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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dash, elan, flair, panache, style(noun)

    distinctive and stylish elegance

    "he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"

  2. dash, sprint(noun)

    a quick run

  3. dash(noun)

    a footrace run at top speed

    "he is preparing for the 100-yard dash"

  4. hyphen, dash(noun)

    a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text

  5. dash, dah(noun)

    the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code

  6. dash, bolt(verb)

    the act of moving with great haste

    "he made a dash for the door"

  7. dart, dash, scoot, scud, flash, shoot(verb)

    run or move very quickly or hastily

    "She dashed into the yard"

  8. smash, dash(verb)

    break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over

    "Smash a plate"

  9. crash, dash(verb)

    hurl or thrust violently

    "He dashed the plate against the wall"; "Waves were dashing against the rock"

  10. dash(verb)

    destroy or break

    "dashed ambitions and hopes"

  11. daunt, dash, scare off, pall, frighten off, scare away, frighten away, scare(verb)

    cause to lose courage

    "dashed by the refusal"

  12. dash(verb)

    add an enlivening or altering element to

    "blue paint dashed with white"


  1. dash(Noun)

    Any of the following symbols: u2012 (figure dash), – (en dash), u2014 (em dash), or u2015 (horizontal bar).

    sometimes dash is also used colloquially to refer to a hyphen or minus sign.

  2. dash(Noun)

    A short run.

  3. dash(Noun)

    A small quantity of a liquid substance; less than 1/8 of a teaspoon.

    Add a dash of vinegar

  4. dash(Noun)

    A dashboard.

  5. dash(Noun)

    One of the two symbols of Morse code.

  6. dash(Verb)

    To run quickly or for a short distance.

    He dashed across the field.

  7. dash(Verb)

    To leave or depart.

    I have to dash now. See you soon.

  8. dash(Verb)

    To destroy by striking (against).

    He dashed the bottle against the bar and turned about to fight.

  9. dash(Verb)

    To throw violently.

    The man was dashed from the vehicle during the accident.

  10. dash(Verb)

    To sprinkle; to splatter.

  11. dash(Verb)

    To ruin; to destroy.

    Her hopes were dashed when she saw the damage.

  12. dash(Verb)

    To dishearten; to sadden.

    Her thoughts were dashed to melancholy.

  13. dash(Verb)

    To complete hastily, usually with down or off.

    He dashed down his eggs, she dashed off her homework

  14. dash(Verb)

    To draw quickly; jot

  15. dash(Interjection)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Dash(verb)

    to throw with violence or haste; to cause to strike violently or hastily; -- often used with against

  2. Dash(verb)

    to break, as by throwing or by collision; to shatter; to crust; to frustrate; to ruin

  3. Dash(verb)

    to put to shame; to confound; to confuse; to abash; to depress

  4. Dash(verb)

    to throw in or on in a rapid, careless manner; to mix, reduce, or adulterate, by throwing in something of an inferior quality; to overspread partially; to bespatter; to touch here and there; as, to dash wine with water; to dash paint upon a picture

  5. Dash(verb)

    to form or sketch rapidly or carelessly; to execute rapidly, or with careless haste; -- with off; as, to dash off a review or sermon

  6. Dash(verb)

    to erase by a stroke; to strike out; knock out; -- with out; as, to dash out a word

  7. Dash(verb)

    to rust with violence; to move impetuously; to strike violently; as, the waves dash upon rocks

  8. Dash(noun)

    violent striking together of two bodies; collision; crash

  9. Dash(noun)

    a sudden check; abashment; frustration; ruin; as, his hopes received a dash

  10. Dash(noun)

    a slight admixture, infusion, or adulteration; a partial overspreading; as, wine with a dash of water; red with a dash of purple

  11. Dash(noun)

    a rapid movement, esp. one of short duration; a quick stroke or blow; a sudden onset or rush; as, a bold dash at the enemy; a dash of rain

  12. Dash(noun)

    energy in style or action; animation; spirit

  13. Dash(noun)

    a vain show; a blustering parade; a flourish; as, to make or cut a great dash

  14. Dash(noun)

    a mark or line [--], in writing or printing, denoting a sudden break, stop, or transition in a sentence, or an abrupt change in its construction, a long or significant pause, or an unexpected or epigrammatic turn of sentiment. Dashes are also sometimes used instead of marks or parenthesis

  15. Dash(noun)

    the sign of staccato, a small mark [/] denoting that the note over which it is placed is to be performed in a short, distinct manner

  16. Dash(noun)

    the line drawn through a figure in the thorough bass, as a direction to raise the interval a semitone

  17. Dash(noun)

    a short, spirited effort or trial of speed upon a race course; -- used in horse racing, when a single trial constitutes the race

  18. Origin: [Of. Scand. origin; cf. Dan daske to beat, strike, Sw. & Icel. daska, Dan. & Sw. dask blow.]


  1. Dash

    A dash is a punctuation mark, similar to a hyphen or minus sign but differing primarily in length and serving different functions. The most common versions of the dash are the en dash and the em dash, named for the length of a typeface's lower-case n and upper-case M respectively. Usage varies both within English and in other languages, but the usual convention in printed English text is: ⁕Either version may be used to denote a break in a sentence or to set off parenthetical statements, although writers are generally cautioned to use a single form consistently within their work. In this function, en dashes are used with spaces and em dashes are used without them: [Em dash:] In matters of grave importance, style—not sincerity—is the vital thing. [En dash:] In matters of grave importance, style – not sincerity – is the vital thing. ⁕The en dash is also used to indicate spans or differentiation, where it may be considered to replace and or to: The French and Indian War was fought in western Pennsylvania and along the present US–Canadian border. ⁕The em dash is also used to set off the sources of quotes:In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing. — Oscar Wilde

