.Still, for a few days it appeared it would be scrapped altogether. Then House Democrats launched frenzied behind-the-scenes negotiations to try and thread the needle. Those are still ongoing.Democratic leaders also have to address immigration, which a handful of House Democrats have also said must be addressed to secure House Democrats votes. Senate rules have limited -- if not outright killed -- most ambitions on this front. But leaders know they need some kind of resolution here.And finally, Manchin's full-throated view that Senator Manchin needs to see scores in order to vote on any final proposal isn't exclusive to him.There are a group of moderate House House Democrats who share that view and have communicated it with leadership, according to two sources.Given how quickly Democratic leaders want to move, that stance makes things more complicated.Remember : House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can only afford to lose three House Democrats. There is virtually no margin for error and a number of real issues to resolve -- and fast. Another under-appreciated outstanding issueProgressives may now be willing to move forward without explicit assurances from centrist senators, but moderate Democrats have been clear for weeks they don't want to vote on anything that will then be changed in the Senate. With Senator Manchin making clear there's still a long way to go with Senator Manchin, this is an issue that needs to be reconciled.About the Senator Manchin remarksCNN reported that Senator Manchin had been frustrated that House Democrats were trying to get Senator Manchin to make a clear endorsement of the $ 1.75 trillion framework -- and Senator Manchin wanted to make clear where Senator Manchin stood as Senator Manchin was getting lobbied to back adding more social programs to the plan, according to a source familiar with Senator Manchin thinking. Senator Manchin also had grown angry that progressives thought they had leverage over Senator Manchin to back the $ 1.75 trillion social safety net expansion plan if they withheld their support for the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the source said. Senator Manchin, the source said, also didn't like last-minute changes being made to the social safety net proposal. In short, Senator Manchin didn't want to get jammed into supporting something Senator Manchin was far from ready to endorse.The White House viewAbout 20 minutes after Senator Manchin concluded Senator Manchin remarks, White House press secretary Jen Psaki released this statement :.

  4. Peter Walzer:

    If Jeff Bezos can somehow resolve this amicably after yesterday, Jeff Bezos'll both walk away some of the wealthiest people in the world and it'll be fine.

  5. Luo Zhaohui:

    This is the best plan in the current situation to resolve the stalemate in the denuclearization of North Korea and for its peace and stability.

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  • حلArabic
  • resolució, resoldre, solucionarCatalan, Valencian
  • vyřešitCzech
  • auflösen, lösenGerman
  • resolución, resolver, disolverSpanish
  • ratkaista, selvittää, päättääFinnish
  • résoudreFrench
  • scaoilIrish
  • megold, megfejt, elhatározHungarian
  • menyelesaikanIndonesian
  • risolvereItalian
  • 解く, 決定する, 分解, 決心するJapanese
  • 해결하다Korean
  • proponoLatin
  • wilskracht, voornemen, besluiten, vastbeslotenheid, zich, oplossen, opnieuw, beslissenDutch
  • postanawiać, postanowić, rozwiązywać, rozwiązaćPolish
  • resolverPortuguese
  • hotărî, rezolva, conchideRomanian
  • смелость, решать, решить, решаться, решимость, решиться, решительностьRussian
  • besluta, lösa om, resolvera, lösa, beslutsamhetSwedish
  • పరిష్కరించు, పరిష్కరించడానికిTelugu
  • вирішитиUkrainian

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