What does eternity mean?

Definitions for eternity
ɪˈtɜr nɪ tieter·ni·ty

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word eternity.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. eternity, infinitynoun

    time without end

  2. eternity, timelessness, timeless existencenoun

    a state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife

  3. eternitynoun

    a seemingly endless time interval (waiting)


  1. eternitynoun

    Existence without end, infinite time.

  2. eternitynoun

    existence outside of time (compare sempiternity).

  3. eternitynoun

    A period of time which extends infinitely far into the future.

  4. eternitynoun

    (metaphysical) The remainder of time that elapses after death.

  5. eternitynoun

    A comparatively long time.

    It's been an eternity since we last saw each other.

  6. Etymology: aeternitas.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Eternitynoun

    Etymology: æternitas, Latin.

    In this ground his precious root
    Still lives, which, when weak time shall be pour’d out
    Into eternity, and circular joys
    Dancing an endless round, again shall rise. Richard Crashaw.

    Thy immortal rhyme
    Makes this one short point of time,
    To fill up half the orb of round eternity. Abraham Cowley.

    By repeating the idea of any length of duration which we have in our minds, with all the endless addition of number, we come by the idea of eternity. John Locke.

    Beyond is all abyss,
    Eternity, whose end no eye can reach! John Milton, Parad. Lost.

    Eternity, thou pleasing, dreadful thought!
    Through what variety of untried being,
    Through what new scenes and changes must we pass. Add.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eternitynoun

    infinite duration, without beginning in the past or end in the future; also, duration without end in the future; endless time

  2. Eternitynoun

    condition which begins at death; immortality

  3. Etymology: [F. ternit, L. aeternitas, fr. aeternus. See Etern.]


  1. Eternity

    Eternity is endless time. In philosophy and mathematics, an infinite duration is also called sempiternity, or everlasting. Eternity is an important concept in many religions, where the immortality of God is said to endure eternally. Some, such as Aristotle, would say the same about the natural cosmos in regard to both past and future eternal duration, and like the eternal Platonic Forms, immutability was considered essential.

The Roycroft Dictionary

  1. eternity

    1. The Sunday of Time. 2. The sublimest thought of the brain of Ignorance. 3. A symphony written by a Beethoven of the ineffable _x_ dimension. 4. The North Pole of the hours. 5. Monstrance of the Holy O. 6. A corrosive acid that obliterates Before and Afterward.

Editors Contribution

  1. eternity

    Infinite time.

    WE as humans have developed the technology to exist on planet earth for eternity and be youthful and healthy too.

    Submitted by MaryC on April 22, 2020  

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of eternity in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of eternity in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Examples of eternity in a Sentence

  1. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    1. The heart is a phone, the numerology of the code of fate, this is a phone number. 2. Supreme ecstasy, your beauty awakens base instincts, each touch to you is a billion times exciting than before, I plunge into sincere love, it is a trillion times sweeter to look at you, an endless poem of compliments long for eternity, a bath of passion. 3. Dawn and sunset of the chance of life, transient imperceptibly, the howl of the soul, and the melodies of thoughts, the rain tries to drown sadness, life offers billions of fictitious meanings of life. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  2. Mehmet Murat ildan:

    There is a way up to the skies, up to the stars, up to the beyond, up the eternity. That way is creating a world where people can think and express their ideas freely! Seek no other way!

