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ˈlɛv əllev·el

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word level.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. degree, grade, levelnoun

    a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality

    "a moderate grade of intelligence"; "a high level of care is required"; "it is all a matter of degree"

  2. grade, level, tiernoun

    a relative position or degree of value in a graded group

    "lumber of the highest grade"

  3. degree, level, stage, pointnoun

    a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process

    "a remarkable degree of frankness"; "at what stage are the social sciences?"

  4. levelnoun

    height above ground

    "the water reached ankle level"; "the pictures were at the same level"

  5. level, spirit levelnoun

    indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid

  6. horizontal surface, levelnoun

    a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line

    "park the car on the level"

  7. level, layer, stratumnoun

    an abstract place usually conceived as having depth

    "a good actor communicates on several levels"; "a simile has at least two layers of meaning"; "the mind functions on many strata simultaneously"

  8. floor, level, storey, storyadjective

    a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale

    "what level is the office on?"

  9. flat, level, planeadjective

    having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another

    "a flat desk"; "acres of level farmland"; "a plane surface"; "skirts sewn with fine flat seams"

  10. level, unwaveringadjective

    not showing abrupt variations

    "spoke in a level voice"; "she gave him a level look"- Louis Auchincloss

  11. leveladjective

    being on a precise horizontal plane

    "a billiard table must be level"

  12. leveladjective

    oriented at right angles to the plumb

    "the picture is level"

  13. tied(p), even, level(p)verb

    of the score in a contest

    "the score is tied"

  14. levelverb

    aim at

    "level criticism or charges at somebody"

  15. level, raze, rase, dismantle, tear down, take down, pull downverb

    tear down so as to make flat with the ground

    "The building was levelled"

  16. flush, level, even out, evenverb

    make level or straight

    "level the ground"

  17. charge, level, pointverb

    direct into a position for use

    "point a gun"; "He charged his weapon at me"

  18. levelverb

    talk frankly with; lay it on the line

    "I have to level with you"

  19. level, level offverb

    become level or even

    "The ground levelled off"


  1. levelnoun

    A tool for finding whether a surface is level, or for creating a horizontal or vertical line of reference.

  2. levelnoun

    A distance relative to a given reference elevation.

    By the end of the day, we'd dug down to the level of the old basement floor.

  3. levelnoun

    Degree or amount.

  4. levelnoun

    In an Internet post, an indication of the number of previous replies at which a portion of text was written.

  5. levelnoun

    One of several discrete segments of a game generally increasing in difficulty. Often numbered. Often, each level occupies different physical space (levels don't require any direct physical relationship to each other, e.g. vertically stacked, horizontally chained, etc).

  6. levelnoun

    A periodic progression of integer values that quantify a character's experience and power.

    My half-orc barbarian reached fifth level before he was squashed by a troll.

  7. levelnoun

    A floor of a multi-storey building.

    Take the elevator and get off at the promenade level.

  8. levelnoun

    an area of almost perfectly flat land.

  9. levelverb

    To adjust so as to make as flat or perpendicular to the ground of possible.

    You can level the table by turning the pads that screw into the feet.

  10. levelverb

    To destroy by reducing to ground level; to raze.

    The hurricane leveled the forest.

  11. levelverb

    To progress to the next level.

    I levelled after defeating the dragon.

  12. levelverb

    To aim or direct (a weapon, a stare, an accusation, etc).

    He levelled an accusation of fraud.

  13. levelverb

    To make the score of a game equal.

  14. levelverb

    To levy.

  15. leveladjective

    The same height at all places; parallel to a flat ground.

    This table isn't quite level; see how this marble rolls off it?

  16. leveladjective

    At the same height as some reference; constructed as level with.

    We tried to hang the pictures so that the bottom of the frames were level with the dark line in the wallpaper.

  17. leveladjective

    Unvaried in frequency.

    His pulse has been level for 12 hours.

  18. leveladjective


    He kept a level head under stress.

