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ˈkʌv ərcov·er

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. screen, cover, covert, concealment(noun)

    a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something

    "a screen of trees afforded privacy"; "under cover of darkness"; "the brush provided a covert for game"; "the simplest concealment is to match perfectly the color of the background"

  2. blanket, cover(noun)

    bedding that keeps a person warm in bed

    "he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep"

  3. cover, covering, screening, masking(noun)

    the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

    "the cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft"

  4. binding, book binding, cover, back(noun)

    the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book

    "the book had a leather binding"

  5. covering, natural covering, cover(noun)

    a natural object that covers or envelops

    "under a covering of dust"; "the fox was flushed from its cover"

  6. top, cover(noun)

    covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container)

    "he removed the top of the carton"; "he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; "put the cover back on the kettle"

  7. cover, covering fire(noun)

    fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations

    "artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal"

  8. cover charge, cover(noun)

    a fixed charge by a restaurant or nightclub over and above the charge for food and drink

  9. cover, cover version, cover song(noun)

    a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else

    "they made a cover of a Beatles' song"

  10. cover(verb)

    a false identity and background (especially one created for an undercover agent)

    "her new name and passport are cover for her next assignment"

  11. cover(verb)

    provide with a covering or cause to be covered

    "cover her face with a handkerchief"; "cover the child with a blanket"; "cover the grave with flowers"

  12. cover, spread over(verb)

    form a cover over

    "The grass covered the grave"

  13. cover, continue, extend(verb)

    span an interval of distance, space or time

    "The war extended over five years"; "The period covered the turn of the century"; "My land extends over the hills on the horizon"; "This farm covers some 200 acres"; "The Archipelago continues for another 500 miles"

  14. cover(verb)

    provide for

    "The grant doesn't cover my salary"

  15. cover, treat, handle, plow, deal, address(verb)

    act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression

    "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China"

  16. embrace, encompass, comprehend, cover(verb)

    include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory

    "This group encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds"; "this should cover everyone in the group"

  17. traverse, track, cover, cross, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across(verb)

    travel across or pass over

    "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day"

  18. report, cover(verb)

    be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism

    "Snow reported on China in the 1950's"; "The cub reporter covered New York City"

  19. cover(verb)

    hold within range of an aimed firearm

  20. cover(verb)

    to take an action to protect against future problems

    "Count the cash in the drawer twice just to cover yourself"

  21. cover, cover up(verb)

    hide from view or knowledge

    "The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House"

  22. cover(verb)

    protect or defend (a position in a game)

    "he covered left field"

  23. cover(verb)

    maintain a check on; especially by patrolling

    "The second officer covered the top floor"

  24. cover, insure, underwrite(verb)

    protect by insurance

    "The insurance won't cover this"

  25. cover, compensate, overcompensate(verb)

    make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

    "he is compensating for being a bad father"

  26. cover(verb)

    invest with a large or excessive amount of something

    "She covered herself with glory"

  27. cover(verb)

    help out by taking someone's place and temporarily assuming his responsibilities

    "She is covering for our secretary who is ill this week"

  28. cover(verb)

    be sufficient to meet, defray, or offset the charge or cost of

    "Is this enough to cover the check?"

  29. cover(verb)

    spread over a surface to conceal or protect

    "This paint covers well"

  30. shroud, enshroud, hide, cover(verb)

    cover as if with a shroud

    "The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery"

  31. breed, cover(verb)

    copulate with a female, used especially of horses

    "The horse covers the mare"

  32. overlay, cover(verb)

    put something on top of something else

    "cover the meat with a lot of gravy"

  33. cover(verb)

    play a higher card than the one previously played

    "Smith covered again"

  34. cover(verb)

    be responsible for guarding an opponent in a game

  35. brood, hatch, cover, incubate(verb)

    sit on (eggs)

    "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs"

  36. cover, wrap up(verb)

    clothe, as if for protection from the elements

    "cover your head!"


  1. cover(Noun)

    A lid.

  2. cover(Noun)

    A hiding from view.

  3. cover(Noun)

    A front and back of a book or magazine.

