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ˈpɑr tipar·ty

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. party, political partynoun

    an organization to gain political power

    "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"

  2. partynoun

    a group of people gathered together for pleasure

    "she joined the party after dinner"

  3. party, companynoun

    a band of people associated temporarily in some activity

    "they organized a party to search for food"; "the company of cooks walked into the kitchen"

  4. partynoun

    an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment

    "he planned a party to celebrate Bastille Day"

  5. partyverb

    a person involved in legal proceedings

    "the party of the first part"

  6. partyverb

    have or participate in a party

    "The students were partying all night before the exam"

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Partynoun

    Etymology: partié, French.

    When any of these combatants strips his terms of ambiguity, I shall think him a champion for truth, and not the slave of vain glory or a party. John Locke.

    This account of party patches will appear improbable to those, who live at a distance from the fashionable world. Addis.

    Party writers are so sensible of the secret virtue of an innuendo, that they never mention the q —— n at length. Spectat.

    This party rage in women only serves to aggravate animosities that reign among them. Joseph Addison, Spect. №. 81.

    As he never leads the conversation into the violence and rage of party disputes, I listened to him with pleasure. Tatler.

    Division between those of the same party, exposes them to their enemies. Alexander Pope.

    The most violent party men are such, as, in the conduct of their lives, have discovered least sense of religion or morality. Jonathan Swift.

    When you are hearing a matter between party and party, if pinched with the cholick, you make faces like mummers, and dismiss the controversy more entangled by your hearing: all the peace you make in their cause, is calling both parties knaves. William Shakespeare.

    The cause of both parties shall come before the judges. Exodus xxii. 9.

    If a bishop be a party to a suit, and excommunicates his adversary; such excommunication shall not bar his adversary from his action. John Ayliffe, Parergon.

    The child was prisoner to the womb, and is
    Free’d and enfranchis’d; not a party to
    The anger of the king, nor guilty of
    The trespass of the queen. William Shakespeare.

    I do suspect this trash
    To be a party in this injury. William Shakespeare.

    Our Foes compell’d by need, have peace embrac’d:
    The peace, both parties want, is like to last. Dryden.

    Ægle came in, to make their party good. Dryden.

    Let me extol a cat, on oysters fed,
    I’ll have a party at the Bedford-head. Alexander Pope.

    If the clergy would a little study the arts of conversation, they might be welcome at every party, where there was the least regard for politeness or good sense. Jonathan Swift.

    As she paced on, she was stopped with a number of trees, so thickly placed together, that she was afraid she should, with rushing through, stop the speech of the lamentable party, which she was so desirous to understand. Philip Sidney.

    The minister of justice may, for publick example, virtuously will the execution of that party, whose pardon another, for consanguinity’s sake, as virtuously may desire. Richard Hooker.

    If the jury found, that the party slain was of English race, it had been adjudged felony. John Davies, on Ireland.

    How shall this be compast? canst thou bring me to the party? William Shakespeare, Tempest.

    The smoke received into the nostrils, causes the party to lie as if he were drunk. George Abbot, Descript. of the World.

    The imagination of the party to be cured, is not needful to concur; for it may be done without the knowledge of the party wounded. Francis Bacon, Natural History.

    He that confesses his sin, and prays for pardon, hath punished his fault: and then there is nothing left to be done by the offended party, but to return to charity. Taylor.

    Though there is a real difference between one man and another, yet the party, who has the advantage, usually magnifies the inequality. Jeremy Collier, on Pride.


  1. Party

    A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration or celebration of a special occasion. A party will often feature food and beverages, and often conversation, music, dancing, or other forms of entertainment. Some parties are held in honor of a specific person, day, or event, such as a birthday party, a Super Bowl party, or a St. Patrick’s Day party. Parties of this kind are often called celebrations. A party is not necessarily a private occasion. Public parties are sometimes held in restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, nightclubs, or bars, and people attending such parties may be charged an admission fee by the host. Large parties in public streets may celebrate events such as Mardi Gras or the signing of a peace treaty ending a long war.


