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  1. indel(Noun)

    Either an insertion or deletion mutation in the genetic code.


  1. Indel

    Indel is a molecular biology term for the insertion or the deletion of bases in the DNA of an organism. It has slightly different definitions between its use in evolutionary studies and its use in germline and somatic mutation studies. ⁕In evolutionary studies, indel is used to mean an insertion or a deletion and indels simply refers to the mutation class that includes both insertions, deletions, and the combination thereof, including insertion and deletion events that may be separated by many years, and may not be related to each other in any way. ⁕In germline and somatic mutation studies, indel describes a special mutation class, defined as a mutation resulting in both an insertion of nucleotides and a deletion nucleotides which results in a net change in the total number of nucleotides, where both changes are nearby on the DNA. A microindel is defined as an indel that results in a net change of 1 to 50 nucleotides. In coding regions of the genome, unless the length of an indel is a multiple of 3, it will produce a frameshift mutation. For example, a common microindel which results in a frameshift causes Bloom syndrome in the Japanese population. Indels can be contrasted with a point mutation. An indel inserts and deletes nucleotides from a sequence, while a point mutation is a form of substitution that replaces one of the nucleotides without changing the overall number in the DNA. Indels can also be contrasted with Tandem Base Mutations, which may result from fundamentally different mechanisms. A TBM is defined as a substitution at adjacent nucleotides


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    The numerical value of indel in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

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    The numerical value of indel in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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