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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Peel, Robert Peel, Sir Robert Peel(noun)

    British politician (1788-1850)

  2. peel, skin(verb)

    the rind of a fruit or vegetable

  3. skin, peel, pare(verb)

    strip the skin off

    "pare apples"

  4. peel off, peel, flake off, flake(verb)

    come off in flakes or thin small pieces

    "The paint in my house is peeling off"

  5. undress, discase, uncase, unclothe, strip, strip down, disrobe, peel(verb)

    get undressed

    "please don't undress in front of everybody!"; "She strips in front of strangers every night for a living"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Peel(noun)

    a small tower, fort, or castle; a keep

  2. Peel(noun)

    a spadelike implement, variously used, as for removing loaves of bread from a baker's oven; also, a T-shaped implement used by printers and bookbinders for hanging wet sheets of paper on lines or poles to dry. Also, the blade of an oar

  3. Peel(verb)

    to plunder; to pillage; to rob

  4. Peel(verb)

    to strip off the skin, bark, or rind of; to strip by drawing or tearing off the skin, bark, husks, etc.; to flay; to decorticate; as, to peel an orange

  5. Peel(verb)

    to strip or tear off; to remove by stripping, as the skin of an animal, the bark of a tree, etc

  6. Peel(verb)

    to lose the skin, bark, or rind; to come off, as the skin, bark, or rind does; -- often used with an adverb; as, the bark peels easily or readily

  7. Peel(noun)

    the skin or rind; as, the peel of an orange

  8. Origin: [OE. pel. Cf. Pile a heap.]


  1. Peel

    Peel was a federal electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1867 to 1968. It was located in the province of Ontario. It was created by the British North America Act of 1867. It consisted of the Townships of Chinguacousy, Toronto, and the Gore of Toronto, and the Villages of Brampton and Streetsville. In 1903, it was redefined to consist of the county of Peel. The electoral district was abolished in 1966 when it was redistributed between Peel South and Peel—Dufferin ridings.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Peel

    pēl, v.t. to strip off the skin or bark: to bare.—v.i. to come off as the skin: to lose the skin: (slang) to undress.—n. the skin, rind, or bark: (print.) a wooden pole with short cross-piece for carrying printed sheets to the poles on which they are to be dried: the wash or blade of an oar—not the loom: a mark (Peel mark) for cattle, for persons who cannot write, &c.—adj. Peeled, stripped of skin, rind, or bark: plundered.—ns. Peel′er, one who peels, a plunderer; Peel′ing, the act of stripping: that which is stripped off: (print.) the removing of the layers of a paper overlay, to get a lighter impression. [O. Fr. peler, to unskin—L. pilāre, to deprive of hair—pilus, a hair; or pellis, a skin.]

  2. Peel

    pēl, n. a small Border fortress.—Also Peel′-tow′er. [Pile.]

  3. Peel

    pēl, n. a baker's wooden shovel: a fire-shovel. [O. Fr. pele—L. pāla, a spade.]

  4. Peel

    pēl, v.t. to plunder: to pillage. [Pill (v.).]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Peel

    a fishing town and holiday resort on the W. coast of the Isle of Man, 12 m. NW. of Douglas; it is noted for its castle.


  1. Peel

    At Peel, we're passionate about great TV. You should love what you watch - every time you relax on the couch. After all, life's too short for bad TV.We build innovative solutions to enhance the TV experience, and believe that delightful program discovery, seamless remote control, and engaging social interactions will revolutionize your living room entertainment. We're excited about the future of TV and are working hard to bring this vision to life.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of peel in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of peel in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Clifton Fadiman:

    The adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech.

  2. Robert Dawson:

    I am not a librarian, but 18 years of doing this, you peel away things.

  3. Unknown:

    Life is like an onion. You peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.

  4. Quentin Crisp:

    For flavor, instant sex will never supercede the stuff you have to peel and cook.

  5. Big Daddy Lipscomb:

    I just wrap my arms around the whole backfield and peel 'em one by one until I get to the ball carrier. Him I keep.

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