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Princeton's WordNet

  1. conformity, conformance(noun)

    correspondence in form or appearance

  2. conformity, conformation, compliance, abidance(noun)

    acting according to certain accepted standards

    "their financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting practices"

  3. conformity, conformism(noun)

    orthodoxy in thoughts and belief

  4. accord, conformity, accordance(noun)

    concurrence of opinion

    "we are in accord with your proposal"

  5. ossification, conformity(noun)

    hardened conventionality


  1. conformity(Noun)

    State of things being similar, or identical.

  2. conformity(Noun)

    A point of resemblance; a similarity.

  3. conformity(Noun)

    The ideology of adhering to one standard or social uniformity.

    How far should one accept the rules of the society in which one lives? To put it another way: at what point does conformity become corruption? Only by answering such questions does the conscience truly define itself. - Kenneth Tynan

Webster Dictionary

  1. Conformity(noun)

    correspondence in form, manner, or character; resemblance; agreement; congruity; -- followed by to, with, or between

  2. Conformity(noun)

    compliance with the usages of the Established Church

  3. Origin: [Cf. F. conformit.]


  1. Conformity

    Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms. Norms are implicit, unsaid rules shared by a group of individuals, that guide their interactions with others and among society or social group. This tendency to conform occurs in small groups and/or society as a whole, and may result from subtle unconscious influences, or direct and overt social pressure. Conformity can occur in the presence of others, or when an individual is alone. For example, people tend to follow social norms when eating or watching television, even when alone. People often conform from a desire for security within a group—typically a group of a similar age, culture, religion, or educational status. This is often referred to as groupthink: a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics, which ignores realistic appraisal of other courses of action. Unwillingness to conform carries the risk of social rejection. Conformity is often associated with adolescence and youth culture, but strongly affects humans of all ages. Although peer pressure may manifest negatively, conformity can have good or bad effects depending on the situation. Driving on the correct side of the road could be seen as beneficial conformity. With the right environmental influence, conforming, in early childhood years, allows one learn and thus, adopt the appropriate behaviours necessary to interact and develop correctly within one's society. Conformity influences formation and maintenance of social norms, and helps societies function smoothly and predictably via the self-elimination of behaviors seen as contrary to unwritten rules. In this sense it can be perceived as a positive force that prevents acts that are perceptually disruptive or dangerous.


  1. Conformity

    Conformity is the provider of the first enterprise-class management and governance platform for cloud applications. Conformity enables organizations to centrally manage on-demand applications, users and data, reducing security and compliance risks and operational costs associated with SaaS and cloud applications.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of conformity in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of conformity in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jesse Shelley:

    Conformity is the ruin of the mind.

  2. Dr. Robert Anthony:

    The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.

  3. John F. Kennedy:

    Conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth.

  4. Rita Mae Brown:

    The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself.

  5. Elie Romero:

    Individuality is a flame that can start a wildfire in a world of conformity

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