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Princeton's WordNet

  1. discontinue, stop, cease, give up, quit, lay offverb

    put an end to a state or an activity

    "Quit teasing your little brother"

  2. leave office, quit, step down, resignverb

    give up or retire from a position

    "The Secretary of the Navy will leave office next month"; "The chairman resigned over the financial scandal"

  3. depart, take leave, quitverb

    go away or leave

  4. foreswear, renounce, quit, relinquishverb

    turn away from; give up

    "I am foreswearing women forever"

  5. drop out, give up, fall by the wayside, drop by the wayside, throw in, throw in the towel, quit, chuck up the spongeverb

    give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat

    "In the second round, the challenger gave up"


  1. quitverb

    To pay (a debt, fine etc.).

  2. quitverb

    To repay (someone) for (something).

  3. quitverb

    To repay, pay back (a good deed, injury etc.).

  4. quitverb

    To conduct oneself, acquit oneself, to behave (in a specified way).

  5. quitverb

    To abandon, renounce (a thing).

  6. quitverb

    To leave (a place).

  7. quitverb

    To resign from (a job, office, position, etc.).

    After having to work overtime without being paid, I quit my job.

  8. quitverb

    To stop, give up (an activity) (usually + gerund or verbal noun).

    John is planning to quit smoking.

  9. quitverb

    To close (an application).

  10. Etymology: From quiter, quiter, from quite, ultimately from quietus.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. To Quitverb

    part. pass. quit; pret. I have quit or quitted.

    Etymology: quiter, Fr. quitare, Italian; quitar, Spanish.

    We will be quit of thine oath, which thou hast made us to swear. Jos. ii. 20.

    By this act, old tyrant,
    I shall be quit with thee; while I was virtuous,
    I was a stranger to thy blood, but now
    Sure thou wilt love me for this horrid crime. John Denham.

    To John I ow’d great obligation;
    But John, unhappily, thought fit
    To publish it to all the nation;
    Sure John and I are more than quit. Matthew Prior.

    Thou art quit from a thousand calamities; therefore let thy joy, which should be as great for thy freedom from them, as is thy sadness when thou feelest any of them, do the same cure upon thy discontent. Taylor.

    Henceforth I fly not death, nor would prolong
    Life much: bent rather how I may be quit
    Fairest and easiest of this cumb’rous charge. John Milton.

    To quit you wholly of this fear, you have already looked death in the face; what have you found so terrible in it. William Wake.

    Never worthy prince a day did quit
    With greater hazard, and with more renown. Daniel.

    Samson hath quit himself
    Like Samson, and heroickly hath finish’d
    A life heroick, on his enemies
    Fully reveng’d hath left them years of mourning. John Milton.

    He fair the knight saluted, louting low,
    Who fair him quitted, as that courteous was. Fa. Queen.

    Enkindle all the sparks of nature,
    To quit this horrid act. William Shakespeare, King Lear.

    For our reward,
    All our debts are paid; dangers of law,
    Actions, decrees, judgments against us quitted. Ben Jonson.

    One step higher
    Would set me highest, and in a moment quit
    The debt immense of endless gratitude. John Milton.

    They both did fail of their purpose, and got not so much as to quit their charges; because truth, which is the secret of the most high God, whose proper handy-work all things are, cannot be compassed with that wit and those senses which are our own. Richard Hooker, b. i.

    Far other plaints, tears and laments
    The time, the place, and our estates require,
    Think on thy sins, which man’s old foe presents
    Before that judge that quits each soul his hire. Edward Fairfax.

    Does not the air feed the flame? and does not the flame at the same time warm and enlighten the air? and does not the earth quit scores with all the elements in the noble fruits that issue from it. Robert South, Sermons.

    Still I shall hear, and never quit the score,
    Stunn’d with hoarse Codrus’ Theseid o’er and o’er. Dryd.

    Iron works ought to be confined to certain places, where there is no conveyance for timber to places of vent, so as to quit the cost of the carriage. William Temple, Miscellanies.

    Nor further seek what their offences be,
    Guiltless I quit, guilty I set them free. Edward Fairfax.

    Their father,
    Then old and fond of issue, took such sorrow,
    That he quit being. William Shakespeare, Cymbeline.

    Honours are promis’d
    To all will quit ’em; and rewards propos’d
    Even to slaves that can detect their courses. Ben Jonson.

    Such variety of arguments only distract the understanding, such a superficial way of examining is to quit truth for appearance, only to serve our vanity. John Locke.

    The prince, renown’d in bounty as in arms,
    With pity saw the ill-conceal’d distress,
    Quitted his title to Campaspe’s charms,
    And gave the fair one to the friend’s embrace. Matthew Prior.


  1. Quit

    Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!) is a gay San Francisco Bay Area political action group supporting boycott, divestment & sanctions against Israel; and opposing Pinkwashing of the alleged ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. It was founded in early 2001 by a member of LAGAI-Queer Insurrection.


