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  1. Careening

    of Careen


  1. Careening

    Careening a sailing vessel is the practice of beaching it at high tide. This is usually done in order to expose one side or another of the ship's hull for maintenance and repairs below the water line when the tide goes out. This practice is also known as to "hove down". The process could be assisted by securing a top halyard to a fixed object such as a tree or rock to pull the mast over as far as possible. Maintenance might include repairing damage caused by dry rot or cannon shot, tarring the exterior to reduce leakage, or removing biofouling organisms such as barnacles to increase the ship's speed. One exotic method was the ancient practice of beaching a ship on a shingle beach with the goal of using wave action and the shingle to scour the hull. A beach favoured for careening was called a careenage. Today, only small vessels are careened, while large vessels are placed in dry dock. A related practice was called a Parliamentary heel in which the vessel was heeled over in deep water by shifting weight to one side - as in ballast and guns - causing the vessel to list. In this way the upper sides could be cleaned or repaired with minimal delay. Famously, the HMS Royal George was lost while undergoing a Parliamentary heel in 1782.


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    The numerical value of careening in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of careening in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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