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Princeton's WordNet

  1. seed shrimp, mussel shrimp, ostracod(noun)

    tiny marine and freshwater crustaceans with a shrimp-like body enclosed in a bivalve shell


  1. ostracod(Noun)

    Any of many small crustaceans, of the class Ostracoda, that resemble shrimps enclosed in a bivalve shell


  1. Ostracod

    Ostracods are a class of the Crustacea, sometimes known as seed shrimp. Some 70,000 species have been identified, grouped into several orders. They are small crustaceans, typically around 1 mm in size, but varying from 0.2 to 30 mm in the case of Gigantocypris. Their bodies are flattened from side to side and protected by a bivalve-like, chitinous or calcareous valve or "shell". The hinge of the two valves is in the upper region of the body. Ostracods are grouped together based on gross morphology, but the group may not be monophyletic; their molecular phylogeny remains ambiguous. Ecologically, marine ostracods can be part of the zooplankton or are part of the benthos, living on or inside the upper layer of the sea floor. Many ostracods, especially the Podocopida, are also found in fresh water, and terrestrial species of Mesocypris are known from humid forest soils of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. They have a wide range of diets, and the group includes carnivores, herbivores, scavengers and filter feeders. As of 2008, around 2000 species and 200 genera of nonmarine ostracods are found. However, a large portion of diversity is still undescribed, indicated by undocumented diversity hotspots of temporary habitats in Africa and Australia. Of the known specific and generic diversity of nonmarine ostracods, half belongs to one family, Cyprididae. Many Cyprididae occur in temporary water bodies and have drought-resistant eggs, mixed/parthenogenetic reproduction, and the ability to swim. These biological attributes preadapt them to form successful radiations in these habitats.


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    The numerical value of ostracod in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of ostracod in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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