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Definitions for byssusˈbɪs əs; ˈbɪs aɪ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. byssus, beard(noun)

    tuft of strong filaments by which e.g. a mussel makes itself fast to a fixed surface


  1. byssus(Noun)

    An exceptionally fine and valuable fibre or cloth of ancient times. Originally used for fine flax and linens, its use was later extended to fine cottons, silks, and sea silk.

  2. byssus(Noun)

    The long fine silky filaments excreted by several mollusks (particularly Pinna nobilis) by which they attach themselves to the sea bed, from which sea silk is manufactured.

  3. byssus(Noun)

    The stipe or stem of some fungi which are particularly thin and thread-like.

  4. Origin: From byssus, from byssus, from βύσσος, from בוץ, בּוש.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Byssus(noun)

    a cloth of exceedingly fine texture, used by the ancients. It is disputed whether it was of cotton, linen, or silk

  2. Byssus(noun)

    a tuft of long, tough filaments which are formed in a groove of the foot, and issue from between the valves of certain bivalve mollusks, as the Pinna and Mytilus, by which they attach themselves to rocks, etc

  3. Byssus(noun)

    an obsolete name for certain fungi composed of slender threads

  4. Byssus(noun)



  1. Byssus

    A byssus is a group of strong filaments that are secreted by some families of clams, in order to attach themselves to hard surfaces. Well known for possessing a byssus are several families of clams, including the pen shells, the true mussels and the false mussels: the Pinnidae, the Mytilidae and the Dreissenidae. The phrase "byssus cloth" is also used to mean a rare fabric also known as sea silk, which is made using the byssus of pen shells as a fiber source.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Byssus

    bis′us, n. a fine yellowish flax, and the linen made from it: the bundle of fine silky filaments by which many shellfish attach themselves to rocks, &c.: a genus of cryptogamic plants of a silky fibrous texture found on decaying wood, in mines, &c., and other dark places.—adjs. Byssif′erous, bearing or having a byssus; Byss′ine, made of fine linen. [L.—Gr. byssos, a fine flaxen or silky substance.]

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