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Princeton's WordNet

  1. great(adj)

    a person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field

    "he is one of the greats of American music"

  2. great(adj)

    relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind

    "a great juicy steak"; "a great multitude"; "the great auk"; "a great old oak"; "a great ocean liner"; "a great delay"

  3. great, outstanding(adj)

    of major significance or importance

    "a great work of art"; "Einstein was one of the outstanding figures of the 20th centurey"

  4. great(adj)

    remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect

    "a great crisis"; "had a great stake in the outcome"

  5. bang-up, bully, corking, cracking, dandy, great, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, not bad(p), peachy, slap-up, swell, smashing(adj)

    very good

    "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing"

  6. capital, great, majuscule(adj)


    "capital A"; "great A"; "many medieval manuscripts are in majuscule script"

  7. big(p), enceinte, expectant, gravid, great(p), large(p), heavy(p), with child(p)(adj)

    in an advanced stage of pregnancy

    "was big with child"; "was great with child"


  1. great(Noun)

    A person of major significance, accomplishment or acclaim.

    Newton and Einstein are two of the greats of the history of science.

  2. great(Adverb)

    very well

    Those mechanical colored pencils work great because they don't have to be sharpened.

  3. great(Adjective)

    Very big, large scale.

    A great storm is approaching our shores.

  4. great(Adjective)

    Very good.

    Dinner was great.

  5. great(Adjective)


  6. great(Adjective)

    Title referring to an important leader.

    Alexander the Great

  7. great(Interjection)

    Expression of gladness and content about something.

    Great! Thanks for the wonderful work.

  8. great(Interjection)

    sarcastic inversion thereof.

    Oh, great! I just dumped all 500 sheets of the manuscript all over and now I have to put them back in order.

  9. Origin: From greet, from great, from grautaz, from ghrewə-. Cognate with great, grut, groot, groß, greot, Latin grandis, Albanian ngre. More at grit.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Great

    large in space; of much size; big; immense; enormous; expanded; -- opposed to small and little; as, a great house, ship, farm, plain, distance, length

  2. Great

    large in number; numerous; as, a great company, multitude, series, etc

  3. Great

    long continued; lengthened in duration; prolonged in time; as, a great while; a great interval

  4. Great

    superior; admirable; commanding; -- applied to thoughts, actions, and feelings

  5. Great

    endowed with extraordinary powers; uncommonly gifted; able to accomplish vast results; strong; powerful; mighty; noble; as, a great hero, scholar, genius, philosopher, etc

  6. Great

    holding a chief position; elevated: lofty: eminent; distingushed; foremost; principal; as, great men; the great seal; the great marshal, etc

  7. Great

    entitled to earnest consideration; weighty; important; as, a great argument, truth, or principle

  8. Great

    pregnant; big (with young)

  9. Great

    more than ordinary in degree; very considerable in degree; as, to use great caution; to be in great pain

  10. Great

    older, younger, or more remote, by single generation; -- often used before grand to indicate one degree more remote in the direct line of descent; as, great-grandfather (a grandfather's or a grandmother's father), great-grandson, etc

  11. Great(noun)

    the whole; the gross; as, a contract to build a ship by the great

  12. Origin: [OE. gret, great, AS. gret; akin to OS. & LG. grt, D. groot, OHG. grz, G. gross. Cf. Groat the coin.]


  1. GReAT

    Graph Rewriting and Transformation is a Model Transformation Language for Model Integrated Computing available in the GME environment. GReAT has a rich pattern specification sublanguage, a graph transformation sublanguage and a high level control-flow sublanguage. It has been designed to address the specific needs of the model transformation area. The GME environment is an example of a Model Driven Engineering framework.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Great

    grāt, adj. large: long continued: superior: distinguished: highly gifted: noble: mighty: sublime: of high rank: chief: proud, arrogant: weighty: difficult: important: pregnant, teeming: indicating one degree more remote in the direct line of descent, as Great′-grand′father, Great′-grand′son.—adj. Great′-bel′lied (Shak.), pregnant.—n. Great′coat, an overcoat.—v.t. Great′en (Browning), to make great.—v.i. to become great.—ns. Great′-grand′child, the child of a grandchild; Great′-grand′mother, the mother of a grand-parent.—adj. Great′-heart′ed, having a great or noble heart: high-spirited: noble.—adv. Great′ly.—ns. Great′ness; Great′-prim′er (see Primer); Greats, the final examination in the Honours Schools at Oxford, &c.; Great′-un′cle, usually grand-uncle, a grandfather's or grandmother's brother.—Great Dane, one of a breed of large close-haired dogs from Denmark, a boar-hound; Great Powers, the chief countries of Europe—France, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Austro-Hungary; Great schism, the division between the Latin and Greek Churches, begun in the 9th century, and culminating in 1054; Great Sea, the Mediterranean; Great unwashed, an absurd term sometimes applied to the working classes generally.—Greater Britain, the whole colonial empire of Great Britain.—The great, people of rank. [A.S. greát; Dut. groot, Ger. gross; perh. allied to grand, gross, grow.]

