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Definitions for conservatorkənˈsɜr və tər, ˈkɒn sərˌveɪ-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. curator, conservator(noun)

    the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)

  2. conservator(noun)

    someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person


  1. conservator(Noun)

    One who conserves, preserves or protects something.

  2. conservator(Noun)

    A person appointed by a court to manage the affairs of another; similar to a guardian but with some powers of a trustee.

  3. conservator(Noun)

    A judge delegated by the pope to defend certain privileged classes of persons from manifest or notorious injury or violence, without recourse to a judicial process.

  4. conservator(Noun)

    A professional who works on the conservation and restoration of objects, particularly artistic objects.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Conservator(noun)

    one who preserves from injury or violation; a protector; a preserver

  2. Conservator(noun)

    an officer who has charge of preserving the public peace, as a justice or sheriff

  3. Conservator(noun)

    one who has an official charge of preserving the rights and privileges of a city, corporation, community, or estate

  4. Origin: [L.: cf. F. conservateur.]


  1. Conservator

    A Conservator was a judge delegated by the pope to defend certain classes of persons — as universities, Catholic religious orders, chapters, the poor — from manifest or notorious injury or violence, without recourse to a judicial process. Conservators were appointed as early as the 13th century. Pope Innocent IV presupposes their existence in the decree from which we first learn their power. Owing to abuses and complaints, the Council of Trent limited their jurisdiction, but new controversies, often recurring, caused Clement VIII, Gregory XV, and Innocent X to define their privileges more precisely. Troubles continuing to arise, especially concerning the conservators of religious orders, Clement XIII decreed that in mission countries such officials should no longer be chosen, but that all controversies should be referred to the Holy See. From that time forth conservators fell into practical desuetude. According to law, these officials were to be chosen from among the prelates or dignitaries of cathedral and collegiate churches; later from the synodal judges. When a conservator had been chosen by regulars he could not be removed for five years without cause. He had no jurisdiction in cases that required juridical examination. While he took cognizance of all complaints against regulars, he had no authority to receive those of the regulars against others unless they were notorious. In the latter case the conservator decided the question summarily. He could punish with ecclesiastical penalties even high church dignitaries who interfered with his duties. His power was limited, however, to the one diocese in which be had been elected, nor could the same conservator have power in several dioceses.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Mathew Morris:

    The mosaic was then carefully lifted in sections and taken to the studio of our conservator, Theo Sturge, who had the challenge of conserving and re-assembling it.

  2. Attorney Alana Yakovlev:

    Although it is unusual for someone this young to have a conservator appointed, it seems to have worked out for Ms. Spears' best interests, the probate conservatorship in place for Ms. Spears is different from others in that she retains some autonomy and control over decision making process such as where she resides, although she must consult with conservator as far as financial decisions come into play.

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