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Princeton's WordNet

  1. depose, force out(verb)

    force to leave (an office)

  2. swear, depose, depone(verb)

    make a deposition; declare under oath


  1. depose(Verb)

    To put down; to lay down; to deposit; to lay aside; to put away.

  2. depose(Verb)

    To remove (a leader) from (high) office, without killing the incumbent.

    A deposed monarch may go into exile as pretender to the lost throne, hoping to be restored on it in a next revolution

  3. depose(Verb)

    To give evidence or testimony, especially in response to interrogation during a deposition

  4. depose(Verb)

    To take, swear an oath.

  5. depose(Verb)

    To interrogate and elicit testimony during a deposition, typically by a lawyer.

    After we deposed the claimant we had enough evidence to avoid a trial.

  6. depose(Verb)

    To testify; to bear witness; to claim; to assert; to affirm.

  7. Origin: Recorded since c.1300, from deposer, from de- "down" + poser "to put, place". Deposition (1494 in the legal sense) belongs to deposit, but that related word and depose became totally confused

Webster Dictionary

  1. Depose(verb)

    to lay down; to divest one's self of; to lay aside

  2. Depose(verb)

    to let fall; to deposit

  3. Depose(verb)

    to remove from a throne or other high station; to dethrone; to divest or deprive of office

  4. Depose(verb)

    to testify under oath; to bear testimony to; -- now usually said of bearing testimony which is officially written down for future use

  5. Depose(verb)

    to put under oath

  6. Depose(verb)

    to bear witness; to testify under oath; to make deposition

  7. Origin: [FF. dposer, in the sense of L. deponere to put down; but from pref. d- (L. de) + poser to place. See Pose, Pause.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Depose

    de-pōz′, v.t. to remove from a high station: to degrade: to strip: to attest: (Shak.) to examine on oath.—adj. Depos′able.—n. Depos′al. [Fr.,—L. de, from, pausāre, to pause, (late) to place.]

Anagrams for depose »

  1. speedo, Speedo

  2. Speedo


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of depose in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of depose in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Charles de LEUSSE:

    When we pose as a victim, we quickly filed our patent of victim. (Quand en victime, on se pose, - Son brevet, vite, on dépose.)

  2. Alan Dershowitz:

    The key point here is whether accusations against me are true or false, and it's not a fishing expedition to be able to depose her.

  3. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid:

    The Republican House is in a sad state. Last week, the far right showed that it can depose a speaker, and has emerged more powerful than ever before. Members of the House will hold their leadership elections in the coming days, and I hope they elect sensible leaders.

Images & Illustrations of depose

  1. deposedeposedepose

Translations for depose

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • детронирам, давам показания, давам клетва, депонирамBulgarian
  • niederlegen, aussagen, deponieren, bezeugen, entthronen, verhören, unter, EidGerman
  • deponerSpanish
  • suistaa vallastaFinnish
  • déposerFrench
  • aithríoghadh, fianaise a thabhairt, (Ceannaire) do briseadh amachIrish
  • הדיחHebrew
  • tanúsít, eltávolít, leteszHungarian
  • neerleggen, afzetten, getuigenDutch
  • zeznać żePolish
  • deporPortuguese
  • depune, detronare, a depune mărturie, mărturisiRomanian
  • низлага́ть, низложи́тьRussian
  • svrgnutiSerbo-Croatian

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