Editors Contribution

  1. great

    Used to emphasize a word.

    He was a great singer, we loved to go and hear him sing and play his music.

    Submitted by MaryC on April 16, 2016  

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'great' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #186

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'great' in Written Corpus Frequency: #290

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'great' in Adjectives Frequency: #5

Anagrams for great »

  1. grate, Greta. targe

  2. Greta

How to pronounce great?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say great in sign language?

  1. great


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of great in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of great in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of great in a Sentence

  1. The Foreign Secretary:

    It's a great day.

  2. President Trump:

    He's a great guy.

  3. Neighbor Chris Vorobek:

    He was a great kid.

  4. Sydney McLaughlin:

    It was a great day.

  5. Jessica Shepherd:

    It’s a great idea.

Images & Illustrations of great

  1. greatgreatgreatgreatgreat

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Translations for great

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • عظيم, رائع, كبيرArabic
  • цудо́ўны, вялі́кі, выда́тныBelarusian
  • чуде́сен, отли́чен, голя́мBulgarian
  • fabulós, enorme, genial, granCatalan, Valencian
  • skvělý, velikýCzech
  • вєликъOld Church Slavonic, Church Slavonic, Old Bulgarian
  • grêt, mawr, gwychWelsh
  • nice, super, fedt, storDanish
  • wundervoll, schön, groß, Große, fein, großartigGerman
  • εξαιρετικός, περίφημος, μεγάλος, θαυμάσιαGreek
  • egaEsperanto
  • bien, Grande, Magno, formidable, gran, grandioso, [[muy]] [[bueno]]Spanish
  • بزرگ, عظیم, عالی, سترگPersian
  • mahtavaa, suuri, valtava, jättimäinen, erinomainen, mahtavaFinnish
  • mikil, stórurFaroese
  • grand, super, grande, formidable, excellent, génial, très bienFrench
  • grutWestern Frisian
  • mórIrish
  • נפלאה, נהדרת, גדול, נפלא, נהדר, טוב מאוד, מעולהHebrew
  • महानHindi
  • nagy, nagyszerűHungarian
  • հոյակապ, մեծArmenian
  • besarIndonesian
  • grandaIdo
  • mikill, stórIcelandic
  • grandioso, bene, grande, magna, magnoItalian
  • すばらしい, 偉大, 素敵, すごい, 偉い, 大王Japanese
  • საუცხოო, დიდი, შესანიშნავი, ვაშა, შესანიშნავადGeorgian
  • ព្រះមហាវីរក្សត្រKhmer
  • 위대하다, 크다, 대단하다Korean
  • زۆر چاک, مه‌زنKurdish
  • brâsCornish
  • magnaLatin
  • didysis, puikus, nuostabus, didelisLithuanian
  • izcils, varens, lielisks, liels, dižsLatvian
  • mokorahiMāori
  • одличен, одлично, супер, велик, голем, велика́нMacedonian
  • fijn, heerlijk, fantastisch, prachtig, grootDutch
  • tsohNavajo, Navaho
  • formidableOccitan
  • wspaniały, super, wielki, świetny, świetnie, fajnie, fajnoPolish
  • لوی, غوره, سترPashto, Pushto
  • grandioso, ótimo, distinto, grande, enorme, magnífico, bemPortuguese
  • hatunQuechua
  • mare, superb, minunat, [[foarte]] [[bun]]Romanian
  • вели́кий, великоле́пный, отли́чный, чуде́сный, замеча́тельный, прекра́сный, класс, отли́чно, здо́рово, большойRussian
  • odličan, izvrstan, вѐлик, одличан, vèlik, голем, изврстан, golemSerbo-Croatian
  • veľký, skvelýSlovak
  • odličen, velikSlovene
  • stor, jättebraSwedish
  • бузургTajik
  • ยอดเยี่ยมThai
  • ünlüTurkish
  • чудо́вий, вели́кий, чуде́сний, прекра́снийUkrainian
  • tuyệtVietnamese
  • Chinese

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