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Dash

    dash, v.t. to throw violently: to break by throwing together: to throw water suddenly: to bespatter: to destroy or frustrate: to mix or adulterate.—v.i. to strike against: to break against, as water: to rush with violence.—n. a violent striking: a rushing or violent onset: a blow: a mark (—) at a break in a sentence: ostentation: a slight admixture.—ns. Dash′-board, a board or leathern frame in front of a carriage, to keep off splashes of mud; Dash′er, one who dashes: (coll.) one who makes a great show.—adj. Dash′ing, rushing: reckless: hasty and rash: gallant.—adv. Dash′ingly.—ns. Dash′-pot, a device for preventing too sudden motion in some part of an apparatus; Dash′-wheel, a wheel-shaped box with compartments, in which cotton cloth is washed by the revolution of the wheel in liquid.—Dash off, to sketch hastily; Dash out, to knock out by striking against something. [M. E. daschen, dassen, to rush, or strike with violence—Scand.; cf. Dan. daske, to slap].


  1. Dash

    Dash Navigation has plans to change your automotive GPS units for good by bringing maps mashups as well as internet capability. Unlike today’s car GPS units which necessitate extra downloads to update map changes, add features or otherwise, Dash Navigation updates and extra features will all come via web connection in real time. The device will be connected through a cellular data network and will also sport WiFi connectivity.The device will collect data about traffic conditions from all other Dash drivers, and estimates how long alternative routes will take on any given day. All sorts of geo-tagged information can be pushed to the device and combined with the on-board maps. Everything from restaurants and open houses to concerts, gas, and golf courses could be sent to the Dash and appear there on your screen.Owners will be able to manage which mashups they receive through Dash’s Website. There, they will be able to drag feeds from sites like Platial, where they can create a Google Map of dog runs in San Francisco or yoga schools in LA. Link it to Zillow, and you will be able to get data on houses as you are driving around the neighborhood. Create a feed at Upcoming.org about all the rock concerts in your city or one of open houses from Craigslist, and you will be able to get the info in your car, along with how far away each place is. You will also be able to do a Yahoo Local search on the device for restaurants and it will return nearby results with ratings.The company is backed by both VC powerhouses, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins as well as a slew of others.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. dash

    The present with which bargains are sealed on the coast of Africa.

Editors Contribution

  1. DASH

    Dash means ram in albanian language. The connection between the characteristics of this word and the domesticated animal dash=ram,the male of the sheep,consist on its features .When a ram is angry,it attacks the object or the intruder with a fierce rushing offensive and hits it with its head.From here we have the germanic word ram,or battering ram,which is a strong log ,used in ancient wars to break the gates of the castles.

    Submitted by rinat on January 11, 2020  

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  1. DASH

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Anagrams for dash »

  1. dahs

  2. shad

  3. Sadh

How to pronounce dash?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say dash in sign language?

  1. dash


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of dash in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of dash in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of dash in a Sentence

  1. Dorothy Parker:

    A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika.

  2. Kahlil Gibran:

    Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary.

  3. Richard Solomons:

    We could grow faster, but we won't compromise quality, it's not about a dash for growth.

  4. John Kasich:

    It's just hard work and you can't pay attention to all the flash and dash that's out there.

  5. Aaron David Miller:

    It’s a perfect storm of isolationism, muscular nationalism, with a dash of pragmatism and realism.

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  1. dashdashdashdashdash

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Translations for dash

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • شرطة, شحطة, اندفاعArabic
  • тире, обезкуражавам, разбивам, спринтирам, спринт, хвърлям, напускам, втурвам се, втурванеBulgarian
  • esprintar, ratlla, guióCatalan, Valencian
  • pomlčkaCzech
  • ystrempiau, ystrempWelsh
  • GedankenstrichGerman
  • παύλα, έφοδος, μακρόν, εξόρμησηGreek
  • sprinti, sprintoEsperanto
  • frustrar, hacer rapidamente, salpicar, pizca, arrojar, guión largo, romperse, lanzar, gota, raya, romper, lanzarseSpanish
  • خط تیرهPersian
  • syöksähtää, hutaista, murskaantua, pirskottaa, tilkka, spurtti, rikkoa, pinkaista, ajatusviiva, paiskata, pinkaisu, viiva, rientää, syöksyä, murskata, vaipua, samperi, helkkariFinnish
  • trait, sprint, se précipiter, ta, soupçon, tiretFrench
  • leum, sgrìob, deannScottish Gaelic
  • kötőjel, gondolatjelHungarian
  • linea, saltare, pizzico, scatto, spruzzo, lineetta, goccioItalian
  • מקףHebrew
  • ダッシュ, 疾走Japanese
  • црта, тиреMacedonian
  • koppelteken, snel afhaspelen, scheutje, sprinten, verwoesten, sprint, streepje, snel afmakenDutch
  • bindestrekNorwegian
  • kropla, lecieć, pauza, myślnik, półpauza, kreska, sprint, spadaćPolish
  • travessãoPortuguese
  • бросать, расхолаживать, швырять, бросок, тире, приводить в уныние, разрушать, разбивать, нестись, брызгать, побрызгать, мчаться, расхолодить, бросить, швырнуть, спринт, привести в уныние, разрушить, разбитьRussian
  • sprinta, jaga (iväg), rusa, sno (iväg), störta (iväg), spurtaSwedish
  • dấu gạch ngangVietnamese
  • 短跑Chinese

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