  1. party

    A party is a social gathering or similar event where individuals come together to celebrate, have fun, socialize, or engage in various activities or entertainment. It typically involves a group of people who share common interests or connections and gather in a specified location or venue, often with music, food, and decorations. Parties can vary in size, theme, and purpose, ranging from casual get-togethers to formal events, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, or holiday parties.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Party

    a part or portion

  2. Party

    a number of persons united in opinion or action, as distinguished from, or opposed to, the rest of a community or association; esp., one of the parts into which a people is divided on questions of public policy

  3. Party

    a part of a larger body of company; a detachment; especially (Mil.), a small body of troops dispatched on special service

  4. Party

    a number of persons invited to a social entertainment; a select company; as, a dinner party; also, the entertainment itself; as, to give a party

  5. Party

    one concerned or interested in an affair; one who takes part with others; a participator; as, he was a party to the plot; a party to the contract

  6. Party

    the plaintiff or the defendant in a lawsuit, whether an individual, a firm, or corporation; a litigant

  7. Party

    hence, any certain person who is regarded as being opposed or antagonistic to another

  8. Party

    cause; side; interest

  9. Party

    a person; as, he is a queer party

  10. Party

    parted or divided, as in the direction or form of one of the ordinaries; as, an escutcheon party per pale

  11. Party

    partial; favoring one party

  12. Partyadverb


  13. Etymology: [F. parti divided, fr. partir to divide. See Part, v., and cf. Partite.]


  1. Party

    A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, or recreation. A party will typically feature food and beverages, and often music and dancing as well. Some parties are held in honor of a specific person, day, or event, such as a birthday party, a Super Bowl party, or a St. Patrick’s Day party. Parties of this kind are often called "celebrations". A party is not necessarily a private occasion. Public parties are sometimes held in restaurants, pubs, or bars, and people attending such parties may be charged an admission fee by the host.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Party

    pär′ti, n. a part of a greater number of persons: a faction: a company met for a particular purpose, as a dinner party, a pleasure party, &c.: an assembly: one concerned in any affair: the person or persons on either side in a law-suit: (colloq.) a single individual spoken of: (mil.) a detachment of soldiers.—adj. belonging to a party and not to the whole: consisting of different parties, parts, or things: (her.) parted or divided.—adjs. Par′ti-coat′ed, having on a coat of various colours; Par′ti-col′oured, coloured differently at different parts.—ns. Par′tyism, devotion to party; Par′ty-ju′ry, a jury half of natives and half of aliens; Par′ty-man, a member of a party: a partisan; Par′ty-pol′itics, politics viewed from a party stand-point, or arranged to suit the views or interests of a party; Par′ty-spir′it, the unreasonable spirit shown by a party-man toward those who do not belong to his party.—adj. Par′ty-spir′ited.—ns. Par′ty-ver′dict, a joint verdict; Par′ty-wall, a wall between two adjoining properties, built half on one and half on the other: a wall separating one house from another. [O. Fr. partir—L. partīri, to divide—pars, a part.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. party

    The detachment of marines serving on board a man-of-war. Also, a gang of hands sent away on particular duties.

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. party

    A small detachment of men, horse or foot, sent upon any kind of duty; as, into an enemy’s country, to pillage, to take prisoners, and oblige the country to come under contribution.

  2. party

    In heraldry, parted or divided;—used with reference to any division of a field or charge.

Editors Contribution

  1. party

    A gathering of people for a specific purpose.

    The birthday party was arranged for the family to share time together.

    Submitted by MaryC on February 16, 2020  

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'party' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #202

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'party' in Written Corpus Frequency: #407

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'party' in Nouns Frequency: #27

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of party in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of party in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Examples of party in a Sentence

  1. Mark Sanford:

    I think it strengthens it. What the administration is basically said -- what the President Donald Trump campaign has said is : it was just Bill Weld for a while, it's a voice crying in the wilderness, it's -- pay it no attention. All of a sudden, when you end up with three candidates and three different candidates saying there's something wrong with this presidency, what's going on here is not consistent with the Republican Party that we know about, believe in and invested major portions of our life in, that's a different conversation.

  2. Boris Johnson:

    If we fail again, if we kick the can down the road on 31st October, if we continue to delay, if we treat this as a fake deadline, just yet another rigmarole, then I think the voters will be very frustrated indeed, and I think that our party, the Conservative Party, which I fought for a very long time across this country, I think that we will not easily recover.

