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Definitions for outrageˈaʊt reɪdʒ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. indignation, outrage(noun)

    a feeling of righteous anger

  2. outrage(noun)

    a wantonly cruel act

  3. scandal, outrage(noun)

    a disgraceful event

  4. scandalization, scandalisation, outrage(verb)

    the act of scandalizing

  5. shock, offend, scandalize, scandalise, appal, appall, outrage(verb)

    strike with disgust or revulsion

    "The scandalous behavior of this married woman shocked her friends"

  6. desecrate, profane, outrage, violate(verb)

    violate the sacred character of a place or language

    "desecrate a cemetery"; "violate the sanctity of the church"; "profane the name of God"

  7. rape, ravish, violate, assault, dishonor, dishonour, outrage(verb)

    force (someone) to have sex against their will

    "The woman was raped on her way home at night"


  1. Outrage(v. t.)

    To cause to become very angry; as, the burning of the flag outraged the small conservative town.

  2. Origin: [F. outrager. See Outrage, n.]


  1. outrage(Noun)

    An excessively violent or vicious attack; an atrocity.

  2. outrage(Noun)

    An offensive, immoral or indecent act.

  3. outrage(Noun)

    The resentful anger aroused by such acts.

  4. outrage(Noun)

    A destructive rampage.

    "by the outrage and fury of the river Effra" (from an old description of flood damage).

  5. outrage(Verb)

    to cause or commit an outrage.

  6. outrage(Verb)

    to cause resentment through such acts.

  7. Origin: From and oltrage, from *ultragium or *ultraticum ("a going beyond") and from ultra; rather than from out and rage. The verb is from oltragier.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Outrage

    owt′rāj, n. violence beyond measure: excessive abuse: wanton mischief.—v.t. to treat with excessive abuse: to injure by violence, esp. to violate, to ravish.—v.i. to be guilty of outrage.—adj. Outrā′geous, violent: furious: turbulent: atrocious: enormous, immoderate.—adv. Outrā′geously.—n. Outrā′geousness. [O. Fr. oultrage (mod. outrage)—Low L. ultragium—L. ultra, beyond.]

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    The numerical value of outrage in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. David Bernstein:

    The actual outrage is wildly misplaced.

  2. Lindsey Graham:

    They've made their beds so let's dispense with the outrage.

  3. Clifford Bax:

    No one becomes forty without incredulity and a sense of outrage.

  4. Jose Luis Soriano:

    The one thing we all share is the outrage over what's going on in Spain.

  5. Lisa Erskine:

    If this had the name of Jesus on it, there would be an even bigger outrage.

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  1. outrageoutrageoutrage

Translations for outrage

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • ràbia, atrocitat, indignar, indignació, ultratgeCatalan, Valencian
  • Untat, Frevel, Wut, Rage, Beleidigung, Schande, Gräueltat, SchandtatGerman
  • έκτροπο, προσβάλλω, προσβολή, αίσχος, οργή, ωμότητα, καταισχύνω, αγριότηταGreek
  • cólera, desafuero, atrocidad, atropello, ultraje, indignación, rabia, indignarSpanish
  • outrage, rage, offense, indigner, colèreFrench
  • oltraggio, oltraggiare, sdegno, indignazioneItalian
  • 非道, 乱暴, 激怒, 憤慨, 憤怒, 暴行Japanese
  • flagitiumLatin
  • belediging, razernij, woede, wandaadDutch
  • ultraje, atrocidade, raivaPortuguese
  • furie, atrocitate, mânie, ultraj, ultragiaRomanian
  • грубое нарушение, беспредел, произвол, акт произвола, злодеяние, негодование, безобразие, возмутительный поступок, гнев, яростьRussian
  • దురాగతముTelugu
  • xúc phạmVietnamese

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