What does ecclesia mean?

Definitions for ecclesiaɪˈkli ʒi ə, -zi ə; -ʒiˌi, -ziˌi

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  1. ecclesia(Noun)

    The public legislative assembly of the Athenians.

  2. ecclesia(Noun)

    A church, either as a body or as a building.

  3. ecclesia(Noun)

    The congregation, the group of believers, symbolic body or building.

  4. Origin: From ecclesia

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ecclesia(noun)

    the public legislative assembly of the Athenians

  2. Ecclesia(noun)

    a church, either as a body or as a building

  3. Origin: [L., fr. Gr. .]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Ecclesia

    e-klē′zi-a, n. a popular assembly, esp. of Athens, where the people exercised full sovereignty, and all above twenty years could vote: applied by the Septuagint commentators to the Jewish commonwealth, and from them to the Christian Church.—adj. Ecclē′sial.—ns. Ecclē′siarch, a ruler of the church; Ecclē′siast, the preacher—Solomon formerly considered as the author of Ecclesiastes: an ecclesiastic; Ecclē′siastes, one of the books of the Old Testament, traditionally ascribed to Solomon; Ecclesias′tic, one consecrated to the church, a priest, a clergyman.—adjs. Ecclē′siastic, -al, belonging to the church.—adv. Ecclesias′tically, in an ecclesiastical manner.—ns. Ecclesias′ticism, attachment to ecclesiastical observances, &c.: the churchman's temper or spirit; Ecclesias′ticus, name of a book of the Apocrypha; Ecclesiol′atry, excessive reverence for church forms and traditions.—adj. Ecclesiolog′ical.—ns. Ecclesiol′ogist, a student of church forms and traditions; Ecclesiol′ogy, the science of building and decorating churches: the science relating to the church. [Low L.,—Gr. ekklesia, an assembly called out of the world, the church—ek, out, and kalein, to call.]


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