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Princeton's WordNet

  1. joke, gag, laugh, jest, jape(noun)

    a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter

    "he told a very funny joke"; "he knows a million gags"; "thanks for the laugh"; "he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest"; "even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point"

  2. jest, joke, jocularity(verb)

    activity characterized by good humor

  3. joke, jest(verb)

    tell a joke; speak humorously

    "He often jokes even when he appears serious"

  4. joke, jest(verb)

    act in a funny or teasing way


  1. jest(Noun)

    An act performed for amusement; a joke.

    I shall not succumb to your jests!

  2. jest(Noun)

    Someone or something that is ridiculed; the target of a joke.

    Your majesty, stop him before he makes you the jest of the court.

  3. jest(Verb)

    To tell a joke; to talk in a playful manner; to make fun of something or someone.

    Surely you jest!

  4. Origin: From geste, from geste, from gesta

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jest(noun)

    a deed; an action; a gest

  2. Jest(noun)

    a mask; a pageant; an interlude

  3. Jest(noun)

    something done or said in order to amuse; a joke; a witticism; a jocose or sportive remark or phrase. See Synonyms under Jest, v. i

  4. Jest(verb)

    the object of laughter or sport; a laughingstock

  5. Jest(verb)

    to take part in a merrymaking; -- especially, to act in a mask or interlude

  6. Jest(verb)

    to make merriment by words or actions; to joke; to make light of anything

  7. Origin: [OE. jeste, geste, deed, action, story, tale, OF. geste, LL. gesta, orig., exploits, neut. pl. from L. gestus, p. p. of gerere to bear, carry, accomplish, perform; perh. orig., to make to come, bring, and perh. akin to E. come. Cf. Gest a deed, Register, n.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Jest

    jest, n. something ludicrous: joke: fun: something uttered in sport: object of laughter.—v.i. to make a jest: to joust.—ns. Jest′-book, a collection of funny stories; Jest′er, one who jests: a buffoon: a court-fool.—adj. Jest′ful, given to jesting.—adv. Jest′ingly.—n. Jest′ing-stock, a butt for jests. [Orig. 'a deed, a story,' M. E. geste—O. Fr. geste—L. gestagerĕre, to do.]

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Anagrams for jest »

  1. jets, Jets

  2. Jets


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of jest in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of jest in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Marcus Tullius Cicero:

    Never injure a friend, even in jest.

  2. Volodymyr Knyr:

    Even he who laughs best can be hurt by a jest.

  3. R Chamberlain:

    Bootless grief hurts a man?s self, but patience makes a jest of an injury.

  4. Samuel Johnson:

    Of all the griefs that harass the distrest, Sure the most bitter is a scornful jest.

  5. William Shakespeare:

    Alas, poor Yorick I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy...

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  1. jestjestjest

Translations for jest

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مزاحArabic
  • bromear, chiste, bromaSpanish
  • naurunaihe, pila, vitsi, vitsaillaFinnish
  • nevetség tárgya, tréfa, tréfálkozik, tréfálkozásHungarian
  • battuta, affabulare, oggetto di scherno, arguzia, zimbello, facezia, scherzo, celia, barzellettaItalian
  • iocorLatin
  • whakanene, neneMāori
  • gracejarPortuguese
  • посмешище, насмешка, шутить, остро́таRussian
  • skämta, driva, gyckla, skojaSwedish
  • 開玩笑Chinese

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