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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Jurassic, Jurassic period(adj)

    from 190 million to 135 million years ago; dinosaurs; conifers

  2. Jurassic(adj)

    of or relating to or denoting the second period of the Mesozoic era


  1. Jurassic(a.)

    Of the age of the middle Mesozoic, about 190 to 140 million years ago, including, as divided in England and Europe, the Lias, O


  1. Jurassic(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to the second period of the Mesozoic era, a time still dominated by dinosaurs.

  2. Jurassic(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to the people or region near the Jura Mountain Range of Europe.

  3. Jurassic(ProperNoun)

    The period from 200 to 146 million years ago, after the Triassic and before the Cretaceous; the geologic formations of this period.

  4. Origin: Named for the discovery and type location in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jurassic(adj)

    of the age of the middle Mesozoic, including, as divided in England and Europe, the Lias, Oolite, and Wealden; -- named from certain rocks of the Jura mountains

  2. Jurassic(noun)

    the Jurassic period or formation; -- called also the Jura


  1. Jurassic

    The Jurassic is a geologic period and system that extends from 201.3± 0.6 Ma to 145± 4 Ma; that is, from the end of the Triassic to the beginning of the Cretaceous. The Jurassic constitutes the middle period of the Mesozoic Era, also known as the Age of Reptiles. The start of the period is marked by the major Triassic–Jurassic extinction event. Another extinction event, the Late Piensbachian/Early Toarcian event, occurred in the Early Jurassic, and a third extinction event, the Late Tithonian event, occurred at the end of the Jurassic; however neither of these two events rank among the 'Big Five' mass extinction. The Jurassic is named after the Jura Mountains within the European Alps, where limestone strata from the period was first identified. By the beginning of the Jurassic, the supercontinent Pangaea had begun rifting into two landmasses, Laurasia to the north and Gondwana to the south. This created more coastlines and shifted the continental climate from dry to humid, and many of the arid deserts of the Triassic were replaced by lush rainforests. On land, the fauna transitioned from the Triassic fauna, dominated by both dinosauromorph and crocodilomorph archosaurs, to one dominated by dinosaurs. The first birds also appeared during the Jurassic, having evolved from a branch of theropod dinosaurs. Other major events include the appearance of the earliest lizards, and the evolution of therian mammals, including primitive placentals. Crocodylians made the transition from a terrestrial to an aquatic mode of life. The oceans were inhabited by marine reptiles such as ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs, while pterosaurs were the dominant flying vertebrates.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Jurassic

    jōō-ras′sik, adj. (geol.) one of the three divisions of the Mesozoic rocks, including the Lias and Oolites, and so called from its well-developed strata in the Jura Mountains.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. George Poinar Jr.:

    Grasses probably go back to the Early Cretaceous Period and possibly even the Jurassic Period.

  2. Robert Reisz:

    When we see dinosaurs in popular culture, such as in Jurassic Park, we see them depicted with big teeth sticking out of their mouths.

  3. Irvin Feld:

    I always say, it's sort of like Jurassic Park with a happy ending, we knew that if we didn't do something, maybe my grandchildren would never have the opportunity to see these incredible animals.

  4. Susannah Maidment:

    But even if one was to find some fragments of DNA, we would not be able to reconstruct a dinosaur 'Jurassic Park-style' because we would need the complete genome to figure out where the holes in the DNA are.

  5. Jessica Cole:

    What I like about films like Jurassic World and Hunger Games is there’s a draw to be in a place that’s not just Hawaii, i think it does a lot for Hawaii to have lots of different facets shown, not just the beach. Not just a palm tree here and there. It’s nice for people to know how much is really here.

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