  3. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    1. To love through a bunch of problems, through scandals and hatred and anger. Love is the only rational phenomenon. 2. Life is the sadness of the realization that you are really alone where there are many people. Alone, reality is seen sharper and clearer. All the details of the truth and true attitude are visible. 3. Loneliness is when even tears do not help wash away the awareness. 4. Sadness from loneliness is bottomless and you will know at the bottom a new world in which there is a different consciousness. Thinking is a navigator in the globe of various consciousnesses from awareness. 5. Understanding is a stethoscope of empathy in which the cry of the soul is heard. 6. To stop being afraid of loneliness is like to stop being afraid of the dark and death. Just acknowledge the infinity of life, that we are immortal in this eternity. Remove limited consciousness within life. 7. The city of the future is a continuous neural network of empathy for understanding, perhaps because of this, banality, the network from which people plunge deeper and deeper into dreams of selfishness and self-improvement. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  4. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    Time and the subconscious Time is a quantum, psychological trap of our subconsciousness in which the script of our life is built, our fate is programmed by our subconscious. 2. The sand aesthetics of our mind The wind of inevitability draws memories in the sand and falls asleep with new waves of stories. And the way he does it is the whole art of the philosophy of awareness. The sand aesthetics that our mind draws is washed away by oblivion. And this shows that the mind has no values, because everything undergoes oblivion disappears into oblivion and everything is immersed in newness. 3. Rock music Rock is a high tension of adrenaline in the strings of a rock guitar, it lives and bleeds and the soul soars into the sky, melodies passing from darkness to light. Inferno of blazing anger in the grinding of metal, burns everything around. 4. Insanity is the sweet lie of our minds compared to the truth of sanity. 5. The brain is bleeding from awareness in the inner bio-quantum chamber, in which the organism of the personality is grown, which believes that it has lived for eternity. 6. Dreams are an illusory projection of the deepening of the paradoxical space in life, where the wings of imagination are constrained by the fear of submission both in reality and in a dream. 7. Cunning is poverty of the mind. 8. Dreams are vile jokes of our minds, they are comical self-hatred. Symbolic, philosophical allegories expressed in bright colors of self-irony. 9. The asylum is the abode of society's broken toys. The asylum is the abode of society's broken toys. 2. Life in a mental hospital of the human world Constant rebirth in reincarnation and the wheel of samsara, Life is a bio-quantum incubator for the accelerated growth of personality, a hyper accelerated awareness for a century, which seems to have lived an eternity, in a chamber in which the gas of someone else's madness. Eternity in the asylum of the human world drives even the most reasonable ones crazy. Others evolve and transform into angels in human flesh. 3. Precious and semi-precious stones give energy that is transformed into philosophy. 4. Forgotten people Thousands and thousands of drowned souls in oblivion and enemies and friends. A mountain was formed, the top of which a man sits, on the mountain from the corpses of forgotten and erased people who made up the main content of life. 5. Loneliness of man Loneliness is the loose sands of selfishness. You are being pulled deeper into your own egoism of loneliness and it becomes more difficult to pull you out over time. You merge with reality. You get used to loneliness to such an extent that you cannot get used to someone, you are used to sleeping alone, and you cannot sleep when a representative of the opposite sex is sleeping in your bed. 6. Life is a movie take Life is a cinema industry of incriminating evidence of higher powers, constant rebirths of reincarnation are endless movie takes. In front of lies or hypocrisy, a numbering clapper announces the scene of a comic sketch of self-deception. 7. Fear is the prelude to truth. Fear is the fear of the truth. 8. Analytical thinking is the third eye 9. Marriage is like a playhouse, only suitable for a certain adulthood. 10. Vanity is infantilism in a rope, the main thing here is imagination. Reality is an infernal black comedy of truth, ironic black humor of a scenario of life, where justice is just sarcasm. Thoughts are lightning, the mystical fire of the universe. Science plays the board game Doctor, they know that the human body is the main key to the secrets of the universe and existence itself, but immortality will give the most important secret of life, and it will tell you that over time a person does not value anything, he is just a spectator and a consumer with popcorn, which symbolizes values, for a pessimist it is salty, for an optimist, sweet caramel hedonism. The game of caps of values ​​of intergenerational generations is a war of illusion. Fantasy as endless facets of imagination Geek dice for board games, imagination is an attempt to know oneself and at the same time a great denial of true reality. Imagination is a fog of illusion drugs. Consciousness is a starship in an infinite space of thoughts, a multi-dimensional universe of various levels of awareness. Body modification and plastic surgery, etc., this is an escape from the true self, from its essence from its own perfection given by God. This immersion in the endless illusions of the ego, pride and vanity is a parody of your self, you paint your portrait from the lower feelings. Pride, ego, vanity are all fear, a thirst to materialize in history, in a world where everything is forgotten - this is the only thing that connects you with the tiny world of people, abandoning them you will know the infinity of the universe. Love, selfless nobility and forgiveness are the immortality of humanity. Higher awareness is the highest dimension of love. Awareness is the subconscious wormholes that reveal the future. Hatred belittles you, as it is just a drop of