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Princeton's WordNet

  1. position, posture, attitude(noun)

    the arrangement of the body and its limbs

    "he assumed an attitude of surrender"

  2. carriage, bearing, posture(noun)

    characteristic way of bearing one's body

    "stood with good posture"

  3. position, stance, posture(noun)

    a rationalized mental attitude

  4. military capability, military strength, strength, military posture, posture(verb)

    capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war

    "we faced an army of great strength"; "politicians have neglected our military posture"

  5. pose, posture(verb)

    behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others

    "Don't pay any attention to him--he is always posing to impress his peers!"; "She postured and made a total fool of herself"

  6. model, pose, sit, posture(verb)

    assume a posture as for artistic purposes

    "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"


  1. posture(Noun)

    The way a person holds and positions their body.

  2. posture(Noun)

    A situation or condition.

  3. posture(Noun)

    One's attitude or the social or political position one takes towards an issue or another person.

  4. posture(Noun)

    The position of someone or something relative to another; position; situation.

  5. posture(Verb)

    to put one's body into a posture or series of postures, especially hoping that one will be noticed and admired

  6. posture(Verb)

    to pretend to have an opinion or a conviction

Webster Dictionary

  1. Posture(noun)

    the position of the body; the situation or disposition of the several parts of the body with respect to each other, or for a particular purpose; especially (Fine Arts), the position of a figure with regard to the several principal members by which action is expressed; attitude

  2. Posture(noun)

    place; position; situation

  3. Posture(noun)

    state or condition, whether of external circumstances, or of internal feeling and will; disposition; mood; as, a posture of defense; the posture of affairs

  4. Posture(verb)

    to place in a particular position or attitude; to dispose the parts of, with reference to a particular purpose; as, to posture one's self; to posture a model

  5. Posture(verb)

    to assume a particular posture or attitude; to contort the body into artificial attitudes, as an acrobat or contortionist; also, to pose

  6. Posture(verb)

    fig.: To assume a character; as, to posture as a saint

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Posture

    pos′tūr, n. the placing or position of the body, esp. of the parts of it with reference to each other: attitude: state or condition: disposition of mind.—v.t. to place in a particular manner.—v.i. to assume an affected manner.—ns. Pos′ture-mā′ker, Pos′ture-mas′ter, one who teaches or practises artificial postures of the body: an acrobat; Pos′turer, Pos′turist, an acrobat. [Fr.,—L. posituraponĕre, positum, to place.]

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Posture

    The position or attitude of the body.

Anagrams for posture »

  1. petrous, pourest, pouters, proteus, Proteus, spouter, store up, troupes


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of posture in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of posture in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Robert Masse:

    We had to basically reinvent their security posture.

  2. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery:

    That reflected the best posture for evidence that we have to present to a jury.

  3. Anne Schuchat:

    We're in a posture of knowing that time is precious and collaboration is essential.

  4. Zhang Baohui:

    China's global security posture is becoming more active, and this seems to fit that policy.

  5. John Saucer:

    It's somewhat of a defensive posture and a reasonable posture before the beginning of the year.

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