  4. cover(Noun)

    A top sheet of a bed.

  5. cover(Noun)

    A setting at a restaurant table.

    We need to set another cover for the Smith party.

  6. cover(Noun)

    A rerecording of a previously recorded song; a cover version; a cover song.

  7. cover(Noun)

    A fielding position on the off side, between point and mid off, about 30° forward of square; a fielder in this position.

  8. cover(Noun)

    A set (more often known as a family) of sets, whose union contains the given set.

    The open intervals are a cover for the real numbers.

  9. cover(Verb)

    To place something over or upon, as to conceal or protect.

  10. cover(Verb)

    To be over or upon, as to conceal or protect.

    The blanket covered the baby.

  11. cover(Verb)

    To be upon all of, so as to completely conceal.

    Regular hexagons can cover the plane.

  12. cover(Verb)

    To set upon all of, so as to completely conceal.

    You can cover the plane with regular hexagons.

  13. cover(Verb)

    To discuss thoroughly, to provide good coverage of.

    The magazine covers such diverse topics as politics, news from the world of science, and the economy.

  14. cover(Verb)

    To deal with

  15. cover(Verb)

    To be enough money for.

  16. cover(Verb)

    To act as a replacement.

    I need to take off Tuesday. Can you cover for me?

  17. cover(Verb)

    To have as an assignment or responsibility.

  18. cover(Noun)

    An envelope complete with stamps and postmarks etc.

  19. cover(Noun)

    A solid object, including terrain, that provides protection from enemy fire.

  20. cover(Noun)

    In commercial law, a buyer's purchase on the open market of goods similar or identical to the goods contracted for after a seller has breached a contract of sale by failure to deliver the goods contracted for.

  21. cover(Noun)

    An insurance contract; coverage by an insurance contract.

  22. cover(Noun)

    A persona maintained by a spy or undercover operative, cover story

  23. cover(Verb)

    To make a cover version of (a song that was originally recorded by another artist).

  24. cover(Verb)

    To protect using an aimed firearm and the threat of firing; or to protect using continuous, heaving fire at or in the direction of the enemy so as to force the enemy to remain in cover; or to threaten using an aimed firearm.

  25. cover(Verb)

    To provide insurance coverage for.

    Does my policy cover accidental loss?

  26. cover(Verb)

    To copulate with (said of certain male animals such as dogs and horses).

  27. cover(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to the front cover of a book or magazine.

  28. cover(Adjective)

    Of, pertaining to, or consisting of cover versions.

  29. Origin: coveren, from covrir (Modern couvrir) from coperire from cooperire, from co-, intensive prefix, + operire "to close, cover". Displaced native thecchen and bithecchen (from þeccan, beþeccan), helen (from helan), wreon (from wreon), hodren (from hudren "to cover up").

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cover(verb)

    to overspread the surface of (one thing) with another; as, to cover wood with paint or lacquer; to cover a table with a cloth

  2. Cover(verb)

    to envelop; to clothe, as with a mantle or cloak

  3. Cover(verb)

    to invest (one's self with something); to bring upon (one's self); as, he covered himself with glory

  4. Cover(verb)

    to hide sight; to conceal; to cloak; as, the enemy were covered from our sight by the woods

  5. Cover(verb)

    to brood or sit on; to incubate

  6. Cover(verb)

    to shelter, as from evil or danger; to protect; to defend; as, the cavalry covered the retreat

  7. Cover(verb)

    to remove from remembrance; to put away; to remit

  8. Cover(verb)

    to extend over; to be sufficient for; to comprehend, include, or embrace; to account for or solve; to counterbalance; as, a mortgage which fully covers a sum loaned on it; a law which covers all possible cases of a crime; receipts than do not cover expenses

  9. Cover(verb)

    to put the usual covering or headdress on

  10. Cover(verb)

    to copulate with (a female); to serve; as, a horse covers a mare; -- said of the male

  11. Cover(noun)

    anything which is laid, set, or spread, upon, about, or over, another thing; an envelope; a lid; as, the cover of a book