disappointment in the ocean of indifference. Honest people are sappers. You may remain a virgin for life, but you will be a rich virgin. Protect yourself from anger. Humor is like a condom in your pocket, you never know when you need it. A comedian is a cucumber in a jar, he pickles for a long time with his inadequate, but funny life. The heart is a mature mind. Whereas the brain with its instincts will always be a child. Obsession is a thought on the grill. In the layout of greed. The essence of the continuation of progress, that is, the banquet of hedonism, is colonization. Create an artificial paradise of illusions and dreams and turn it into a business. Illusion is a win-win business. Many ghosts - this is a memory, a ghost is the philosophical thought of the universe about life experience. The city is a camp for refugees from reality and from the very endlessness of life. It is not only our organism that has a machine structure, but our modern culture is becoming a mechanized association. Filigree study of human behavior, modified by socialization. All this turns us into soulless robots of society. Only the aware one knows the jungle of a loved one. The human world is the result of a sick imagination of illusions, consisting of fear and despair. The illusion of the ego, which diminishes consciousness. There are billions of worlds, just choose your own, this is what makes us lonely, since a foreign world for us is a wild exotic of misunderstanding. Since one ego does not understand the other, the illusion of uniqueness. Because it is awareness that we have in common and makes us equal and deprives us of the ego. Our mind has cartoonish thinking, surreal logic of selfishness. That is why news is cartoons. People who undergo plastic surgery are like cartoons. Autumn is the maturity of thoughtfulness, the golden sunset of life. Talents at the bottom, only sociopaths at the top. Art forms a single, common mentality among all mankind. 2. The meaning of life is in the cyclical timing. In a recurring film, having seen it several hundred or thousand times, you will understand the hidden meaning of being. The secret of life is like annoying advertising in front of your face, which offers its benefits, that is, a strong family. 3. Violins sound nervously like the buzzing of bees - these are thoughts. Spontaneity is the bridge of consciousness to the subconscious of the true self, that is, sincerity. 5. The level of intelligence is determined in the level of awareness, in the depth of insight. Many people do not have enough intelligence to give up the illusion of complexes. 6. Money sharpens predatory reflexes like a blade. 7. Life consumes you. 8. Mercantile people in love see only benefit, but not truth. 9. Selfishness is a state of stagnation. 10. Loneliness is a cocoon of self-discovery. Having found himself, a person will never be alone. 11. Without knowing the path of the body, philosophy becomes meaningless. 12. The less testosterone, the more you enjoy being alone. 13. We feel the world much deeper in solitude. The essence of the truth of reality will give loneliness. 14. Detachment from this world turns you into a spectator and you learn the depths of awareness. Loneliness is like death, as if you died to society. They see you as a ghost. 15. Loneliness is the inner self-improvement of the soul. For the most part, you feel the soul. And you feel the world at a particularly subtle level of consciousness. 16. Loneliness is an endless journey where every stop is like a life lesson. Without a final stop in the circle of the cycle of life. 17. All locks of pride fell under the yoke of profit. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  5. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    1. Sins are sleepwalking, a person does not understand what he is doing. All sins are unconscious. 2. Reality is morally decaying, from indifference and selfishness. 3. Hope is getting old. 4. 1. By shedding the snake skin of selfishness, you become more sincere. 2. Time manipulates the speed of fear. 3. Time is the cycles of the subconscious, as in the scenario of life everything happens in time. Meticulously directed by the script of the subconscious mind. Where fear is like a shocker that creates a quantum leap in the awareness that you can't behave like that. And this is reflected in the future life. 5. 1. Insensitivity is humility and fearlessness. 2. Natural selection in the amount of wages. Girls laugh when they find out how much you earn, because love for money, no money, no love. So find one that will not be funny, that is, not materialistic. 6. 1. Depression from loneliness in her there is something lulling and comforting in the feeling of romance, in the emptiness of feelings. Reality seems endless. Depression is the romance of endless emptiness. 7. Eternity in reincarnation and the wheel of samsara plunges into indifference. 8. The night that hides the secrets of depression and despondency and loneliness, everything is hidden in the darkness, pain is felt in it, the red color of fornication in which people and life can be lost like a fog hidden in the smoke of thoughts, each in himself and it is shown that each is in his own dimension. Life is oblivion in which a person plunges into indifference. 9. Loneliness is insensibility, you start living in the present. 1. A person lost in himself in the world in society. Alien in this world and society. He loses contact with the ship of life and is carried away by the current into the depths of reality. Into the depths of the cosmos of thoughts. In a reality in which there is no air of life, but there are worlds in which one could live and learn the meaning of life, in every life in every world the meaning of life is different, a person is what his scenario of life is. Absolute levitation of consciousness. In which awareness floats in the endless emptiness of reality. In the midst of the cold of indifference. 2. Thought is a black hole in space. 1. Curved mirrors of symbolism metamorphoses. (Distortion of reality by imagination). 2. An indelible smile of the psyche, endowed with resentment for life. 3. Tears make the world transparent. 4. Insight anabolics are the basis of motivation. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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