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Definitions for discharge
dɪsˈtʃɑrdʒ; ˈdɪs tʃɑrdʒ, dɪsˈtʃɑrdʒdis·charge

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dischargenoun

    the sudden giving off of energy

  2. discharge, ventingnoun

    the act of venting

  3. discharge, emissionnoun

    a substance that is emitted or released

  4. discharge, emission, expellingnoun

    any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body

    "the discharge of pus"

  5. discharge, spark, arc, electric arc, electric dischargenoun

    electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field

  6. discharge, outpouring, runnoun

    the pouring forth of a fluid

  7. dismissal, dismission, discharge, firing, liberation, release, sack, sackingnoun

    the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)

  8. release, waiver, dischargenoun

    a formal written statement of relinquishment

  9. discharge, firing, firing offverb

    the act of discharging a gun

  10. dispatch, discharge, completeverb

    complete or carry out

    "discharge one's duties"

  11. dischargeverb

    pour forth or release

    "discharge liquids"

  12. free, dischargeverb

    free from obligations or duties

  13. dischargeverb

    remove the charge from

  14. fire, discharge, go offverb

    go off or discharge

    "The gun fired"

  15. acquit, assoil, clear, discharge, exonerate, exculpateverb

    pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

    "The suspect was cleared of the murder charges"

  16. exhaust, discharge, expel, eject, releaseverb

    eliminate (a substance)

    "combustion products are exhausted in the engine"; "the plant releases a gas"

  17. drop, drop off, set down, put down, unload, dischargeverb

    leave or unload

    "unload the cargo"; "drop off the passengers at the hotel"

  18. fire, dischargeverb

    cause to go off

    "fire a gun"; "fire a bullet"

  19. discharge, muster outverb

    release from military service

  20. empty, dischargeverb

    become empty or void of its content

    "The room emptied"


  1. dischargenoun

    (uncountable) pus or exudate (other than blood) from a wound or orifice, usually due to infection or pathology

  2. dischargenoun

    the act of accomplishing (an obligation)

  3. dischargenoun

    the act of expelling or letting go

  4. dischargenoun

    the act of releasing an accumulated charge

  5. dischargenoun

    the act of releasing an inpatient from hospital

  6. dischargenoun

    the act of releasing a member of the armed forces from service

  7. dischargenoun

    the discharge of a river is the volume of water transported by it in a certain amount of time, usually in units of m/s (cubic meters per second)

  8. dischargeverb

    To accomplish or complete, as an obligation.

  9. dischargeverb

    To expel or let go.

  10. dischargeverb

    To release (an accumulated charge).

  11. dischargeverb

    To release (an inpatient) from hospital.

  12. dischargeverb

    To release (a member of the armed forces) from service.

  13. dischargeverb

    To operate (any weapon that fires a projectile, such as a shotgun or sling).

  14. dischargeverb

    To release (an auxiliary assumption) from the list of assumptions used in arguments, and return to the main argument.

  15. dischargeverb

    To unload a ship or another means of transport.

  16. Etymology: From descharger, from deschargier, from discarricō.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Dischargenoun

    Etymology: from the verb.

    As the heat of all springs is owing to subterraneous fire, so wherever there are any extraordinary discharges of this fire, there also are the neighbouring springs hotter than ordinary. John Woodward.

    The hæmorrhage being stopped, the next occurrence is a thin serous discharge. Samuel Sharp, Surgery.

    Mark the discharge of the little cloud upon glass or gems, or blades of swords, and you shall see it ever break up first in the skirts, and last in the middle. Francis Bacon, Natural History.

    He warns
    Us, haply too secure of our discharge
    From penalty, because from death releas’d
    Some days. John Milton, Paradise Lost, b. xi. l. 196.

    The text expresses the sound estate of the conscience, not barely by its not accusing, but by its not condemning us; which word imports properly an acquittance or discharge of a man upon some precedent accusation, and a full trial and cognizance of his cause. Robert South, Sermons.

    O, all my hopes defeated
    To free him hence! But death, who sets all free,
    Hath paid his ransom now and full discharge. John Milton, Agonist.

