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  1. no-hit game, no-hitter(noun)

    a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team no hits


  1. no-hitter(Noun)

    A game in which no batter on one of the teams got a hit.

    Not many pitchers can say they threw two no-hitters in their career.


  1. No-hitter

    In baseball, a no-hitter is a game in which a team was not able to record a single hit. Major League Baseball officially defines a no-hitter as a completed game in which a team that batted in at least nine innings recorded no hits. A pitcher who prevents the opposing team from achieving a hit is said to have "thrown a no-hitter". This is a rare accomplishment for a pitcher or pitching staff: only 279 have been thrown in Major League Baseball history since 1875, an average of about two per year. In most cases in MLB, no-hitters are recorded by a single pitcher who throws a complete game. The most recent no-hitter was thrown on September 28, 2012, by Homer Bailey of the Cincinnati Reds, against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. Most of the time, a no-hitter is also a shutout. However, as it is possible to reach base without a hit, a pitcher can throw a no-hitter and still give up runs, and even lose the game, although this is extremely uncommon. One or more runs were given up in 25 recorded no-hitters in MLB history, most recently by Ervin Santana of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a 3–1 win against the Cleveland Indians on July 27, 2011. On two occasions, a team has thrown a nine-inning no-hitter and still lost the game. On a further four occasions, a team has thrown a no-hitter for eight innings in a losing effort, but those four games are not officially recognized as no-hitters by Major League Baseball because the outing lasted fewer than nine innings. It is theoretically possible for opposing pitchers to throw no-hitters in the same game, although this has never happened in the majors.


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    The numerical value of no-hitter in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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    The numerical value of no-hitter in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Dallas Keuchel:

    I figured Lorenzo Cain was going to let me pitch to their best hitter.

  2. Hisashi Iwakuma:

    When Seager made that great play, it made me think I could throw a no-hitter.

  3. Red Sox:

    What he's doing against left-handed pitchers is impressive, david's a great hitter.

  4. Hisashi Iwakuma:

    To be honest, I never thought I would accomplish a no-hitter, i can't find words to express my feelings. Extremely happy.

  5. Briton Jason Palmer:

    I ’m quite a short hitter from the tee so therefore I need to be straight and accurate with my irons, my strength is my putting. You would n’t look at my long game and say, ‘ He’s a tremendous ball striker ’.

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  1. no-hitterno-hitterno-hitter

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