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Princeton's WordNet

  1. joint, articulation, articulatio(noun)

    (anatomy) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if it allows motion)

  2. joint(noun)

    a disreputable place of entertainment

  3. articulation, join, joint, juncture, junction(noun)

    the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

  4. roast, joint(noun)

    a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion

  5. joint(noun)

    junction by which parts or objects are joined together

  6. joint, marijuana cigarette, reefer, stick, spliff(adj)

    marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

  7. joint(adj)

    united or combined

    "a joint session of Congress"; "joint owners"

  8. joint(adj)

    affecting or involving two or more

    "joint income-tax return"; "joint ownership"

  9. joint(verb)

    involving both houses of a legislature

    "a joint session of Congress"

  10. joint(verb)

    fit as if by joints

    "The boards fit neatly"

  11. joint, articulate(verb)

    provide with a joint

    "the carpenter jointed two pieces of wood"

  12. joint(verb)

    fasten with a joint

  13. joint(verb)

    separate (meat) at the joint


  1. joint(Noun)

    The point where two components of a structure join, but are still able to rotate.

    This rod is free to swing at the joint with the platform.

  2. joint(Noun)

    The point where two components of a structure join rigidly.

    The water is leaking out of the joint between the two pipes.

  3. joint(Noun)

    Any part of the body where two bones join, in most cases allowing that part of the body to be bent or straightened.

  4. joint(Noun)

    A means of joining two pieces of wood together so that they interlock.

    The dovetail joint, while more difficult to make, is also quite strong.

  5. joint(Noun)

    A cut of meat.

    Set the joint in a roasting tin and roast for the calculated cooking time.

  6. joint(Noun)

    A fracture in which the strata are not offset; a geologic joint.

  7. joint(Noun)

    A restaurant, bar, nightclub or similar business.

    It was the kind of joint you wouldn't want your boss to see you in.

  8. joint(Noun)

    (always with the) prison

    I'm just trying to stay out of the joint.

  9. joint(Noun)

    A marijuana cigarette.

    After locking the door and closing the shades, they lit the joint.

  10. joint(Verb)

    To unite by a joint or joints; to fit together; to prepare so as to fit together; as, to joint boards.

    Pierced through the yielding planks of jointed wood. - Alexander Pope

  11. joint(Verb)

    To join; to connect; to unite; to combine.

    Jointing their force 'gainst Cu00E6sar. - William Shakespeare

  12. joint(Verb)

    To provide with a joint or joints; to articulate.

    The fingers are jointed together for motion. - Ray.

  13. joint(Verb)

    To separate the joints; of; to divide at the joint or joints; to disjoint; to cut up into joints, as meat.

  14. joint(Verb)

    To fit as if by joints; to coalesce as joints do; as, the stones joint, neatly.

  15. joint(Adjective)

    Done by two or more people or organisations working together.

    The play was a joint production between the two companies.

  16. Origin: The (late 13th century) noun is from joint "joint of the body" (12th century), the English adjective (15th century) from Old French jointiz, both from iunctus, the past participle of iungo. See also join, jugular.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Joint(noun)

    the place or part where two things or parts are joined or united; the union of two or more smooth or even surfaces admitting of a close-fitting or junction; junction as, a joint between two pieces of timber; a joint in a pipe

  2. Joint(noun)

    a joining of two things or parts so as to admit of motion; an articulation, whether movable or not; a hinge; as, the knee joint; a node or joint of a stem; a ball and socket joint. See Articulation

  3. Joint(noun)

    the part or space included between two joints, knots, nodes, or articulations; as, a joint of cane or of a grass stem; a joint of the leg

  4. Joint(noun)

    any one of the large pieces of meat, as cut into portions by the butcher for roasting

  5. Joint(noun)

    a plane of fracture, or divisional plane, of a rock transverse to the stratification

  6. Joint(noun)

    the space between the adjacent surfaces of two bodies joined and held together, as by means of cement, mortar, etc.; as, a thin joint

  7. Joint(noun)

    the means whereby the meeting surfaces of pieces in a structure are secured together

  8. Joint(adj)

    joined; united; combined; concerted; as joint action

  9. Joint(adj)

    involving the united activity of two or more; done or produced by two or more working together

  10. Joint(adj)

    united, joined, or sharing with another or with others; not solitary in interest or action; holding in common with an associate, or with associates; acting together; as, joint heir; joint creditor; joint debtor, etc

