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Princeton's WordNet

  1. precinct(noun)

    a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes


  1. precinct(Noun)

    An enclosed space having defined limits, normally marked by walls.

  2. precinct(Noun)

    A pedestrianized and uncovered shopping area.

  3. precinct(Noun)

    A subdivision of a city under the jurisdiction of a specific group of police; the police station situated in that district.

  4. precinct(Noun)

    A subdivision of a city or town for the purposes of voting and representation in city or town government. In cities, precincts may be grouped into wards.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Precinct(noun)

    the limit or exterior line encompassing a place; a boundary; a confine; limit of jurisdiction or authority; -- often in the plural; as, the precincts of a state

  2. Precinct(noun)

    a district within certain boundaries; a minor territorial or jurisdictional division; as, an election precinct; a school precinct

  3. Precinct(noun)

    a parish or prescribed territory attached to a church, and taxed for its support

  4. Origin: [LL. praecinctum, fr. L. praecingere, praecinctum, to gird about, to encompass; prae before + cingere to gird, surround. See Pre-, and Cincture.]


  1. Precinct

    A precinct is a space enclosed by the walls or other boundaries of a particular place or building, or by an arbitrary and imaginary line drawn around it. The term has several different uses. It can, for example, refer to a division of a police department in a large city.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Precinct

    prē′singkt, n. limit or boundary of a place: a district or division within certain boundaries: limit of jurisdiction or authority. [L. præcinctus, pa.p. of præcingĕrepræ, before, cingĕre, to gird.]


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    The numerical value of precinct in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of precinct in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Ben Carson on Tuesday:

    She did, and we won that precinct.

  2. Joseph Pollini:

    Papers get stuffed in desk drawers, they get thrown in the basement when a precinct is remodeled, they turn up in unusual spots.

  3. Chuck Laudner:

    We have so many supporters out there that we have to train if they're going to be caucus captains and take charge in their precinct.

  4. Chuck Laudner:

    You have to convince them there's no secret handshake, we have so many supporters out there that we have to train if they're going to be caucus captains and take charge in their precinct.

  5. Detectives Robert Boyce:

    He’s not a subject at all, we spoke to him last night. He voluntarily came into the precinct, and we sat down, and we talked to him. He self-identified as that person that Phil would see jogging prior to that. It was just an injury.

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Translations for precinct

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • منطقةArabic
  • περίβολοςGreek
  • recintoSpanish
  • vaalialue, jalankulkualue, vaalipiiri, piiri, poliisipiiriFinnish
  • bureau, arrondissement de commune, canton, district, enceinteFrench
  • मेंडHindi
  • 구내Korean
  • incintăRomanian
  • территория, избирательный округ, район, избирательный участок, округRussian
  • polisstationSwedish
  • phườngVietnamese
  • 管理区Chinese

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