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dræft, drɑftdraught

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. draft, draught, potation, tipplenoun

    a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg

    "they served beer on draft"

  2. gulp, draft, draught, swignoun

    a large and hurried swallow

    "he finished it at a single gulp"

  3. draft, draughtnoun

    a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)

  4. draft, draughtnoun

    the depth of a vessel's keel below the surface (especially when loaded)

  5. draft, draughtnoun

    a dose of liquid medicine

    "he took a sleeping draft"

  6. draft, draught, drawingverb

    the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling

  7. blueprint, draft, draughtverb

    make a blueprint of


  1. draughtnoun

    The action or an act of pulling something along, especially a beast of burden, vehicle or tractor.

  2. draughtnoun

    The act of drawing.

  3. draughtnoun

    That which is drawn.

  4. draughtnoun

    That which draws.

  5. draughtnoun

    Capacity of being drawn.

  6. draughtnoun

    A current of air (usually coming into a room or vehicle).

  7. draughtnoun

    The depth below the water line to the bottom of a vessel's hull.

  8. draughtnoun

    An amount of liquid that is drunk in one swallow.

    She took a deep draught from the bottle of water.

  9. draughtnoun

    The act of drawing in a net for fish.

  10. draughtnoun

    A game piece used in the game of draughts.

  11. draughtnoun

    A type of beer, brewed using a top-fermenting yeast; ale.

  12. draughtnoun

    Beer drawn from a cask or keg rather than a bottle or can.

  13. draughtnoun

    A dose of medicine in liquid form.

  14. draughtnoun

    A privy.

  15. draughtnoun

    A drawing or picture.

  16. Etymology: From dræht, from drahtiz.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Draughtnoun

    Etymology: from draw.

    Fill high the goblets with a sparkling flood,
    And with deep draughts invoke our common god. Dryden.

    They slung up one of their hogsheads, and I drank it off at a draught, which I might well do; for it did not hold half a pint. Gulliver’s Travels.

    He had once continued about nine days without drink; and he might have continued longer, if, by distempering himself one night with hard study, he had not had some inclination to take a small draught. Boyle.

    I have cured some very desperate coughs by a draught every morning of spring-water, with a handful of sage boiled in it. William Temple.

    Every draught, to him that has quenched his thirst, is but a further quenching of nature; a provision for rheum and diseases. Robert South, Sermons.

    Long draughts of sleep his monstrous limbs enslave;
    He reels, and, falling, fills the spacious cave. John Dryden, Æn.

    Were it a draught for Juno when she banquets,
    I would not taste thy treasonous offer. John Milton.

    Number’d ills, that lie unseen
    In the pernicious draught: the word obscene,
    Or harsh, which, once elanc’d, must ever fly
    Irrevocable; the too prompt reply. Matthew Prior.

    Delicious wines th’ attending herald brought;
    The gold gave lustre to the purple draught. Alexander Pope, Odyssey.

    A general custom of using oxen for all sorts of draught, would be perhaps the greatest improvement. William Temple.

    The most occasion that farmers have, is for draught horses. John Mortimer, Husbandry.

    The Hertfordshire wheel-plough is the best and strongest for most uses, and of the easiest draught. John Mortimer, Husband.

    Her pencil drew whate’er her soul design’d,
    And oft the happy draught surpass’d the image in her mind. Dryden.

    A good inclination is but the first rude draught of virtue; but the finishing strokes are from the will. Robert South, Sermons.

    I have, in a short draught, given a view of our original ideas, from whence all the rest are derived. John Locke.

    Whereas in other creatures we have but the trace of his footsteps, in man we have the draught of his hand: in him were united all the scattered perfections of the creature. South.

    Upon the draught of a pond not one fish was left, but two pikes grown to an excessive bigness. Matthew Hale, Origin of Mankind.

    He laid down his pipe, and cast his net, which brought him a very great draught. Roger L'Estrange, Fable 109.

    Geffrey of Boullion, the glorious general, at one draught of his bow, shooting against David’s tower in Jerusalem, broached three feetless birds called allerions. William Camden, Rem.

    I conceive the manner of your handling of the service, by drawing sudden draughts upon the enemy, when he looketh not for you; and to watch advantages upon him, as he doth upon you. Edmund Spenser, Ireland.

    Such a draught of forces would lessen the number of those, that might otherwise be employed. Addison.

    Whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught. Mat. xv. 17.

    With roomy decks, her guns of mighty strength,
    Deep in her draught, and warlike in her length. Dryden.

    With a small vessel one may keep within a mile of the shore, go amongst rocks, and pass over shoals, where a vessel of any draught would strike. Henry Ellis, Voyage.


