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  1. Gargling

    of Gargle


  1. Gargling

    Gargling is the act in which one bubbles a liquid in one's mouth. It usually requires that the head be tilted back, allowing a mouthful of liquid to sit in the upper throat. The head can be tilted by extending either the neck or the back, depending on what is comfortable for the gargler. Air is then expelled from the lungs, causing the liquid to bubble and undulate throughout the throat and mouth region. As gargling can be done repetitively with the same liquid for greater periods than a person's lung capacity allows, one temporarily tilts the head forward to be able to breathe in again easily, as the liquid travels to the front of the mouth. Breathing in can be done through the mouth for people with nasal congestion; this requires a lesser amount of liquid so that it does not spill out when the mouth is opened for inhaling. It is a common method of cleansing the throat, when gargling warm water and salt, if one has a sore throat due to upper-respiratory virus, infection or other cause. Gargling is practiced in Japan for perceived prevention of viral infection. A 2005 study found that gargling either with simple water or a providone/iodine solution was effective in preventing upper respiratory infection and decreasing the severity of symptoms if contracted. A later study found that the same procedure did not prevent influenza-like illnesses. Other sources attribute the benefit to a simple placebo effect. One commonly used way is with tisanes, or tea.


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    The numerical value of gargling in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of gargling in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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