  19. leveladjective

    in the same position as some thing, for example in a race or in a competition

  20. Etymology: From level, from livel, liveau, later nivel, niveau, from libella, diminutive of libra; see libra, librate.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Levelnoun

    a line or surface to which, at every point, a vertical or plumb line is perpendicular; a line or surface which is everywhere parallel to the surface of still water; -- this is the true level, and is a curve or surface in which all points are equally distant from the center of the earth, or rather would be so if the earth were an exact sphere

  2. Levelnoun

    a horizontal line or plane; that is, a straight line or a plane which is tangent to a true level at a given point and hence parallel to the horizon at that point; -- this is the apparent level at the given point

  3. Levelnoun

    an approximately horizontal line or surface at a certain degree of altitude, or distance from the center of the earth; as, to climb from the level of the coast to the level of the plateau and then descend to the level of the valley or of the sea

  4. Levelnoun

    hence, figuratively, a certain position, rank, standard, degree, quality, character, etc., conceived of as in one of several planes of different elevation

  5. Levelnoun

    a uniform or average height; a normal plane or altitude; a condition conformable to natural law or which will secure a level surface; as, moving fluids seek a level

  6. Levelnoun

    an instrument by which to find a horizontal line, or adjust something with reference to a horizontal line

  7. Levelnoun

    a measurement of the difference of altitude of two points, by means of a level; as, to take a level

  8. Levelnoun

    a horizontal passage, drift, or adit, in a mine

  9. Leveladjective

    even; flat; having no part higher than another; having, or conforming to, the curvature which belongs to the undisturbed liquid parts of the earth's surface; as, a level field; level ground; the level surface of a pond or lake

  10. Leveladjective

    coinciding or parallel with the plane of the horizon; horizontal; as, the telescope is now level

  11. Leveladjective

    even with anything else; of the same height; on the same line or plane; on the same footing; of equal importance; -- followed by with, sometimes by to

  12. Leveladjective

    straightforward; direct; clear; open

  13. Leveladjective

    well balanced; even; just; steady; impartial; as, a level head; a level understanding. [Colloq.]

  14. Leveladjective

    of even tone; without rising or falling inflection

  15. Levelverb

    to make level; to make horizontal; to bring to the condition of a level line or surface; hence, to make flat or even; as, to level a road, a walk, or a garden

  16. Levelverb

    to bring to a lower level; to overthrow; to topple down; to reduce to a flat surface; to lower

  17. Levelverb

    to bring to a horizontal position, as a gun; hence, to point in taking aim; to aim; to direct

  18. Levelverb

    figuratively, to bring to a common level or plane, in respect of rank, condition, character, privilege, etc.; as, to level all the ranks and conditions of men

  19. Levelverb

    to adjust or adapt to a certain level; as, to level remarks to the capacity of children

  20. Levelverb

    to be level; to be on a level with, or on an equality with, something; hence, to accord; to agree; to suit

  21. Levelverb

    to aim a gun, spear, etc., horizontally; hence, to aim or point a weapon in direct line with the mark; fig., to direct the eye, mind, or effort, directly to an object

  22. Etymology: [OE. level, livel, OF. livel, F. niveau, fr. L. libella level, water level, a plumb level, dim. of libra pound, measure for liquids, balance, water poise, level. Cf. Librate, Libella.]


  1. LeveL

    LEVEL is a computer and video games magazine originating in the Czech Republic with branches in Romania and Turkey. These three brother divisions occasionally exchange content. In addition to publishing the magazine, LeveL also organizes many yearly gaming competitions for players in two of the countries; it is one of the biggest Turkish sponsors of international gaming contests. LeveL was founded by Jan "Beast" Tomanek in 1995 in Czech Republic. Its first issue was released on 24.01.1995. The current LeveL editor-in-chief is Michal Křivský.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Level

    lev′el, n. a horizontal line or surface: a surface without inequalities: proper position: usual elevation: state of equality: the line of direction: an instrument for showing the horizontal.—adj. horizontal: even, smooth: even with anything else: uniform: well-balanced, sound of judgment: in the same line or plane: equal in position or dignity.—v.t. to make horizontal: to make flat or smooth: to make equal: to take aim:—pr.p. lev′elling; pa.t. and pa.p. lev′elled.ns. Lev′el-cross′ing, or Grade′-cross′ing, a place at which a common road crosses a railway at the same level; Lev′eller, one who levels or makes equal, esp. one of an ultra-republican and revolutionary sect or party which grew up in the parliamentary army in 1647, crushed by Cromwell in 1649; Lev′elling, the act of making uneven surfaces level: the process of finding the differences in level between different points on the surface of the earth by means of a Levelling instrument, consisting of a telescope carrying a parallel and sensitive spirit-level, adjustable by means of screws; Lev′elling-rod, -staff, an instrument used in levelling, in conjunction with a levelling instrument, or with a spirit-level and a telescope.—adv. Lev′elly, evenly.—n. Lev′elness, state of being level, even, or equal.—Level down or up, to lower or raise to the same level or status; Do one's level best (coll.) to do one's utmost. [O. Fr. livel, liveau (Fr. niveau)—L. libella, a plummet, dim. of libra, a balance.]

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. level

    In mining, is a horizontal passage or gallery.