    The obligations of hospitality and protection are so sacred, that nothing can absolve us from the discharge of those duties. Roger L'Estrange, Fable 149.

    There is no discharge in that war, neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it. Eccl. viii. 8.

  2. To DISCHARGEverb

    Etymology: discharger, French.

    How rich in humble poverty is he,
    Who leads a quiet country life;
    Discharg’d of business, void of strife. Dryden.

    When they have taken a degree, and are consequently grown a burden to their friends, who now think themselves fully discharged, they get into orders as soon as they can. Jonathan Swift.

    I will convey them by sea in floats, unto the place that thou shalt appoint me, and will cause them to be discharged. 1 Ki. v.

    Mounting his eyes,
    He did discharge a horrible oath. William Shakespeare, Henry VIII.

    Infected minds,
    To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. William Shakespeare, Macb.

    Nor were those blust’ring brethren left at large,
    On seas and shores their fury to discharge. John Dryden, Ovid.

    Soon may kind heav’n a sure relief provide;
    Soon may your sire discharge the vengeance due,
    And all your wrongs the proud oppressors rue. Alexander Pope, Odyssey.

    Discharge thy shafts; this ready bosom rend. Alexander Pope, Stat.

    A conceit runneth abroad, that there should be a white powder, which will discharge a piece without noise. Francis Bacon.

    The galleys also did oftentimes, out of their prows, discharge their great pieces against the city. Richard Knolles, History.

    We discharged a pistol, and had the sound returned upon us fifty-six times, though the air was foggy. Joseph Addison, on Italy.

    Death of one person can be paid but once,
    And that she has discharged. William Shakespeare, Ant. and Cleopatra.

    A grateful mind,
    By owing, owes not, but still pays; at once
    Indebted, and discharg’d. John Milton, Paradise Lost, b. iv.

    Now to the horrors of that uncouth place,
    He passage begs with unregarded pray’r;
    And wants two farthings to discharge his fare. John Dryden, Juven.

    When foreign trade imports more than our commodities will pay for, we contract debts beyond sea; and those are paid with money, when they will not take our goods to discharge them. John Locke.

    If he had
    The present money to discharge the Jew,
    He would not take it. William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice.

    If one man’s fault could discharge another man of his duty, there would be no place left for the common offices of society. Roger L'Estrange.

    They wanted not reasons to be discharged of all blame, who are confessed to have no great fault, even by their very word and testimony; in whose eyes no fault of ours hath ever hitherto been esteemed to be small. Richard Hooker, b. v. s. 27.

    They are imprudent enough to discharge themselves of this blunder, by laying the contradiction at Virgil ’s door. Dryden.

    Had I a hundred tongues, a wit so large,
    As could their hundred offices discharge. John Dryden, Fables.

    It is done by little and little, and with many essays; but all this dischargeth not the wonder. Francis Bacon, Natural History.

    Trial would also be made in herbs poisonous and purgative, whose ill quality perhaps may be discharged, or attempered, by setting stronger poisons or purgatives by them. Francis Bacon.

    Discharge your pow’rs unto their several counties. William Shakespeare.

    When Cæsar would have discharged the senate, in regard of some ill presages, and especially a dream of Calphurnia, this man lifted him gently by the arm out of his chair, telling him, he hoped he would not dismiss the senate ’till his wife had dreamed a better dream. Francis Bacon, Essay 28.

  3. To Dischargeverb

    To dismiss itself; to break up.

    The cloud, if it were oily or fatty, would not discharge. Francis Bacon, Natural History.


