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Princeton's WordNet

  1. removeverb

    degree of figurative distance or separation

    "just one remove from madness" or "it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy";

  2. remove, take, take away, withdrawverb

    remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract

    "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"

  3. removeverb

    remove from a position or an office

  4. get rid of, removeverb

    dispose of

    "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"

  5. take out, move out, removeverb

    cause to leave

    "The teacher took the children out of the classroom"

  6. remove, transferverb

    shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes

    "He removed his children to the countryside"; "Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city"; "remove a case to another court"

  7. absent, removeverb

    go away or leave

    "He absented himself"

  8. murder, slay, hit, dispatch, bump off, off, polish off, removeverb

    kill intentionally and with premeditation

    "The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered"

  9. remove, take awayverb

    get rid of something abstract

    "The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage"; "God takes away your sins"


  1. removenoun

    The act of removing something, especially removing a dish at a meal in order to replace it with the next course

  2. removenoun

    A dish thus replaced, or the replacement

  3. removenoun

    (at some public schools) A division of the school, especially the form prior to last

  4. removenoun

    A step or gradation (as in the phrase "at one remove")

  5. removenoun

    Distance in time or space

  6. removeverb

    To move something from one place to another, especially to take away.

    He removed the marbles from the bag.

  7. removeverb

    To murder someone.

  8. removeverb

    To discard, set aside (a thought, feeling etc.).

  9. removeverb

    To change one's residence.

  10. removeverb

    To move something from one place to another, especially to take away. To replace a dish within a course.

    He removed the marbles from the bag.

  11. removeverb

    To murder.

  12. removeverb

    To dismiss a batsman.

  13. removeverb

    To discard, set aside, especially something abstract.

    Eternall thraldom was to her more liefe, / Then loſſe of chaſtitie, or chaunge of loue : / Dye had ſhe rather in tormenting griefe, / Then any ſhould of falſeneſſe her reproue, / Or looſeneſſe, that ſhe lightly did remoue.

  14. removeverb

    To depart, leave.

    THenne the kynge dyd doo calle syre Gawayne / syre Borce / syr Lyonel and syre Bedewere / and commaunded them to goo strayte to syre Lucius / and saye ye to hym that hastely he remeue oute of my land / And yf he wil not / bydde hym make hym redy to bataylle and not distresse the poure peple

  15. removeverb

    To change one's residence; to move.

    Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane.

  16. removeverb

    To dismiss or discharge from office.

    The President removed many postmasters.

  17. Etymology: From Middle English remeven, removen, from Anglo-Norman remover, removeir, from Old French remouvoir, from Latin removēre, from re- + movēre ("to move")

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Removenoun

    Etymology: from the verb.

    What is early received in any considerable strength of impress, grows into our tender natures; and therefore is of difficult remove. Joseph Glanvill, Sceps.

    Rosaline, this favour thou shalt wear;
    Hold, take you this, my sweet, and give me thine,
    So shall Biron take me for Rosaline:
    And change your favours too; so shall your loves
    Woo contrary deceiv’d by these removes. William Shakespeare.

    This place should be both school and university, not needing a remove to any other house of scholarship. John Milton.

    He that considers how little our constitution can bear a remove into parts of this air, not much higher than that we breathe in, will be satisfied, that the allwise architect has suited our organs, and the bodies that are to effect them, one to another. John Locke.

    So look’d Astrea, her remove design’d,
    On those distressed friends she left behind. Edmund Waller.

    Let him, upon his removes from one place to another, procure recommendation to some person of quality residing in the place whither he removeth. Francis Bacon, Essays.

    In all the visible corporeal world, quite down from us, the descent is by easy steps, and a continued series of things, that in each remove differ very little one from the other. John Locke.

    A freeholder is but one remove from a legislator, and ought to stand up in the defence of those laws. Addison.

    The fiercest contentions of men are between creatures equal in nature, and capable, by the greatest distinction of circumstances, of but a very small remove one from another. John Rogers.

    His horse wanted two removes, your horse wanted nails. Jonathan Swift.

  2. To REMOVEverb

    Etymology: removeo, Lat. remuer, Fr.

    Good God remove
    The means that makes us strangers! William Shakespeare, Macbeth.

    He removeth away the speech of the trusty, and taketh away the understanding of the aged. Job xii. 20.

    Remove thy stroke away from me; I am consumed by the blow. Psalm xxxix. 13.

    So would he have removed thee out of the straight into a broad place. Job xxxvi. 16.

