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Definitions for pectenˈpɛk tən; -təˌniz

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  1. pecten(Noun)

    The bones in the hand between the wrist and the fingers.

  2. pecten(Noun)

    The pubic bone.

  3. pecten(Noun)

    A genus of bivalve molluscs.

  4. Origin: From pecten.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pecten(noun)

    a vascular pigmented membrane projecting into the vitreous humor within the globe of the eye in birds, and in many reptiles and fishes; -- also called marsupium

  2. Pecten(noun)

    the pubic bone

  3. Pecten(noun)

    any species of bivalve mollusks of the genus Pecten, and numerous allied genera (family Pectinidae); a scallop. See Scallop

  4. Pecten(noun)

    the comb of a scorpion. See Comb, 4 (b)

  5. Origin: [L. pecten, -inis, a comb, a kind of shellfish. See Pectinate.]


  1. Pecten

    Pectines are comb-like structures, widely found in the biological world. They occur, for example, on the underside of scorpions, where they are used as sense organs. In ducks they are placed on the sides of the bill and serve both as food-strainer and as a comb for preening. The avian eye also contains a structure called a pecten oculi, which is a comb-like projection of the retina. It is thought to enhance nutrition for the cells of the retina. Whales have a similar comb-like structure called baleen. "Pectinate" means supplied with a comb-like structure and is reflected in numerous specific names as "pectinata", "pectinatus" or "pectinatum".

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Pecten

    pek′ten, n. a genus of molluscs, one species of which is the scallop—so called from the valves having ribs radiating from the umbo to the margin like a comb: a membrane on the eyes of birds.—adjs. Pectinā′ceous, like the scallops; Pec′tinal, of a comb: comb-like: having bones like the teeth of a comb; Pec′tināte, -d, having teeth like a comb: resembling the teeth of a comb.—adv. Pec′tinātely.—n. Pectinā′tion, the state of being pectinated—adjs. Pectinē′al, having a comb-like crest; Pec′tinibranchiate, having comb-like gills; Pec′tiniform, comb-like. [L. pecten, a comb.]

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Pecten

    A genus of scallops in the family PECTINIDAE, class BIVALVIA. The shell is usually radially ribbed.


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    The numerical value of pecten in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of pecten in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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