  1. quit

    Quit generally refers to leaving, stopping, or giving up something, such as a job, habit, or place. It can also mean to stop or discontinue an action or activity.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quitnoun

    any one of numerous species of small passerine birds native of tropical America. See Banana quit, under Banana, and Guitguit

  2. Quit

    released from obligation, charge, penalty, etc.; free; clear; absolved; acquitted

  3. Quit

    of Quit

  4. Quitadjective

    to set at rest; to free, as from anything harmful or oppressive; to relieve; to clear; to liberate

  5. Quitadjective

    to release from obligation, accusation, penalty, or the like; to absolve; to acquit

  6. Quitadjective

    to discharge, as an obligation or duty; to meet and satisfy, as a claim or debt; to make payment for or of; to requite; to repay

  7. Quitadjective

    to meet the claims upon, or expectations entertained of; to conduct; to acquit; -- used reflexively

  8. Quitadjective

    to carry through; to go through to the end

  9. Quitadjective

    to have done with; to cease from; to stop; hence, to depart from; to leave; to forsake; as, to quit work; to quit the place; to quit jesting

  10. Quitverb

    to away; to depart; to stop doing a thing; to cease

  11. Etymology: [OE. quite, OF. quite, F. quitte. See Quit, v., Quiet.]


  1. Quit

    Quit was a pop-punk band from Miami, Florida, formed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Quit helped pioneer the pop-punk music scene and helped pave the way for bands such as Green Day and Blink-182 to go mainstream.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Quit

    kwit, v.t. to pay, requite: to release from obligation, accusation, &c.: to acquit: to depart from: to give up: to clear by full performance: (Spens.) to remove by force: (coll.) to give over, cease:—pr.p. quit′ting; pa.t. and pa.p. quit′ted.adj. (B.) set free: acquitted: released from obligation.—n. Quit′-claim, a deed of release.—v.t. to relinquish claim or title to.—n. Quit′-rent, a rent by which the tenants are discharged from all other services—in old records called white rent, as being paid in silver money.—adj. Quit′table, capable of being quitted.—ns. Quit′tal (Shak.), requital, repayment; Quit′tance, a quitting or discharge from a debt or obligation: acquittance: recompense.—v.t. (obs.) to repay.—Quit cost, to pay expenses; Quit one's self (B.), to behave; Quit scores, to balance accounts.—Be quits, to be even with one; Cry quittance, to get even; Double or quits, in gambling, said when a stake due is either to become double or be reduced to nothing, according to the issue of a certain chance; Notice to quit (law), notice to a tenant of real property that he must surrender possession. [O. Fr. quiter (Fr. quitter)—Low L. quietāre, to pay—L. quietāre, to make quiet—quietus, quiet.]

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. quit

    To leave; to abandon. To quit your post or ranks, is to retire, without having received any previous order for that purpose, from a station intrusted to your care, or a position in which you may be. For punishment inflicted upon persons quitting their posts, see Appendix, Articles of War, 40.

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British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'quit' in Verbs Frequency: #1032

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of quit in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of quit in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Examples of quit in a Sentence

  1. Jordan Peterson:

    So, attend carefully to your posture. Quit drooping and hunching around. Speak your mind. Put your desires forward, as if you had a right to them — at least the same right as others. Walk tall and gaze forthrightly ahead. Dare to be dangerous. Encourage the serotonin to flow plentifully through neural pathways desperate for its calming influence.

  2. Tom Wolf:

    The politicians who are encouraging us to quit the fight are acting in a most cowardly way.

  3. Brock Boeser:

    It just shows that we have no quit. Even when we’re down a guy and pull the goalie and get one and get that extra point. It’s good for our team, obviously we make a few mistakes and if we don’t make those, I think we win the hockey game, so I think overall we still played a good game but some small details we’ve got to fix.

  4. Lance Armstrong:

    Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

  5. David Irving:

    Basically guys, I quit, im out of there. Its a lot of reasons why Ive come to this decision.

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Translations for quit

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • توقف, تخلى عنArabic
  • sortir, deixar, aturar, eixirCatalan, Valencian
  • opustit, skončit, přestatCzech
  • AfslutDanish
  • aufhören, kündigen, aufgeben, sein lassen, verlassenGerman
  • rezigni, ĉesi, forlasiEsperanto
  • abandonar, salir, dejar, pararSpanish
  • lakata, luovuttaa, luopua, lähteä, jättää, lopettaa, poistuaFinnish
  • arrêter, quitterFrench
  • sguir de, falbhScottish Gaelic
  • abbahagy, otthagyHungarian
  • lasciare, abbandonare, smettereItalian
  • 辞める, 止める, 辞職, 辞任, 去るJapanese
  • 그만두다Korean
  • quitLatin
  • सोडून जाणे, सोडणेMarathi
  • opgeven, verlatenDutch
  • slutteNorwegian
  • abandonar, sair, parar, desistirPortuguese
  • броса́ть, увольня́ться, бро́сить, уво́литься, уходи́ть, уволиться, уйти́Russian
  • nehati, končatiSlovene
  • sluta upp, sluta, upphöra, höra upp, lämnaSwedish
  • వదలివెళ్ళు, వదులుకొను, వదలిపెట్టుTelugu
  • thoái luiVietnamese
  • 退出Chinese

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