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Definitions for paternalismpəˈtɜr nlˌɪz əm

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. paternalism(noun)

    the attitude (of a person or a government) that subordinates should be controlled in a fatherly way for their own good


  1. paternalism(Noun)

    the treatment of people in a fatherly manner, especially by caring for them but sometimes being stern with them

Webster Dictionary

  1. Paternalism(noun)

    the theory or practice of paternal government. See Paternal government, under Paternal


  1. Paternalism

    Paternalism is behavior, by a person, organization or state, which limits some person or group's liberty or autonomy for their own good. Paternalism can also imply that the behavior is against or regardless of the will of a person, or also that the behavior expresses an attitude of superiority. The word paternalism is from the Latin pater for father, though paternalism should be distinguished from patriarchy. Paternalism is sometimes thought appropriate towards children and paternalism towards adults is sometimes thought to treat them as if they were children. Examples of paternalism include laws requiring the use of motorcycle helmets, a parent forbidding their children to engage in dangerous activities, and a psychiatrist confiscating sharp objects from someone who is suicidally depressed.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Paternalism

    Interference with the FREEDOM or PERSONAL AUTONOMY of another person, with justifications referring to the promotion of the person's good or the prevention of harm to the person. (from Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 1995); more generally, not allowing a person to make decisions on his or her own behalf.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Grover Cleveland:

    The lessons of paternalism ought to be unlearned and the better lesson taught that while the people should patriotically and cheerfully support their Government its functions do not include the support of the people.

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