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Princeton's WordNet

  1. croak, croaking(verb)

    a harsh hoarse utterance (as of a frog)

  2. die, decease, perish, go, exit, pass away, expire, pass, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, buy the farm, conk, give-up the ghost, drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it(verb)

    pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life

    "She died from cancer"; "The children perished in the fire"; "The patient went peacefully"; "The old guy kicked the bucket at the age of 102"

  3. croak, cronk(verb)

    utter a hoarse sound, like a raven

  4. murmur, mutter, grumble, croak, gnarl(verb)

    make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath

    "she grumbles when she feels overworked"


  1. croak(Noun)

    A faint, harsh sound made in the throat.

  2. croak(Noun)

    The cry of a frog or toad. (see also ribbit)

  3. croak(Verb)

    To make a croak.

  4. croak(Verb)

    Of a frog, to make its cry.

  5. croak(Verb)

    To die.

  6. croak(Verb)

    Of a raven, to make its cry.

  7. croak(Verb)

    To kill someone or something.

    He'd seen my face, so I had to croak him.

  8. Origin: croken, back-formation from cracettan, cræccettan, from krāk- (compare Swedish kråka, German krächzen), from greh₂-k- (compare Latin graculus ‘jackdaw’, Serbo-Croatian ).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Croak(verb)

    to make a low, hoarse noise in the throat, as a frog, a raven, or a crow; hence, to make any hoarse, dismal sound

  2. Croak(verb)

    to complain; especially, to grumble; to forebode evil; to utter complaints or forebodings habitually

  3. Croak(verb)

    to utter in a low, hoarse voice; to announce by croaking; to forebode; as, to croak disaster

  4. Croak(noun)

    the coarse, harsh sound uttered by a frog or a raven, or a like sound

  5. Origin: [From the primitive of AS. cracettan to croak as a raven; akin to G. krchzen to croak, and to E. creak, crake.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Croak

    krōk, v.i. to utter a low hoarse sound, as a frog or raven: to grumble: to forebode evil: to utter croakingly: (slang) to die.—n. the sound of a frog or raven.—n. Croak′er.—adv. Croak′ily.—n. Croak′ing.—adj. Croak′y. [From the sound. Cf. Crake, Crow.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of croak in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of croak in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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  1. croakcroakcroak

Translations for croak

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • نقArabic
  • qəbərmək, gorbagor olmaqAzerbaijani
  • умирам, грача, убивам, крякам, квакамBulgarian
  • raucar, raucCatalan, Valencian
  • kvækDanish
  • quaken, krepierenGerman
  • κουάξ, κρωγμός, κοάζω, κράζωGreek
  • croar, palmarla, palmarSpanish
  • korahtaa, raakkua, korahdella, kurnuttaaFinnish
  • buter, crever, clamser, coasser, croasser, coacFrench
  • grágIrish
  • croakHindi
  • menguakIndonesian
  • crepare, gracchiare, gracidio, gracidareItalian
  • ケロケロ, ゲロゲロ鳴く, くたばるJapanese
  • kwaken, de pijp uit gaan, snevenDutch
  • grasnir, grasnar, grasnado, grasnada, grasno, grasnidoPortuguese
  • квак, хрипеть, сдыхать, сдохнуть, кокнуть, хрип, ква-ква, квакать, каркать, замочитьRussian
  • kväk, kväkaSwedish
  • vıraklamaTurkish

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