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Princeton's WordNet

  1. plot, secret plan, game(noun)

    a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal)

    "they concocted a plot to discredit the governor"; "I saw through his little game from the start"

  2. plot, plot of land, plot of ground, patch(noun)

    a small area of ground covered by specific vegetation

    "a bean plot"; "a cabbage patch"; "a briar patch"

  3. plot(noun)

    the story that is told in a novel or play or movie etc.

    "the characters were well drawn but the plot was banal"

  4. plot(verb)

    a chart or map showing the movements or progress of an object

  5. plot(verb)

    plan secretly, usually something illegal

    "They plotted the overthrow of the government"

  6. diagram, plot(verb)

    make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed

  7. plat, plot(verb)

    make a plat of

    "Plat the town"

  8. plot(verb)

    devise the sequence of events in (a literary work or a play, movie, or ballet)

    "the writer is plotting a new novel"


  1. plot(Noun)

    The general course of a story including significant events that determine its course or significant patterns of events.

  2. plot(Noun)

    An area or land used for building on or planting on.

  3. plot(Noun)

    A plan to commit a crime.

  4. plot(Noun)

    A graph or diagram drawn by hand or produced by a mechanical or electronic device.

  5. plot(Verb)

    To conceive (a crime, etc).

    They had plotted a robbery.

  6. plot(Verb)

    To trace out (a graph or diagram).

    They plotted the number of edits per day.

  7. plot(Verb)

    To mark (a point on a graph, chart, etc).

    Every five minutes they plotted their position.

  8. plot(Verb)

    To conceive a crime, misdeed, etc.

    They were plotting against the king.

  9. Origin: From plot, plotte, from plot, from plataz, of uncertain origin. Cognate with plet, Bletz, . See also plat.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Plot(noun)

    a small extent of ground; a plat; as, a garden plot

  2. Plot(noun)

    a plantation laid out

  3. Plot(noun)

    a plan or draught of a field, farm, estate, etc., drawn to a scale

  4. Plot(verb)

    to make a plot, map, pr plan, of; to mark the position of on a plan; to delineate

  5. Plot(noun)

    any scheme, stratagem, secret design, or plan, of a complicated nature, adapted to the accomplishment of some purpose, usually a treacherous and mischievous one; a conspiracy; an intrigue; as, the Rye-house Plot

  6. Plot(noun)

    a share in such a plot or scheme; a participation in any stratagem or conspiracy

  7. Plot(noun)

    contrivance; deep reach of thought; ability to plot or intrigue

  8. Plot(noun)

    a plan; a purpose

  9. Plot(noun)

    in fiction, the story of a play, novel, romance, or poem, comprising a complication of incidents which are gradually unfolded, sometimes by unexpected means

  10. Plot(verb)

    to form a scheme of mischief against another, especially against a government or those who administer it; to conspire

  11. Plot(verb)

    to contrive a plan or stratagem; to scheme

  12. Plot(verb)

    to plan; to scheme; to devise; to contrive secretly

  13. Origin: [AS. plot; cf. Goth. plats a patch. Cf. Plat a piece of ground.]


  1. Plot

    Plot is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect how the reader views the story, or simply by coincidence. One is generally interested in how well this pattern of events accomplishes some artistic or emotional effect. An intricate, complicated plot is called an imbroglio, but even the simplest statements of plot may include multiple inferences, as in traditional ballads.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Plot

    plot, n. a small piece of ground: a plan of a field, &c., drawn on paper: a patch or spot on clothes.—v.t. to make a plan of:—pr.p. plot′ting; pa.t. and pa.p. plot′ted. [A.S. plot.]

  2. Plot

    plot, n. a complicated scheme, esp. for a mischievous purpose: a conspiracy: stratagem: the chain of incidents which are gradually unfolded in the story of a play, &c.—v.i. to scheme: to form a scheme of mischief: to conspire.—v.t. to devise:—pr.p. plot′ting; pa.t. and pa.p. plot′ted.adj. Plot′ful.—adj. Plot′-proof, safe from any danger by plots.—ns. Plot′ter, one who plots: a conspirator; Plot′ting.—adv. Plot′tingly. [Fr. complot, acc. to Diez, from L. complicitum, pa.p. of complicāre, to fold.]