  3. Jeff Cohen:

    We believe the midterm elections have shown that the Democratic Party overall is more popular with voters than the President, and that GOP extremism is not attractive to most voters. A different Democrat at the head of the ticket will have a better chance of winning the White House in 2024. We'll be taking that message across the country, beginning in New Hampshire.

  4. Rick Saccone:

    I’m confident that will unite the party after the primary.

  5. Nancy Pelosi:

    Most of those people -- my family, extended family -- are not pro-choice. You think I'm kicking them out of the Democratic Party?

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  • fees, partyAfrikaans
  • حِزْب, حفلة, احتفال, حفلArabic
  • partiyaAzerbaijani
  • партыяBelarusian
  • партияBulgarian
  • পার্টি, দল, পার্টি করাBengali
  • sarau, part, festaCatalan, Valencian
  • strankaCree
  • strana, oslava, mejdan, kalba, večírek, párty, mechecheCzech
  • fest, partiDanish
  • Teilnehmer, Feier, Fete, Partei, Party, Fest, Teilnehmerin, PartieGerman
  • κόμμαGreek
  • partio, festoEsperanto
  • partido, reventón, pachanga, fiesta, carrete, parte contratante, divertirse, fiestarSpanish
  • osapool, partei, pidu, erakond, pidu pidama, pidutsemaEstonian
  • مهمانی, پارتی, حزبPersian
  • kemut, seurue, osallinen, joukko, juhla, bileet, osapuoli, asianosainen, puolue, juhlat, bailut, juhliaFinnish
  • parti, fête, party, partie, participant, détachement, teuf, fêter, veillerFrench
  • feestjeWestern Frisian
  • páirtí, dreamIrish
  • festaGalician
  • מפלגה, מסיבהHebrew
  • पार्टी, दलHindi
  • zsúr, buli, párt, összejövetel, parti, bulizik, partizikHungarian
  • կողմ, երեկույթ, փարթի, կուսակցություն, փարթի անելArmenian
  • berpestaIndonesian
  • partí, veisla, teitiIcelandic
  • parte, partito, festaItalian
  • מפלגהHebrew
  • 党, 政党, パーティー, コンパJapanese
  • პარტიაGeorgian
  • партияKazakh
  • បក្សពួក, គណបក្ស, ភាគីKhmer
  • ಪಕ್ಷKannada
  • 파티, 정당, 政黨Korean
  • partî, پارتیKurdish
  • партияKyrgyz
  • parsLatin
  • ກ້ຳ, ພວກ, ພັກ, ງານLao
  • partijaLithuanian
  • partijaLatvian
  • pātiMāori
  • страна, партијаMacedonian
  • parti, pestaMalay
  • ပါတီBurmese
  • partij, viering, feest, party, feesten, vierenDutch
  • parti, festNorwegian
  • partia, impreza, strona, przyjęcie, imprezowaćPolish
  • participante, balada, parte, partido, festa, festar, festejarPortuguese
  • participantă, partid, parte, participant, petrecere, petreceRomanian
  • уча́стница, приём, тусовка, уча́стник, парти, партия, вечеринка, сторона́, патиRussian
  • stranka, partija, жур, седељка, вечеринка, zabava, sedeljka, žurka, странка, партија, забава, журка, žur, večerinka, proslaviti, slavitiSerbo-Croatian
  • පක්ෂය, පාටියSinhala, Sinhalese
  • strana, žúrSlovak
  • stranka, zabavaSlovene
  • parti, festëAlbanian
  • part, party, kalas, firande, parti, fest, partaj, festa, partaja, parta, röjaSwedish
  • safu, chamaSwahili
  • கட்சிTamil
  • పార్టీTelugu
  • партияTajik
  • พรรค, งานเลี้ยง, งานThai
  • partiýaTurkmen
  • parti, şölen, siyasî partiTurkish
  • партія, вечіркаUkrainian
  • پارٹیUrdu
  • partiyaUzbek
  • chánh đảng, 政黨, 黨, tiệc, đảngVietnamese
  • שׂמחה, פּאַרטייYiddish
  • 派對Chinese

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