    He longer in this paradise to dwell
    Permits not; to remove thee I am come,
    And send thee from the garden forth to till
    The ground. John Milton, Paradise Lost, b. xi.

    Whether he will remove his contemplation from one idea to another, is many times in his choice. John Locke.

    You, who fill the blissful seats above!
    Let kings no more with gentle mercy sway,
    But every monarch be the scourge of God,
    If from your thoughts Ulysses you remove,
    Who rul’d his subjects with a father’s love. Alexander Pope, Odyssey.

    They are farther removed from a title to be innate, and the doubt of their being native impressions on the mind, is stronger against these moral principles than the other. John Locke.

  3. To Removeverb

    A short exile must for show precede;
    The term expir’d, from Candia they remove,
    And happy each at home enjoys his love. Dryden.

    How oft from pomp and state did I remove
    To feed despair. Matthew Prior.


  1. remove

    To remove means to take off, dispose of, or eliminate something from its current position or status. It could refer to physically eliminating an object or deleting something abstract like a piece of data or an idea. The term is often used in various contexts including in construction, technology, medicine, and more.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Removeverb

    to move away from the position occupied; to cause to change place; to displace; as, to remove a building

  2. Removeverb

    to cause to leave a person or thing; to cause to cease to be; to take away; hence, to banish; to destroy; to put an end to; to kill; as, to remove a disease

  3. Removeverb

    to dismiss or discharge from office; as, the President removed many postmasters

  4. Removeverb

    to change place in any manner, or to make a change in place; to move or go from one residence, position, or place to another

  5. Removenoun

    the act of removing; a removal

  6. Removenoun

    the transfer of one's business, or of one's domestic belongings, from one location or dwelling house to another; -- in the United States usually called a move

  7. Removenoun

    the state of being removed

  8. Removenoun

    that which is removed, as a dish removed from table to make room for something else

  9. Removenoun

    the distance or space through which anything is removed; interval; distance; stage; hence, a step or degree in any scale of gradation; specifically, a division in an English public school; as, the boy went up two removes last year

  10. Removenoun

    the act of resetting a horse's shoe

  11. Etymology: [OF. removoir, remouvoir, L. removere, remotum; pref. re- re- + movere to move. See Move.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Remove

    rē-mōōv′, v.t. to put from its place: to take away: to withdraw: to displace: to make away with.—v.i. to go from one place to another.—n. any indefinite distance: a step in any scale of gradation, as promotion from one class to another, also a class or division: a dish to be changed while the rest remain: (Shak.) the raising of a siege, a posting-stage.—n. Removabil′ity.—adj. Remo′vable, that may be removed.—adv. Remo′vably.—n. Remo′val, the act of taking away: displacing: change of place: a euphemism for murder.—adj. Removed′ (Shak.), remote: distant by degrees of relationship.—ns. Remo′vedness (Shak.), the state of being removed: remoteness; Remo′ver, one who removes: (Bacon) an agitator.—Removal terms (Scot.), Whitsunday and Martinmas. [O. Fr.,—L. removēre, remōtumre-, away, movēre, to move.]

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    Rank popularity for the word 'remove' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2587

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    Rank popularity for the word 'remove' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3715

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    Rank popularity for the word 'remove' in Verbs Frequency: #196

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of remove in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of remove in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of remove in a Sentence

  1. Mother Teresa:

    The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

  2. Peter Mattei:

    If you have gallstones and you have symptoms from your gallstone, then we usually recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder.

  3. Anca Safta:

    The symptoms are there. Folks do get better once they remove the gluten-containing products, and the very important thing is to exclude celiac disease from the picture, as celiac disease implies that the intestinal mucosa has suffered damage, as we're learning more, we don't even know if we have the correct nomenclature for non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

  4. Nathaniel Arnold:

    Most California citizens who reside in Joshua Trees habitat revere these iconic desert species, more so now than ever because of its degraded population status, we're pleased to see the citizen tip led to a successful disposition and we hope it serves as a deterrent to others who may think it is acceptable to unlawfully remove Joshua Trees to make way for development.

  5. Barham Salih:

    Look, obviously a lot of years to reflect on. Definitely, from my perspective from Iraq, from Baghdad, and I would daresay that reflecting the view of the majority of Iraqis, the decision to take on Saddam Hussein and remove him from power was the right decision; it was the moral decision. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. He was a war criminal. He was engaged in crimes against humanity, genocide, you name it. But no doubt: a lot of problems in the transition.

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