  11. Joint(adj)

    shared by, or affecting two or more; held in common; as, joint property; a joint bond

  12. Joint(verb)

    to unite by a joint or joints; to fit together; to prepare so as to fit together; as, to joint boards

  13. Joint(verb)

    to join; to connect; to unite; to combine

  14. Joint(verb)

    to provide with a joint or joints; to articulate

  15. Joint(verb)

    to separate the joints; of; to divide at the joint or joints; to disjoint; to cut up into joints, as meat

  16. Joint(verb)

    to fit as if by joints; to coalesce as joints do; as, the stones joint, neatly

  17. Origin: [F., p. p. of joindre. See Join.]


  1. Joint

    A joint is the location at which two or more bones connect. They are constructed to allow movement and provide mechanical support, and are classified structurally and functionally.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. joint

    Connotes activities, operations, organizations, etc., in which elements of two or more Military Departments participate.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. JOINT

    Either a low limb from the butcher, or a low quarter in town; in either case the lower the tougher.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. joint

    The place where any two pieces of timber or plank are united. It is also used to express the lines which are laid down in the mould-loft for shaping the timbers.

Editors Contribution

  1. joint

    Habitat, Living Quarters, Apartment, Room in Rooming House, Flat, Abode, Attic Sleeping Room, Basement Quarters, Barroom, Saloon, BierStube, Hangout, 'Over-Eaves' Room, Squalid Habitat.

    Your 'joint' leaves much to be desired as a comfortable living space:

    Submitted by WerterBuch on February 14, 2016  

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'joint' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1619

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'joint' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1928

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'joint' in Nouns Frequency: #2399

  4. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'joint' in Adjectives Frequency: #198

How to pronounce joint?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say joint in sign language?

  1. joint


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of joint in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of joint in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of joint in a Sentence

  1. Donald Trump:

    You should do Joint Chiefs of Staff !

  2. The Kremlin:

    Joint counter terrorism work was also discussed.

  3. Kanye West:

    This a new joint right here, it's called' Water,'.

  4. Prime Minister Miro Cerar:

    If a joint solution is not found, it will start breaking up.

  5. Polo Hofer:

    Dr Tag isch nid färn wenn dä erst Bundesrat sy Joint raucht!

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  1. jointjointjointjointjoint

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Translations for joint

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • jointAfrikaans
  • مفصلArabic
  • juntura, cau, articulació, porret, conjuntCatalan, Valencian
  • kloub, společnýCzech
  • Gelenk, Schuppen, Laden, Verbindung, Knast, Joint, gemeinsamer, gemeinschaftlichGerman
  • αρμός, άρθρωση, τσιγαριλίκι, μπάφος, στενή, ένωση, κλείδωση, φυλακή, γάρο, κέρατο, συντονισμένος, συνδυασμένος, συλλογικόςGreek
  • artiko, kanabcigaredoEsperanto
  • coyuntura, bate, juntura, leño, bar, porro, trullo, articulación, canuto, junta, carruco, boliche, pito, cárcel, comunitario, en conjunto, en comúnSpanish
  • šarniir, liide, ühineEstonian
  • linna, liitoskohta, liitos, nivel, jointti, yhdistää, [[sovittaa]] [[yhteen]], [[tehdä]] [[liitos]], niveltää, liittää, niveltyä, yhteis-, liittyä, sopia yhteen, yhteinenFinnish
  • pétard, splif, rotule, jointure, assemblage, violon, gnouf, joint, oinj, bédo, tarpé, articulation, taule, auberge, cabaneFrench
  • knierWestern Frisian
  • glùnScottish Gaelic
  • հոդArmenian
  • jóna, marijúanavindlingurIcelandic
  • giunto, canna, articolazione, diaclasi, spinelloItalian
  • 関節Japanese
  • џоинт, зглобMacedonian
  • stickie, gewricht, zaak, bak, joint, verbinding, nor, gezamenlijke, gezamenlijkDutch
  • złącze, dżoint, staw, joint, skrętPolish
  • articulação, baseadoPortuguese
  • соединение, сустав, заведение, тюряга, косяк, стык, кутузка, каталажка, шарнир, совместныйRussian
  • џоинт, džointSerbo-Croatian
  • spoj, kĺbSlovak
  • kračaSlovene
  • jolle, led, kåken, joint, joppe, hak, sylta, förenad, gemensamSwedish
  • కీలుTelugu
  • з'єднання, суглоб, сумісний, спільнийUkrainian

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