  1. discharge

    Discharge generally refers to the act of releasing or allowing something to flow out. This could pertain to various contexts such as: 1) Medical: The release of a patient from a hospital after a period of treatment. 2) Legal: To fulfil an obligation or debt. 3) Military: The release of a soldier from service. 4) Environmental science: The volume of water flow within a river per unit of time. 5) Physics: The release of electricity stored in a battery or capacitor. 6) Biology: The release of substances from the body. 7) Substance or liquid being released from a particular source.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dischargeverb

    to relieve of a charge, load, or burden; to empty of a load or cargo; to unburden; to unload; as, to discharge a vessel

  2. Dischargeverb

    to free of the missile with which anything is charged or loaded; to let go the charge of; as, to discharge a bow, catapult, etc.; especially, said of firearms, -- to fire off; to shoot off; also, to relieve from a state of tension, as a Leyden jar

  3. Dischargeverb

    to of something weighing upon or impeding over one, as a debt, claim, obligation, responsibility, accusation, etc.; to absolve; to acquit; to clear

  4. Dischargeverb

    to relieve of an office or employment; to send away from service; to dismiss

  5. Dischargeverb

    to release legally from confinement; to set at liberty; as, to discharge a prisoner

  6. Dischargeverb

    to put forth, or remove, as a charge or burden; to take out, as that with which anything is loaded or filled; as, to discharge a cargo

  7. Dischargeverb

    to let fly, as a missile; to shoot

  8. Dischargeverb

    to set aside; to annul; to dismiss

  9. Dischargeverb

    to throw off the obligation of, as a duty or debt; to relieve one's self of, by fulfilling conditions, performing duty, trust, and the like; hence, to perform or execute, as an office, or part

  10. Dischargeverb

    to send away (a creditor) satisfied by payment; to pay one's debt or obligation to

  11. Dischargeverb

    to give forth; to emit or send out; as, a pipe discharges water; to let fly; to give expression to; to utter; as, to discharge a horrible oath

  12. Dischargeverb

    to prohibit; to forbid

  13. Dischargeverb

    to throw off or deliver a load, charge, or burden; to unload; to emit or give vent to fluid or other contents; as, the water pipe discharges freely

  14. Dischargeverb

    the act of discharging; the act of relieving of a charge or load; removal of a load or burden; unloading; as, the discharge of a ship; discharge of a cargo

  15. Dischargeverb

    firing off; explosive removal of a charge; explosion; letting off; as, a discharge of arrows, of artillery

  16. Dischargeverb

    act of relieving of something which oppresses or weighs upon one, as an obligation, liability, debt, accusation, etc.; acquittance; as, the discharge of a debtor

  17. Dischargeverb

    act of removing, or getting rid of, an obligation, liability, etc.; fulfillment, as by the payment of a debt, or the performance of a trust or duty

  18. Dischargeverb

    release or dismissal from an office, employment, etc.; dismission; as, the discharge of a workman by his employer

  19. Dischargeverb

    legal release from confinement; liberation; as, the discharge of a prisoner

  20. Dischargeverb

    the state of being discharged or relieved of a debt, obligation, office, and the like; acquittal

  21. Dischargeverb

    that which discharges or releases from an obligation, liability, penalty, etc., as a price of ransom, a legal document

  22. Dischargeverb

    a flowing or issuing out; emission; vent; evacuation; also, that which is discharged or emitted; as, a rapid discharge of water from the pipe

  23. Etymology: [Cf. F. dcharge. See Discharge, v. t.]


  1. Discharge

    Discharge are a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terry "Tezz" Roberts and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk, and to mix punk ideology with elements of metal. While the band had substantial lineup changes over its history, the classic lineup from the early 1980s featured bassist Wainwright, drummer Gary Maloney, guitarist Tony "Bones" Roberts, and vocalist Kelvin "Cal" Morris. The band is characterized by a minimalistic approach of music and lyrics, a heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and raw, shouted vocals similar to a political speech, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes. AllMusic calls the band's sound a "high-speed noise overload" characterized by "ferocious noise blasts" The band's 1982 debut album, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, went to number two on the UK Indie Charts and number 40 in the UK Album Chart. In the early 1980s, numerous singles and EPs placed in the top 10 of the UK Indie Charts, including the 1981 EP Why? and the 1982 single State Violence State Control. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing pave the way for thrash metal, black metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres. The musical genre of d-beat is named for Discharge and their distinctive drumbeat. According to AllMusic, Discharge are "cited as a key influence by artists including Metallica and Anthrax."