  3. Plot

    plot, v.t. (Scot.) to scald, steep in very hot water.—n. Plot′tie, a kind of mulled wine.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. plot

    1. Map, chart, or graph representing data of any sort. 2. Representation on a diagram or chart of the position or course of a target in terms of angles and distances from positions; location of a position on a map or a chart. 3. The visual display of a single location of an airborne object at a particular instant of time. 4. A portion of a map or overlay on which are drawn the outlines of the areas covered by one or more photographs. See also master plot.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. plot

    A plan or chart. (See ICHNOGRAPHY.)

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British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'plot' in Nouns Frequency: #1642

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'plot' in Verbs Frequency: #1061

How to pronounce plot?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say plot in sign language?

  1. plot


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of plot in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of plot in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Examples of plot in a Sentence

  1. Aulia:

    Let me be your plot twist.

  2. Aaron J. Munzer:

    Stop the rot or lose the plot.

  3. Vladimir Putin:

    Everyone must hoe his plot daily…

  4. Charles Sizemore:

    An urn is certainly cheaper than a burial plot.

  5. Zacarias Moussaoui:

    The plot was agreed with Shaykh Osama bin Laden.

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Translations for plot

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  • حبكة, مؤامرةArabic
  • trama, conspirar, traçar, complot, gràfica, marjal, traçada, terreny, solar, argument, marcar, planejar, conspiracióCatalan, Valencian
  • nákres, děj, obsah, výkres, parcelaCzech
  • Komplott, ausarbeiten, Handlung, entwerfen, planen, plottenGerman
  • αγροτεμάχιο, συνωμοσία, πλοκήGreek
  • komplotoEsperanto
  • diagrama, trazar, solar, plano, conspiración, argumento, tramar, trama, complot, conspirar, gráfica, loteSpanish
  • süžee, sündmustikEstonian
  • طرحPersian
  • merkitä, [[piirtää]] [[käyrä]], juoni, diagrammi, tulostaa, kuvio, juonia, tontti, suunnitella, palsta, juonitella, piirtää, salajuoni, plotata, käyrä, graafiFinnish
  • conspirer, diagramme, intrigue, complot, tracer, graphique, lopinFrench
  • marcáil, ceapachIrish
  • gnìomhadhScottish Gaelic
  • telek, cselekmény, földdarab, történetHungarian
  • սյուժեArmenian
  • brugga launráð, reitur, teikning, blettur, graf, lóð, kortleggja, skiki, ráðabruggIcelandic
  • complotto, cospirare, congiurare, ordito, diagramma, ordire, marcare, piano, tratto, intrigare, parcella, macchinazione, canovaccio, intrigo, tracciare, complottare, disegnare, appezzamento, trama, pianificare, lotto, congiura, schema, planimetria, tramare, macchinare, pezzo, cospirazione, graficoItalian
  • プロットJapanese
  • შინაარსიGeorgian
  • coniūrātiō, insidiaeLatin
  • whakangārahu, kaikaiwaiū, kara, kōrero kaioraora, pito whenua, whakatakoto kara, ngakingaMāori
  • samenzwering, grafiek, plotten, diagram, perceel, bedenken, plot, complotDutch
  • fabuła, wykres, spisek, działkaPolish
  • complô, diagrama, conceber, trama, lote, marcar, argumento, traçar, gráficoPortuguese
  • allwiyQuechua
  • subiect, urzi, complotRomanian
  • граф, делянка, сговор, сюжет, диаграмма, заговор, фабула, график, участок, наделRussian
  • kovati, snutiSerbo-Croatian
  • sammansvärjning, intrig, komplott, handling, konspireraSwedish
  • arsaTurkish

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