  1. draught

    A draught, also spelled "draft," has several meanings depending on the context. It can refer to: 1) A current of air, typically in an enclosed space like a room or hall. 2) The amount of liquid that is poured or consumed in one serving, often relating to alcoholic beverages such as beer. 3) The depth of water needed for a boat or ship to float properly, often called "draft" in nautical terms and defined as the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull. 4) A preliminary version of a piece of writing, like a legal document, article, or novel. 5) The action or act of pulling or drawing, like a team of horses drawing a plow. 6) In games like American football or basketball, a system in which teams select new players from a pool of eligible attendees. 7) A demand for payment, particularly one made by a bank. 8) The act of drawing in a fish net, often called a "draft" in the fishing industry. 9) A quantity of a medicinal substance to be taken at one time. The exact definition depends highly on the context in which the term "draught" or "draft" is used.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Draughtnoun

    the act of drawing or pulling

  2. Draughtnoun

    the act of moving loads by drawing, as by beasts of burden, and the like

  3. Draughtnoun

    the drawing of a bowstring

  4. Draughtnoun

    act of drawing a net; a sweeping the water for fish

  5. Draughtnoun

    the act of drawing liquor into the mouth and throat; the act of drinking

  6. Draughtnoun

    a sudden attack or drawing upon an enemy

  7. Draughtnoun

    the act of selecting or detaching soldiers; a draft (see Draft, n., 2)

  8. Draughtnoun

    the act of drawing up, marking out, or delineating; representation

  9. Draughtnoun

    that which is drawn

  10. Draughtnoun

    that which is taken by sweeping with a net

  11. Draughtnoun

    the force drawn; a detachment; -- in this sense usually written draft

  12. Draughtnoun

    the quantity drawn in at once in drinking; a potion or potation

  13. Draughtnoun

    a sketch, outline, or representation, whether written, designed, or drawn; a delineation

  14. Draughtnoun

    an order for the payment of money; -- in this sense almost always written draft

  15. Draughtnoun

    a current of air moving through an inclosed place, as through a room or up a chimney

  16. Draughtnoun

    that which draws

  17. Draughtnoun

    a team of oxen or horses

  18. Draughtnoun

    a sink or drain; a privy

  19. Draughtnoun

    a mild vesicatory; a sinapism; as, to apply draughts to the feet

  20. Draughtnoun

    capacity of being drawn; force necessary to draw; traction

  21. Draughtnoun

    the depth of water necessary to float a ship, or the depth a ship sinks in water, especially when laden; as, a ship of twelve feet draught

  22. Draughtnoun

    an allowance on weighable goods. [Eng.] See Draft, 4

  23. Draughtnoun

    a move, as at chess or checkers

  24. Draughtnoun

    the bevel given to the pattern for a casting, in order that it may be drawn from the sand without injury to the mold

  25. Draughtnoun

    see Draft, n., 7

  26. Draughtadjective

    used for drawing vehicles, loads, etc.; as, a draught beast; draught hooks

  27. Draughtadjective

    relating to, or characterized by, a draft, or current of air

  28. Draughtadjective

    used in making drawings; as, draught compasses

  29. Draughtadjective

    drawn directly from the barrel, or other receptacle, in distinction from bottled; on draught; -- said of ale, cider, and the like

  30. Draughtverb

    to draw out; to call forth. See Draft

  31. Draughtverb

    to diminish or exhaust by drawing

  32. Draughtverb

    to draw in outline; to make a draught, sketch, or plan of, as in architectural and mechanical drawing

  33. Etymology: [The same as draft, the spelling with gh indicating an older pronunciation. See Draft, n., Draw.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Draught

    dräft, n. act of drawing: force needed to draw: the act of drinking: the quantity drunk at a time: outline of a picture: that which is taken in a net by drawing: a chosen detachment of men: a current of air: the depth to which a ship sinks in the water.—v.t. (more commonly Draft), to draw out.—n. Draught′-en′gine, the engine over the shaft of a coal-pit.—n.pl. Draught′-hooks, large iron hooks fixed on the cheeks of a cannon-carriage.—ns. Draught′-house (B.), a sink, privy; Draught′iness; Draught′-net, a drag-net.—n.pl. Draughts, a game in which two persons make alternate moves (draughts) on a checkered board, called the Draught′board, with pieces called Draughts′men—U.S. checkers, Scot. dambrod.—n. Draughts′man (see Draftsman).—adj. Draught′y, full of draughts or currents of air. [M. E. draht—A.S. dragan, to draw. See Drag, v., and Draw.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. draught

    A small allowance for waste on goods sold by weight.

  2. draught

    The depth of water a ship displaces, or of a body of fluid necessary to float a vessel; hence a ship is said to draw so many feet of water when she requires that depth to float her, which, to be more readily known, are marked on the stem and stern-post from the keel upwards. Also, the old name for a chart. Also, the delineation of a ship designed to be built, drawn on a given scale, generally a quarter-inch to the foot, for the builders. (See SHEER-DRAUGHT.)

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. draught

    The act of drawing men from a military band, army, or post, or from any company or society; draft; detachment; also, formerly, a sudden attack or drawing upon an enemy.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of draught in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of draught in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Examples of draught in a Sentence

  1. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller:

    One drop of hatred left in the cup of joy turns the most blissful draught into poison.

  2. South:

    A good inclination is but the first rude draught of virtue, but the finishing strokes are from the will, which, if well disposed, will by degrees perfect it, as if all disposed will quickly deface it.

  3. Charlotte Bronte:

    Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition.

  4. Henry James, "The Ambassadors", Book Fourth, Chapter 2:

    Thanks to his constant habit of shaking the bottle in which life handed him the wine of experience, he presently found the taste of the lees rising as usual into his draught.

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