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Discharge

    dis-chärj′, v.t. to free from a load or charge: to unload or remove the cargo: to set free: to acquit: to dismiss: to fire, as a gun: to let out or emit: to perform, as duties: to pay, as an account.—n. act of discharging: unloading: acquittance: dismissal: a flowing out: payment: performance: that which is discharged.—n. Discharg′er. [O. Fr. deschargerdes, apart, and charger, to load.]

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. discharge

    From military service, is obtained by non-commissioned officers and privates by expiration of term of service, which varies in different countries; on surgeon’s certificate of disability, and by special authority for various reasons, when recommended by the commanding officer. Soldiers are also discharged with ignominy for great offenses, being in some cases stripped of their decorations and drummed out of the service.

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  1. discharge

    Song lyrics by discharge -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by discharge on the Lyrics.com website.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'discharge' in Nouns Frequency: #2402

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'discharge' in Verbs Frequency: #859

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of discharge in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of discharge in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of discharge in a Sentence

  1. Hunter Handsfield:

    Any new or unexplained vaginal discharge or change in the character of vaginal discharge, including odor, requires professional evaluation.

  2. Sentara Healthcare:

    Sentara Healthcare is committed to ensuring a safe discharge for all patients. For every patient discharge, our care teams assess and offer available resources to ensure patients have access to shelter and additional medical care as needed, additionally, Sentara Healthcare participates in the ‘ Healthy Hotel ’ project, which provides shelter and medical services to vulnerable homeless patients in the city of Sentara Norfolk.

  3. John Dalberg:

    The law of liberty tends to abolish the reign of race over race, of faith over faith, of class over class. It is not the realization of a political ideal; it is the discharge of a moral obligation.

  4. Jeremy Taylor:

    Friendship is the allay of our sorrows, the ease of our passions, the discharge of our oppressions, the sanctuary to our calamities, the counselor of our doubts, the clarity of our minds.


    discharge by death- in this technotyrannical society. I say this:- the youths now come of age, filled with hate, anger and rage, all learned and conditioned behaviors from adults, as they discharge by death upon the world's technotyrannical stage. they all see death as a way of life. How foolish?

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Translations for discharge

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  • تسريحArabic
  • освобождавам, изписвам, уволнявам, изпускам, разреждам, изстрелвам, изпълнявам, уволнение, изпускане, разряд, изпълнение, освобождаване, изписване, дебитBulgarian
  • průtokCzech
  • entlassen, entladen, Entlassung, EntladungGerman
  • descargo, despedir, dar de alta, disparar, completar, cumplir, descargar, caudal, descargaSpanish
  • دبىPersian
  • lähettää, purkaa, purkautua, päästää, vapauttaa, täyttää, laukaistaFinnish
  • débitFrench
  • scaoilIrish
  • dì-luchdaich, cuir à dreuchd, ìocScottish Gaelic
  • मुक्तिHindi
  • 発射, 放電Japanese
  • rukenga, eroMāori
  • voltooien, ontladenDutch
  • utlade, utskrive, losse, utskrivning, vannføring, utvisningNorwegian
  • rozładować sięPolish
  • descargaPortuguese
  • descărcaRomanian
  • освободи́ть, разряжа́ть, запустить, вы́платить, увольня́ть, разряди́ть, демобилизо́вывать, выполня́ть, осуществи́ть, вы́писать, запускать, осуществля́ть, демобилизова́ть, освобожда́ть, уво́лить, выпи́сывать, выпла́чивать, вы́полнить, расход, сукровица, исполнение, осуществление, разряд, выписка, выпускание, выплата, выполнение, увольнение, демобилизация, выделениеRussian
  • avfyra, klarera, avlossa, muck, vattenföring, urladdning, utskrivning, avsked, utsöndring, utryckning, flödeSwedish
  • ปล่อยThai
  • tahliye etmekTurkish

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    the act of taking something from someone unlawfully
    • A. callathump
    • B. chin-wag
    • C. larceny
    • D. impounding

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