  12. Cover(noun)

    anything which veils or conceals; a screen; disguise; a cloak

  13. Cover(noun)

    shelter; protection; as, the troops fought under cover of the batteries; the woods afforded a good cover

  14. Cover(noun)

    the woods, underbrush, etc., which shelter and conceal game; covert; as, to beat a cover; to ride to cover

  15. Cover(noun)

    the lap of a slide valve

  16. Cover(noun)

    a tablecloth, and the other table furniture; esp., the table furniture for the use of one person at a meal; as, covers were laid for fifty guests

  17. Cover(verb)

    to spread a table for a meal; to prepare a banquet

  18. Origin: [Cf. F. couvert.]


  1. Cover

    In philately, the term cover pertains to the outside of an envelope or package with an address, typically with postage stamps that have been cancelled and is a term generally used among stamp and postal history collectors. The term does not include the contents of the letter or package, although they may add interest to the item if still present. Cover collecting plays an important role in postal history as many covers bear stamps, postmarks and other markings along with names and addresses all of which help to place a cover at a given time and place in history.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cover

    kuv′ėr, v.t. to hide: to clothe: to extend over: to brood or sit on: to be sufficient for: to protect: to table a coin of equal value in wagering: to copulate with—esp. of a stallion: to screen: to aim directly at.—v.i. to spread over so as to conceal something: to lay a table for a meal: to put one's hat on.—n. that which protects: undergrowth, thicket, concealing game, &c.: the table requisites for one person—plate, knife, fork, napkin, &c.: deceitfulness: a swindler's confederate.—adj. Cov′ered, intended or used for shelter or concealment: roofed over: with the hat on.—ns. Cover′ed-way; Cov′ert-way (fort.), a path about thirty feet wide outside the ditch of a fort, and so far sunk below the crest of the glacis as to afford cover or shelter to the soldiers; Cover′ing, anything that covers.—adj. Cov′ert, covered: concealed: secret.—n. a place that covers or affords protection.—ns. Cov′ert-coat, a short light overcoat; Cov′ert-coat′ing, cloth for such.—adv. Cov′ertly, in a covered or concealed manner.—n. Cov′erture, covering, shelter: (law) the condition of a married woman as legally under the protection of her husband.—Cover into, to transfer into; Cover shorts, to buy in such stocks as have been sold short, in order to meet one's engagements, &c.; Cover the buckle, to execute a difficult step in dancing. [Fr. couvrir (It. coprire)—L. co-operīrecon, and operīre, to cover.]

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. cover

    1. The action by land, air, or sea forces to protect by offense, defense, or threat of either or both. 2. Those measures necessary to give protection to a person, plan, operation, formation, or installation from the enemy intelligence effort and leakage of information. 3. The act of maintaining a continuous receiver watch with transmitter calibrated and available, but not necessarily available for immediate use. 4. Shelter or protection, either natural or artificial. 5. (DOD only) Photographs or other recorded images which show a particular area of ground. 6. (DOD only) A code meaning,

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. cover

    Security from attack or interruption, as under cover of the ship's guns, under cover of the parapet. In the field exercise and drill of troops, one body is said to cover another exactly in rear of it. Covers for sails when furled (to protect them from the weather when loosing and airing them is precluded), are made of strong canvas painted.

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. cover

    Natural or artificial protection from the fire of the enemy, the former being afforded by hills, woods, banks, walls, etc., the latter by fortifications constructed for the purpose. To cover is, in military language, to stand exactly behind another man.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'cover' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1702

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'cover' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1278

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'cover' in Nouns Frequency: #833

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'cover' in Verbs Frequency: #121

How to pronounce cover?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say cover in sign language?

  1. cover


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of cover in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of cover in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Examples of cover in a Sentence

  1. Menander:

    Riches cover a multitude of woes.

  2. Ken Lattin:

    We're not here to cover up for anybody.

  3. Bobbi Ercoline:

    The cover fills me with peace, love and hope.

  4. Andrew Lang:

    You can cover a great deal of country in books.

  5. Steven Wheeler:

    I don't think our workers comp would cover that.

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