Editors Contribution

  1. level

    A specific quantity.

    The level of water was evident so they increased the reservoir level.

    Submitted by MaryC on February 14, 2020  
  2. level

    An amount.

    The level of choice and passion for a unity government is across the whole of society.

    Submitted by MaryC on February 23, 2020  

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'level' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #375

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'level' in Written Corpus Frequency: #530

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'level' in Nouns Frequency: #58

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'level' in Verbs Frequency: #1091

  5. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'level' in Adjectives Frequency: #502

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of level in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of level in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of level in a Sentence

  1. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom:

    Every corner of our state has too many people living on the streets. And the crisis puts stress on public resources, from emergency rooms to jails to public works departments. It takes an unprecedented level of partnership between local, state, and federal government.

  2. Ivanka Trump:

    But even he wasn't sitting in on high-level policy meetings when his father was in the White House. It definitely complicates matters when someone who can't be fired -- aka a family member -- is this involved in an administration.

  3. Jared Jagdeo:

    I think the composition of dyes is an area that will be looked at in the future at the state and potentially federal level, this study is very important to bring attention to this important topic.

  4. Ted Cruz:

    Congressman Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke sides with liberal extremists on the national level, instead of the people of Texas -- instead of jobs in Texas.

  5. Rebekah Gee:

    So New Orleans had its normal level of celebration, which involved people congregating in large crowds and some 1.4 million tourists, we shared drink cups. We shared each other's space in the crowds. We shared floats where we were throwing not just beads but probably coronavirus off Carnival floats to people who caught it and took it with them to where they came from.

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Translations for level

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مستوىArabic
  • кимәл, ҡатBashkir
  • равен, ниво, етаж, либела, нивелирBulgarian
  • uniforme, anivellatCatalan, Valencian
  • level, úroveň, vyrovnaný, vodováha, podlaží, vodorovný, libela, urovnat, zamířit, srovnat, postoupitCzech
  • højde, sindig, niveau, jævn, vaterpas, ensformig, etage, plan, i vater, nøgtern, vandret, nivelleringsinstrument, nivellere, jævne, planereDanish
  • Level, Etage, Grad, Niveau, Stufe, konstant, eben, Wasserwaage, ebnen, empor steigenGerman
  • επίπεδο, αλφάδι, νηφάλιος, ισοϋψής, επίπεδος, ισεπίπεδος, στάθμηGreek
  • nivel, niveles, niveladoSpanish
  • tasand, taseEstonian
  • linjassa, taso, kerros, kylmä, tasainen, vesivaaka, vatupassi, vakaa, linja, vaakasuora, samalla tasolla, sama, tasaFinnish
  • plat, niveau, nivelerFrench
  • nivoWestern Frisian
  • còmhnard, ìreScottish Gaelic
  • רמה, פלס, שלב, קומהHebrew
  • olajszint, szint, szintezHungarian
  • մակարդակ, աշխարհ, հարկ, աստիճան, հարթաչափArmenian
  • stig, borð, hallamál, hæð, jafna, jafna við jörðuIcelandic
  • equilibrato, calmo, a posto, piano, livello, costante, orizzontale, livella, uniforme, livellato, lanciare, demolire, radere al suolo, scagliare, spianare, livellare, rivolgere, puntareItalian
  • 標準Japanese
  • 수평Korean
  • libella, assolōLatin
  • lygis, lygmuo, pakopa, lygusLithuanian
  • līdzens, pakāpe, līmenisLatvian
  • tūpāMāori
  • спрат, катMacedonian
  • etage, verdieping, niveau, geëqualiseerd, constant, hoogte, waterpas, vlak, egaliserenDutch
  • vater, nivå, vatretNorwegian
  • poziomy, poziomica, piętro, poziomPolish
  • nível, fase, constante, andar, plano, nivelado, nivelar, passar, arrasar, avançar, direccionarPortuguese
  • nivel, cat, nivele, grade, plat, etaj, etaje, șes, plan, grad, nivelatRomanian
  • уровень, этап, ровный, ватерпас, степень, равнять, выравнивать, сровнять с землёй, получить уровень, выровнятьRussian
  • nivo, stepen, либела, ниво, степен, раван, libela, ravanSerbo-Croatian
  • etaža, nivo, nadstropje, stopnjaSlovene
  • nivå, höjd, lugn, steg, plan, våning, jämnhög, vattenpass, grad, jämn, bana, vågrät, jämna, rasera, levla, utjämna, nivellera, stigaSwedish
  • సున్నితముగా, సమానము, భేధము లేక, చదునైనTelugu
  • рівеньUkrainian

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