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  1. calorescence(Noun)

    The absorption of infrared radiation and subsequent emission of visible light

Webster Dictionary

  1. Calorescence(noun)

    the conversion of obscure radiant heat into light; the transmutation of rays of heat into others of higher refrangibility

  2. Origin: [L. calor heat.]


  1. Calorescence

    Calorescence is a word for when matter absorbs infrared radiant energy and emits visible radiant energy in its place. For example, some kinds of flammable gas give off large amounts of radiant heat and very little visible light when burning, and if a piece of metal is placed into such a flame, the metal will become bright red-hot—which is to say the metal absorbs invisible infrared and emits visible radiation. The word calorescence was coined in 1864 on the model of the word fluorescence which had been coined in 1852. At that time, fluorescence was defined as absorption in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum followed by emission in the visible part of the spectrum. Calorescence was defined complementarily as absorption in the infrared followed by emission in the visible. The following is a laboratory demonstration of calorescence. An ordinary lightbulb emits lots of infrared light. Carbon disulfide is a colorless liquid transparent to both infrared and visible. Iodine readily dissolves in this liquid and causes the liquid to turn a black color and to become completely opaque to visible light, given enough iodine. At the same time, however, the iodine has essentially no effect on the transparency of the liquid with respect to infrared light. Hence when light from an ordinary lightbulb is passed through a body of this solution, lots of infrared and only infrared emerges out at the other side. This infrared light can be brought to a focus with a concave mirror. At the point of focus, with a good focusing tool, the infrared beam is strong enough to set paper on fire. If a little piece of non-combustible solid material is placed at the focus, it will glow visibly in the heat; i.e. the material will absorb infrared and emit visible light.


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    The numerical value of calorescence in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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